The Asphalt Jungle, Cubberley Community Center, The city under the city!

asphalt_jungleWe can’t imagine any of the actors having starred in this once famous movie becoming homeless and impoverished. I believe it would be safe to say that those associated with the movie industry are gainfully employed with movie gross receipts reported at an all time high.

The picture is quite different for a disturbing number of California unemployed, that number now topples over 1 Million.

Although claims are being made were on the road to recovery, with a drop in unemployment on a national level, and a solid boon recently reported in financial circles, has causes many to give way to a much needed sigh of relief.

However, left in the wake of what has been described as the worst depression in modern times, many, many continue to find themselves without a traditional place to reside. Having lost their jobs, homes and their savings accounts has forced countless numbers of unemployed families and others to look beyond an already heavily taxed social service system for subsidized housing assistance.

Faced with savings accounts depleted and no other emergency back-up recovery system in place and a dismal economic forecast despite favorable predictions, its now becoming a matter of the “survival of the fittest”. Survival, quite often means finding oneself and or whole families living on the streets across America, living in cars in what some have defined as living in an Asphalt Jungle.

A tent with a view
A tent with a view

A subculture known as vehicle dwellers. “The city under the city”. The exact number of vehicle dwellers nationally is unknown. However, here in Palo Alto, the number hovers around 100 as previously reported in the Wall Street Journal.

Living on the the streets of Palo Alto has been a thorny issue for years prompting one local newspaper to address the problem head-on in its editorial by Jay Thorwaldson; “It’s long past time to ban ‘vehicle dwelling'” and of recent, the editorial written by Dave Price of the Daily Post; Cubberley Shelter.

In our opinion, both editorials gave rise, not to the plight of the disenfranchised or unemployed but to a seemly conscious biased attitude of, “not in our neighborhood” driving home the point further by stating; “Palo Alto has a right, and responsibility, to protect the quality of life in its neighborhoods” All to reminiscent of the media’s bigotry displayed during the 20’s directed towards African-Americans and other minorities.

Disturbing is Palo Alto’s city council’s actions being planned against the homeless vehicle dwellers and in many ways no different today. Including the powerful words of Henry Dodson, the president of the Colored Citizens Club of Palo Alto saying;

“Shame on a race that…holds in its hands the wealth of the continent and yet, not only refuses to lift his less fortunate fellow man…but seeks through humiliating, illegal ordinances and discrimination to sink him to the lowest depths of ignorance and vice”.

The fact is, people need a safe place to live, to reside, even if it’s temporarily in their cars or otherwise.

Life in The Asphalt Jungle

Located on Middlefield Road, The Palo Alto Cubberley Community Center has become that safe haven or oasis for approximately 18 vehicle and shopping cart dwellers that occupy the rear parking lots and hallways on any given night according to Alfredo Padeilla from Monterrey Mexico who has lived on the Cubberley campus for the past 18 months hoping to locate long lost relatives.

Alfredo Padeilla
Alfredo Padeilla

I asked Alfredo what life has become for him while living in this small city within a city. For the most part, living on campus is “uneventful” he stated, he’s happy and he feels his basic needs of food, shelter and clothing are cared for.

But, more importantly he feels safe. And in the 18 months living on campus he hasn’t witnessed any crime or violence. He did mention the Armories, which are used for temporary housing will be closing at the end of March. So he expects to see an increase in campus population. BTW Mr. Padeilla holds a BS degree in Anthropology.

I interviewed Adam Howard, supervisor for the City of Palo Alto who currently manages the Cubberley Community Center to describe his observations and concerns of life for homeless on campus and what he feels to be the real pressing issues. “Mental health”; he stated, “We just don’t have the proper services available to care for them”.

Aside from the occasional complaint of people sleeping in the front doorways or human waste found occasionally on the hallways, life on campus is like any other small city. Its status quo. When asked if he was aware of reported drug or alcohol related problems on campus, he was aware of police being called out, but not aware of the exact numbers.

