Raiders Plus Treasure Island Benefits Everyone

The City of Oakland and the County of Alameda should partner with the City and County of San Francisco in building a stadium on Treasure Island for the Oakland Raiders.  The new Stadium would fill the void left by the George Lucas Museum which has departed for Los Angeles.

Treasure Island is already in the midst of a redevelopment so a stadium with more retail and other destination activities, (world class marina, restaurants, more hotels), would be a natural fit to push the economic benefit upwards.  The stadium would provide additional jobs to the people living on the Island in addition to those already maintained by Oakland/Alameda residents.

There are a variety of ways in which a business relationship could be established between the multiple municipalities to make it work.  The only true hurdle that needs to be cleared is the one set by Las Vegas:  $750 million from the City via Hotel Tax and $650 million from Sheldon Adelson totaling $1.4 billion.

An example of a straight forward agreement would be for the City and County of San Francisco to lease the land for a stadium and development project to the City of Oakland and the County of Alameda for 40 years for one dollar, ($1.00), each making Oakland and Alameda co-owners for tax purposes.

During that 40 year span each municipality would split the tax and other revenues generated from the stadium and associated developments proportionally to the amount each entity invests in the project.  And conversely each entity would proportionally share in the operating and maintenance costs of the stadium/development project.

For instance if each entity invested $300 million in the project for a total of $900 million than each entity would be entitled to 1/3 of the tax and other revenue from the project in addition to bearing 1/3 of the operating and maintenance costs associated with the project.

To further help Oakland and Alameda residents, a minimum of one-third of tenants for the housing development would come from current residents of Oakland and Alameda County.


Extra exit and entrance lanes can be added to accommodate the increased number of vehicles going to and from the Island.  In a manner similar to the Golden Gate Bridge’s reversible lane traffic barriers could be set up on game days and other large events 2 to 3 hours before and after the scheduled events providing dedicated traffic lanes to and from the Island to facilitate a rapid transit of vehicles.

The bicycle pathway from Oakland to the Island can easily be re-purposed to accommodate electric transport carriers in order to efficiently move a few thousand fans to and from the Island.  (5,000 fans)

Multiple ferries could be used to transport thousands of fans further eliminating vehicles from the roadways.  (5,000 fans)

The renovated marina will enable multiple private parties to use their boats like “Uber/Lyft” to shuttle fans to and from games.  (2,000 fans)

A high speed, high capacity gondola from both San Francisco and Oakland could be incorporated into the project further alleviating traffic congestion.

With multiple hotels located adjacent to the stadium NFL and event staffs will already be on site further reducing traffic congestion.  (1,000 personnel)

Due to the timing of most events there will seldom be any conflict with “rush-hour” traffic; the only exception “Monday/Thursday Night Football.”

At worst you’re looking at 8 to 10 NFL games a year and a variety of other events totaling maybe 30 or 40 times a year many of which will not fill the capacity of a 60,000 seat stadium with a fan capacity bumped up another 10,000 from standing room fares.

Inclement Weather

Creative architecture of the Stadium can ameliorate the problems associated with the bay winds.  Wind breaks in addition to an either a closed, semi-closed or retractable roof stadium would be sufficient to create a pleasant atmosphere under any weather conditions.


In order not to encounter the same problem 40 years from now Oakland and Alameda will place a percentage of revenue acquired each year from the project into a specific fund to be used to build a new stadium 40 years hence.

Given the Stadium’s logistical location there will be no doubt that the Raider’s fan base will grow significantly more than what it currently has contrasted with the demise of that base should the Raiders relocate to Las Vegas.  This higher market share will increase t.v. ratings and revenue for the Raiders and the N.F.L. that cannot be achieved from the Las Vegas market.

The Stadium and Hotels on Treasure Island will be a crown jewel for the Bay Area, Oakland and San Francisco enriching all who live here economically and aesthetically.  This would truly be a win for, the Raiders, the N.F.L., Oakland/Alameda and San Francisco.

Nothing could be more befitting than Treasure Island becoming the stronghold port for the Raiders from which to initiate their conquests.  Owner Mark Davis can even moor his yacht adjacent to his new fort.