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Palo Alto Police Department, “I’m sorry we can’t provide more assistance or take a report to help you…”

Elder abuse, fraud and kidnapping! The Palo Alto Police Department by all outward appearances seems to confirm at least some of these events having occurred right in our backyard and yet, acting police captain Ron Watson has refused to take a police report.

The included below intercepted email outlines a labyrinth of bizarre incomplete events which seems to have originated in the greater Los Angeles area with a connecting crime stop in Palo Alto.

It seems these alleged crimes cut right across multiple justifications. What does not make sense at all, is that if you or I were the victims of elder abuse, fraud and kidnapping and the alleged crime spree stopped momentary here in Palo Alto you would think the PAPD would assist in taking a police report and assist the other outlining policing agencies in capturing the perpetrators. i.e. international drug ring or sex trade…..etc.

Can and should our local police department pick and choose the better crime in which to get involved in based on budgetary or staff limitations?

We would like to think a crime is a crime no matter if it occurred in New York or Hawaii and especially with alleged connections to Palo Alto.  And we would also like to think that the reporting of seemly serious crimes would be worthy of taking a report.

At least Mr. Watson’s email response to Mr. Diesel seems to have validated the very existence of crimes having occurred partially here in Palo Alto.

However, we’re deeply dismayed at leaving Mr. Diesel to fend for himself. The crimes which Mr. Diesel alleges sound bizarre enough. But what sounds even more bizarre is Mr. Watson’s concluding comments….

“I wish you well, I’m sorry all this happened to you and your partner, and hope all this works out over time.”

See, acting captain Ron Waton’s email response to Mr. Diesel’s request for police assistance on crimes having been allegedly committed against him.

On Thu, 1/26/12, Watson, Ron wrote:
Date: Thursday, January 26, 2012, 6:45 PM

Mr. Diesel,

After receiving your email inquiry, Chief Burns asked me to review the materials, investigate the matter, and respond to your inquiry.

I reviewed the email below and all the attachments.

In summary, it appears as part of a large fruad and elder abuse sceme you were kidnapped from your home in the City of Los Angeles in 2010. After being kidnapped you were held for an extended period of time by your kidnappers and transported to various locations throughout the state where you were forced to assist the kidnappers in their efforts to steal money and commit various crimes includng fraud, insurance fruad, elder abuse and perhaps others. You also mention a couple situations that might be described as abuse or medical malpractice from a Chiropracter in San Mateo and at a hospital in Los Angeles.

After thoroughy reviewing the material, I don’t see a substantial jurisdictional connection to the City of Palo Alto. The only mention of Palo Alto is that while you were under kidnap, you were brought to a location in Palo Alto for an undescribed continuation of the crimes described above.

While I don’t see a clear crime that would fall under our jurisidiction, even if there was a portion of this situation that fell within the juridisction of our city, it appears it would be an anciliary piece of a larger conspiracy of much more substantial crime. Given that, I’m afraid based on what you have described, we will not be able to help you.

Without having a substantial or significant piece of this activity or the more substantial crimes of what sounds like kidnapping and robbery, we would not have the resources to adequately investigate events that primarily occured throughout the state in other jurisdictions.

We can certainly work with the Los Angeles Police Department regarding the kidnapping, false inprsinment, robbery, and fraud case that started when you were kidnapped from your home. If you can provide a copy of their investigation or at minimum their case number and the detective who is working on the case, we could work with them to supplement thier investigation regarding your travcels through Palo Alto and the stop at a restaurant.

I also have some other recommendations that might seem appropriate given some of the events you described. Some of the events you described might fall under the jurisdiction of several State agencies and I would encourage you to seek assistance or advice from them. The State Insurance Commissioner could certainly play a role regarding the insurance fruad. The State Medical Board would ceertainly have a role regrading any abuse or medical malpractice by doctors. Another consideration might also be the Security and Exchange Commission at the federal level for any securities fruad.

I’m sorry we can’t provide more assiatance or take a report to help you, but I hope my suggestions can assist with your efforts as you go forward. Feel free to email me the Los Angeles Police Department information if you would like us to supplement their investigation.

I wish you well, I’m sorry all this happened to you and your partner, and hope all this works out over time.

Ron Watson
Acting Police Captain
Palo Alto Police Department
275 Forest Avenue
Palo Alto, California 94301
(650) 329-2131