Reported crime on campus

According to an email received from Lt. Zach Perron, media spokesperson for the Palo Alto police department, outlines some interesting statics on the number of police calls for service on the Cubberely campus.

He states;  “In 2012, the police department responded to 173 calls for service at Cubberley Community Center.  In 2011, that number was 200.

In 2010, that number was 210. Those numbers include any call for service at 4000 Middlefield Road (i.e., suspicious people, medical calls, missing people, theft reports, auto burglaries, etc.), either in one of the buildings or in one of the parking lots, to which a police officer or animal control officer responded.”

Our officers will respond to calls of suspected criminal activity at Cubberley (like we will do anywhere in town, of course) and only take appropriate enforcement action if a municipal code or state law is being violated.  Every call is evaluated on a case-by-case basis with the information available to the officers on scene.”

For the moment vehicle dwellers will remain

Vehicle Habitation
Vehicle Habitation

The city of Palo Alto for the moment is the only city that does not prohibit vehicle dwellers from sleeping in their cars. In fact, Palo Alto vehicle dwellers received a reprieve to a planned proposal which would outright ban vehicle dwellers from inhabiting our streets.  City council voted against the proposal by the Policy and Services Committee in a vote 3 to 1 back in November of last year.

However, the uncertainty and future of this ban still remains unclear.  Lt. Perron further adds; “Since any proposed vehicle habitation ordinance is still under consideration from City Council based in part on input from City staff, there is currently no municipal code in effect that prohibits anyone from sleeping in their vehicle overnight anywhere in Palo Alto.”

So for the moment, it’s a wait and see, based on community input, and the police we may add, which will determine the continued fate of; “The Asphalt Jungle-Cubberley Community Center-The city under the city!”

Palo Alto Daily Post Raises Hell – One Readers Perspective

Dave Price - Editor and Co-Founder of The Daily Post“It’s a newspapers duty to print the news and raise hell” (Wilbur F. Storey of the Chicago Times, 1861).

No newspaper hereabouts is upholding those aims better than the Daily Post.

Examples include the Post’s:

. fearless exposure of out of control salaries and retirement benefits of public officials;
. publishing hard-to-ferret-out salaries of layers of administrators and employees from assistant fire chiefs to park gardeners and street sweepers;
. reporting of changes in street patterns and lanes by ignorant transportation agencies without public airing.

Public servants shun the media spotlight like spiders scampering from sunlight unless they need it for boasting or votes.

I agree that the best protection for the public interest is by a vigilant newspaper with an unblinking scrutiny of those who serve us.

Post Editor Dave Price, who is confrontational but always fair, belongs in that elite watchdog corps of the late Mike Wallace of “60 minutes”.

Vic Befera

Palo Alto

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The Daily Post:  Monday, April 15th, 2013

Measure B is worthy of a Yes vote

Dear Editor:

The attention given to Santa Clara County Measure B is a drop in the bucket compared to other ballot measures, but the water management and flood control initiative holds a major key to protecting entire neighborhoods in Palo Alto .

Palo Alto has gained the cooperation of multiple agencies in reducing the flood risk in San Francisquito Creek as it flows to the Bay.

However, one major “Choke Point” that continues to threaten areas of the Duvenek and St. Francis Neighborhoods Association, is the Chaucer Street Bridge .   This essentially keeps residents in this area hostage to the threat of another flood season.

Progress has been made in creating plans for this solution, but funds from Measure B Water Initiative would complete the final step.

The continuation of a modest parcel tax for the Water District is an easy solution, and it address levies and tidewater flood control, as well as taking steps to protect water quality.

Yes the Water District has received some deserved criticism for mismanagement of past funding, but that seems like a poor reason to deny funding for real needs that serve the greater good.  If you follow insurance rates, action that removes homes from floodplain maps is an excellent investment where everyone wins.

