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California State Bar Declines to Investigate PA City Attorney’s Alleged Misconduct

Palo Alto City Attorney Donald Larkin

THE STATE BAR OF CALIFORNIA OFFICE OF THE CHIEF TRIAL COUNSEL 1149 SOUTH HILL STREET, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90015-2299 TELEPHONE; (213) 765-1000 FAX: (213) 765-l l68 http://www.calbar.ca.gov February 17, 2012 Joseph Ciampi P.O. Box 1681 Palo Alto, CA 94302 RE: Inquiry Number: ll-36148 Respondents: Donald A. Larkin, Molly S. Stump, Steven A. Sherman, & Gary…

PA IPA Michael Gennaco Turns to the Dark Side

Independent police auditor with close ties to police

If you have been following the ongoing series on the corruption within the Palo Alto City Attorney’s Office, www.larkinbarcomplaint.weebly.com you will want to read how Palo Alto Independent Police Auditor Michael Gennaco has allegedly conspired with Mr. Larkin and the Palo Alto Police in attempting to incriminate Tony Ciampi by using falsified videos and taser…

The Making Of A California State Bar Complaint – Part One

California State Bar

Editor’s comments: Complaints against police officers can in fact take years to complete.  With “legal roadblocks” thrown up by high powered defense teams making  it appear virtually impossible to seek justice.  One such “legal roadblock” – A Pitchess motion. http://bit.ly/9vfa8L Mr. Steven M.  Sherman, of Fergusan, Praet and Sherman the subject of this state bar complaint…