With the Measure B funding, and a little help from a Palo Alto City Council, the City can deliver on its primary responsibility of safety of its residents.  Measure B is worthy of a Yes vote.

Timothy Gray (City Council Candidate)

Vote No On Pat Burt

My name is Tony Ciampi.  Some of you are probably aware of my case against the Palo Alto Police Department that went sour, but there may be many of you who are not.

In March 2008 Palo Alto Police Officer Kelly Burger falsely arrested me and shot me in the face with his taser gun while I was not resisting or fleeing.  Burger then tortured me with electricity from his taser gun.

Burger and his fellow officers including Palo Alto Police Chief Dennis Burns destroyed numerous pieces of evidence and edited and falsified four audio/video recordings to cover up their illegal acts.

Chief Burns has been caught committing at least 6 separate violations of his own department’s policy in addition to making numerous false statements to the City Council, the public and the courts in order to cover up his crimes.

Councilman Pat Burt was informed by former Palo Alto Police Officer Lt. Sandra Brown that something was wrong with the case in early June  2008 and was informed on June 2, 2008 that Ofc. Temores’ MAV  video had been professionally edited and falsified.

Below are a few excerpts from the November 10, 2008 Palo Alto City Council Meeting of Pat Burt being informed of the falsified taser videos and Pat Burt commenting on how the Constitutional Violations committed by the Palo Alto Police will not be tolerated.  At the time Dennis Burns was the Asst. Police Chief and had already been caught lying and violating City policy three times.


Pat Burt was informed numerous times with specific evidence of the violations of department policy and the destruction of evidence committed by Chief Burns prior to City Manager James Keene appointing Chief Burns to be the new police chief in September 2009.

CLICK HERE: City Emails

Councilman Pat Burt talked a good talk to pull the wool over the eyes of the African American community for he knowingly and intentionally appointed Dennis Burns to police chief knowing that Dennis Burns was and is the ring leader of fabricating and destroying evidence in the Palo Alto Police Department.


Pat Burt condones and supports the use of fabricated and falsified evidence to incriminate citizens of crimes.  Pat Burt and City Manager James Keene know that Police Chief Dennis Burns has violated numerous department policies yet they refuse to hold Chief Burns accountable.

Pat Burt and James Keene write the rules that their employees are supposed to follow, yet when their employees break the rules, cheat, they do nothing.

To use an analogy, suppose there is a student who gets caught by the principal cheating on a test, should that student be disciplined, suspended?

Now that same student cheats four separate times on four more tests and gets caught each time by the principal.  Instead of disciplining the student the principal actually covers up the student’s cheating giving the student “As” when the student would have otherwise failed.

Should that principal remain as principle or should that principle be removed from his position?

Not including the editing and falsification of the videos and taser gun activation data, Palo Alto Police Chief Dennis Burns has violated his own policy, the City’s policy, Pat Burt’s policy over a a half a dozen times.

Chief Burns has violated City:

  1. Policy 308.98 withholding the taser gun activation data;
  2. Policy 610.2 (a) by taking into personal possession the taser evidence;
  3. Policy 610 and 308.99 by destroying Temores’ taser probes/cartridge/wires/AFIDS without ever documenting them with photographs or securing them into property;
  4. Policy 610 when he placed the computer hard drive containing the original taser downloads into use in traffic instead of securing it into evidence/property;
  5. Policy 446.1 and 610 when he refused to secure the two tamper proof hard drives into evidence/property;
  6. Policy 610 when he destroyed the original MAV videos on those two tamper proof hard drives;
  7. Policy 610 when he destroyed Wagner’s bicycle helmet;
  8. Policy 610 when he unnecessarily removed the “watermark’ and the unique ID numbers from the MAV recordings;
  9. Policy 610 by sending Temores’ and Burger’s taser cameras to Taser International to be destroyed.

Dennis Burns repeatedly cheated to win at all cost, Dennis Burns is the student and Pat Burt is the principal.

That’s not the worst of it.  It’s one thing to cheat for one’s own benefit but it is a significantly more severe degree of egregiousness to cheat to get someone else in trouble.  The student and principal actually fabricated evidence in order to get another student expelled from school for cheating even though the other student earned his grades honestly.

Is this the type of principal you want to be an example to your kids?

I have also informed Supervisor Liz Kniss over the last couple of years of all of the unlawful and unethical acts committed by Chief Burns and his subordinate officers yet through her silence she chooses to support Chief Burns violating department policy, destroying evidence and using fabricated evidence to incriminate members of the community of crimes.  Thus I would encourage you to NOT vote for Liz Kniss either.

The other candidates for City Council have gone on record stating that they would hold city employees accountable for violating city policy if elected.

Police Chief Dennis Burns and City Councilman Pat Burt are cheaters.  If you like cheaters then vote for Pat Burt, but if you don’t like cheaters, (Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong), do not vote for Pat Burt, vote someone else.

Pat Burt proclaimed zero tolerance of Constitutional violations committed by city employees yet at the very same time supported the Constitutional violation of a member of his community by city employees, that epitomizes a fraud who will say and do anything to secure the support of the community to get elected.

Such a person is not to be trusted, he will tell you what you want to hear to obtain your support, but he truly does not mean what he says and may actually be more of a  harm to you instead of a benefit once elected.





Negligence by State of Illinois Results in Probable Death and Disappearance of Stacy Peterson

In 2004 Bolingbrook Police Investigators determined that Kathleen Savio died as a result of accidentally falling and drowning in her waterless bathtub.  Dr. Bryan Mitchell the Coroner, the EXPERT, who analyzed the evidence in 1984, concluded that Savio died as a result of an accident.

Bolingbrook Police Sergeant Drew Peterson is cleared of any wrongdoing in harming his third wife, Kathleen Savio in 2004 by the Bolingbrook Police and the Will County State’s Attorney James W. Glasgow

In 2007 Dr. Larry Blum another forensic pathologist exhumed Kathleen Savio’s body and despite the deterioration of four years concluded just the OPPOSITE of Dr. Mitchel and found that Kathleen Savio have been the victim of a homicide.

Dr. Blum has testified that Dr. Mitchel was respected in the field and had conducted an orthodox and professional autopsy.

Two experts both working for the State of Illinois came to completely opposite conclusions in their forensic analysis of the evidence.

Fast forward to 2007 when Drew Peterson’s fourth wife Stacy Peterson disappears and the public scrutiny zeros in on the Bolingbrook Police Department and Will County State’s Attorney James W. Glasgow like a red hot iron to hold Peterson accountable for the death of Kathleen Savio.

Forced by the public outcry,Will County State’s Attorney James W. Glasgow re-opens the Savio case and charges Peterson with her murder.  On September 6, 2012 Drew Peterson was found guilty of murdering Kathleen Savio.  During media session, Prosecutor Glasgow stated, “without the help of the state police reconstructing the case we, the prosecutors, could never proved it.”

Yet the only reason why Drew Peterson was held accountable for murdering his third wife is because his fourth wife has disappeared and according to Prosecutor James W. Glasgow his office will zealously pursue charges against Peterson for her demise as well.

Conclusion:   Despite Mr. Glasgow’s current hyperbole, Stacy Peterson would still be alive had Glasgow held Drew Peterson accountable in 2004.  If Drew Peterson had not got caught with his hand in the cookie jar a second time, Glasgow and the Bolingbrook Police would have let him get away with murder.  The Bolingbrook Police and the Will County State’s Attorney should be held responsible for initially covering up the murder of Kathleen Savio and knowingly allow a dangerous criminal to roam the streets, a criminal with a gun and a badge which had a direct result in the probable death and disappearance of Stacy Peterson.

“He was a thug,” Glasgow said of Peterson, his voice rising in indignation. “He would threaten people because he had a gun and a badge. Nobody would take him on, but we took him on and he lost.”  “He, (Police Officer Drew Peterson), was a coward and a bully.” Prosecutor Glasgow said.

Palo Alto Police Officer Kelly Burger is a thug, he threatens people because he has a gun and a badge.  Nobody takes him on because Police Chief Dennis Burns has bribed everyone above him with his charm.

“Finally, finally, finally,” Mitch Doman, Savio’s brother-in-law, said as he and his wife cried.   “We finally got that murdering bastard!”  Doman said.

Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen and State Attorney General Kamala Harris, (SAAG Gerald Engler), you are hereby forewarned that if any of the officers involved in the conspiracy to cover up Palo Alto Police Ofc. Kelly Burger’s torture of Ciampi with electricity and knowingly using falsified videos to incriminate Ciampi of a crime harms anyone in the future you and your offices will be held accountable for violating your oath of office, and your lawful duties as a result of you covering up the crimes of the Palo Alto Police associated with the tasering of Ciampi on March 15, 2008.

The investigative reports and analyses conducted by yours and the PAPD’s experts have been proven to be flawed throughout, strewn with false statements, contradictions and even admissions of guilt revealing that the reports are deliberate attempts to conceal the crimes of the PAPD.  Your refusal to acknowledge this evidence demonstrates your culpability in the Ciampi case as well as any cases in the future that arise from the unlawful and malicious acts perpetrated by the PAPD.

“Finally, finally, finally,” Mitch Doman, Savio’s brother-in-law, said as he and his wife cried.   “We finally got that murdering bastard!”  Doman said.

“A press funded by the government will become tame”

“The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) wants to “reinvent” the news media.

In a May 24 report, the agency proposed various options for rescuing journalism, most notably taxing websites like the Drudge Report or Huffington Post that link to the news of the day.

The government would then give the money to newspapers as a subsidy. We urge the FTC to drop this terrible idea. A press funded by the government will become tame.

A don’t bite-the-hand-that-feeds-you attitude will take over the newsroom. Reporters will stop asking officials tough questions. Controversies won’t be exposed. Readers will be kept in the dark.

Corporate welfare

Unfortunately, the government is already subsidizing some news organizations. For instance, in January the Palo Alto City Council threw a lifeline to the Palo Alto Weekly.

Council decided to pay the Weekly as much as $450,000 over the next three years for legal notices and other advertising. We could understand if the city were to spend a few thousand dollars with the Weekly, but a six-digit figure reeks of a subsidy.

Another example of the government subsidizing the media concerns MediaNews Group, the owner of the San Jose Mercury News, Palo Alto Daily News and San Mateo County Times.

Last year at this time, MediaNews was circling the drain. Chief executive Dean Singleton was laying off employees and cutting the pay of those who remained in a desperate scramble to avoid defaulting on nearly $1 billion in debt.

Singleton’s bailout came in January when MediaNews filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The bankruptcy was “pre-packaged,” meaning that he got his creditors to agree in advance that they would reduce his debt from $930 million to $165 million.

Why were they so generous? His creditors were mostly banks that had received TARP (troubled asset relief program) money from the federal government’s Wall Street bailout. The banks were required to use the TARP funds to clean up their balance sheets by writing off bad debt, such as money MediaNews owed.

Honest competition

As for the Daily Post, we don’t want a handout or subsidy. We would rather operate in a free marketplace, where our competitors don’t get subsidies and consumers pick the winners and losers.

The Founding Fathers knew the press and government must remain separate so that the press could serve as a check on government.

As a result, we have the First Amendment. Subsidies short-circuit the First Amendment and turn news organizations into shills for the government.”

Publish Date: June 14, 2010 – “A bad idea for newspapers” – A Daily Post Editorial – From the archives

May 2012 Report–Constitutional Enforcement Agency of Palo Alto


Pursuant to Palo Alto Independent Police Auditor’s 2011 Final Report:

lll. Cases Pending from Prior Report

1. Complaint of Biased Enforcement and Improper Search #C2011-001

IPAs Michael Gennaco and Robert Miller inform the community that PAPD policy restricts officers from making vehicle stops based upon race or ethnicity and that the stop must point to objective facts of a violation of law.

Gennaco and Miller reviewed all of the reports and the MAV recording of the incident.

Gennaco and Miller determined that the complainant was driving a 1976 Chevrolet Nova and that the vehicle was being driven by an African American, the complainant.

Gennaco and Miller verify that the police officer turned off the headlights to his vehicle to determine whether or not the complainant was in violation of a California Vehicle Code.

Gennaco and Miller concluded that the stop was neither racially nor economically motivated.

Gennaco and Miller concluded that the stop was lawful for the claimant was in violation of V.C 24601.–“Either the taillamp or a separate lamp shall be so constructed and placed as to illuminate with a white light the rear license plate during darkness and render it clearly legible from a distance of 50 feet to the rear.”

As a result of the detainment, the officers engaged in a search of the complainant and the car due to the complainant’s probation status.

Gennaco and Miller concluded that the officer turned his headlights off in order to determine whether or not there were objective facts that the complainant was in violation of V.C 24601,


Answer, there were no objective facts prior to the officer turning his headlights off for logic dictates that if there were then it would have been unnecessary for the officer to turn his headlights off.


Does this particular officer turn his headlights off on a regular basis to see if citizens are in violation of V.C 24601? How many times over the last six months has this officer turned his headlights off to obtain objective evidence that a license plate light is out? Does this officer turn his headlights off when following late model BMWs and Mercedes driven by White Middle Aged Women?

Prior to determining whether or not there were objective facts that conveyed a violation of V.C 24601 the officer was forced to turn off his headlights which is a violation of Calif. V.C. 24400.(b) and or Calif. V.C 24409.

The officer violated a vehicle in order to determine whether or not there were objective facts to detain a citizen for not having an illuminated license plate jeopardizing the safety of the community in the process.

Gennaco and Miller concluded that the officer verified that the search of complainant and his vehicle was lawful due to the complainant’s probation status. However, the initial search of the complainant would not been performed if not stopped for the vehicle violation and therefore the complainant’s probation status would not have been discovered.

Since the initial stop was initiated by a prejudicially motivated and unlawful act of turning off the headlights which resulted in discovering the probation status it is concluded that the search was unlawful and in violation of PAPD policy.

Additionally, the officer knowingly and intentionally violated a vehicle code for which he has not been cited or disciplined for.

The act of giving a citation to a citizen for violating a vehicle code while knowingly refusing to give a citation to a PAPD police officer for violating a vehicle code which occurred during the same incident is empirical, beyond reasonable doubt, evidence that the PAPD has acted prejudicially against the complainant and that Gennaco and Miller support this prejudiced act.

The CEA has concluded that Palo Alto IPAs Michael Gennaco’s and Robert Miller’s findings in this case in error.

Due to the lack of thoroughness performed by IPAs Michael Gennaco and Robert Miller it is found that their report is prejudicially motivated in order to shield the PAPD and City of Palo Alto from financial and legal liability while protecting the reputation of PAPD and City.

CA V.C. 24400.
“(b) A motor vehicle, other than a motorcycle, shall be operated during darkness, or inclement weather, or both, with at least two lighted headlamps that comply with subdivision (a).”

CA V.C 24409. “Whenever a motor vehicle is being operated during darkness, the driver shall use a distribution of light, or composite beam,directed high enough and of sufficient intensity to reveal persons and vehicles at a safe distance in advance of the vehicle, subject to
the following requirements and limitations:”

Constitutional Enforcement Agency of Palo Alto
May 2012 Report Prepared
Tony Ciampi