Magic Mike – A movie review 2012

Magic MikeIf you like men’s butts, you’ll get a face full in the film Magic Mike, the story of a Florida band of male strippers. Along with the bump and grind you’ll have some deep pearls of wisdom from the film to ponder such as:

What happens when you don’t like to follow ‘the rules?’

Deal with what you’ve already got or come up with some new sh…….

Remember, you’re not getting any younger.

And you are not your job.  No one is.  Though many people will try to domineer and impress you with their position, don’t fall for it.

Because the big question is about your dream.The American dream, maybe the world dream, which is to own something, to have ‘equity’ in somthing you own, produce and take pride in because ultimately it represents you, your imagination, yourskill, your heart.  Not someone else’s.

You can stay on and work for someone else, but that job, that product, that path is not yours.  Your dream ‘only works if you believe it.   If you have the courage to act on it.’

Steven Soderberg, the director, raised some good points here, but for odd reasons decided to make them with a butt in your face.

My wife liked the butts.  She thought they were beautiful.  And didn’t give a rip about the underlying message. Though she thinks it’s important to note that Matthew McCounaughey probably used a stunt butt.

Prometheus Film Review 2012 Ridley Scott

If you see the film from the very beginning, you may catch the first scene summarizing the myth of Prometheus. Here’s a short version of the Greek myth.

In the war between Men and Gods, Mortals and Immortals, the Gods usually win but not without some cost and even fights among the Gods. Promethus is one such duplicitous God who challenges Zeus’ authority by stealing fire for mankind.

Outraged, Zeus chains Prometheus to a mountain top where his liver is devoured by an Eagle everyday, only to grow back each night. To make sure we all hurt, Zeus also sends the first woman to mankind, Pandora, who brings with her a box full of evils, ‘pain, suffering, death and hope.’ Before she can close the box, all of the evils escape, except for hope.

If only the movie were that good. Some say the myth seeks to explain mankind’s scientific and intellectual ascent and their dark and heavy costs.

And though the movie begins with something like a Pandora’s box, unless you know the myth, that whole scene will sail over your head like the UFO you see.

In this film, the ‘fire stolen from the Gods’ is a bizarre ‘Alien Monster DNA’ that perpetuates itself by male oral rape, something right up Hollywood’s alley, obsession with oral sex.

So here we have an alien, that rapes you orally, thus creating a pyscho sexual trauma that results in a hideous ‘pregnancy’ (or psychological trauma) and birth of another ‘gay alien rapist.’

That’s sick. I agree. But hey, I didn’t make this flick. There’s a critical moment that sums this all up. I’m talking about a climactic scene in which a Mr. Universe God struggles with all his might to fight off an ‘alien oral rapist,’ but loses big time. Thus raped, Mr. Universe God gives birth to another big dripping ‘deviant alien.’

So if you think about it, the whole life cycle of an ‘Alien’ is a metaphor for the cycle of sex abuse. Innocent victims are destroyed by the ‘alien’ just as the victims of sex abuse are destroyed. The result of the deviant sex is not a beautiful bouncing baby but a traumatized individual or monstrous ‘alien’ that continues the deviant cycle of behavior trying to gain control, mastery or understanding of the traumatic event that started it all, but perpetuates the abomination instead.

This movie could have been great if it plumbed the depths of just one of the themes it touches on, like -The quest for eternal youth. Or the cost of Human beings’ wanderlust and curiosity. It’s said that, ‘to create one must first destroy,’ but who or what decides that balance?

And In the end, faith in God can not be explained, so how and why does it keep us going? All of the above are good topics that were touched on but hard to write about, so instead the writers take the low road and chase us around a spaceship with a deviant monster. Not very enlightening but fun.

The Three Stooges Movie Review:

What’s wrong and what’s good about the Stooges?

Anyone who remembers the Stooges will be happy that Moe hasn’t lost a step, kick or poke and the other Stooges can still take a punch or hammer bash with a blink and a ‘boink.’   You will laugh and need a stenographer to catch all the puns, quips and jokes.   The movie blends perfectly with the Stooge ‘oeuvre.’  So what’s wrong?

Well, it’s subtle but the movie goes ‘Clinton / Edwards’ on us in the last act.  You might sense yourself squirm just for a second with a plot twist we’d only expect from a President or Senator.   I  won’t spoil it for you but inquiring minds will get their faces rubbed in the lechery and betrayal of what Hollywood sees as ‘family life.’   Yeah strange things do happen in families but geez, this is supposed to be a Stooge movie not a depravity contest.

Anyway, Hollywood and Politics have become a fashionable blend.  You can’t seem to get one without a smear of the other.  So the writers felt obligated to get a cultural (political) cheap shot in at the the Church and Family.  These are easy targets for brave writers who never seem to write anything funny about Islam.

At some parts you may catch yourself laughing a little too hard.  Are we trying to elevate ourselves in a perverse way, by trashing under foot the honorable notions of culture, family and faith?

The Christian faith, like the Stooges, can take a good punch and still turn the other cheek.  And for all its missteps the Christian faith still encourages family, tolerance, charity, generosity, honesty, goodness, community  and peace.  So if  knocking ‘family and faith’ isn’t courageous, clever or profound, what is it?  It’s perverse.  And it’s also politically correct and all too common.  Why?

Lots of reasons but here’s two big ones.

1.   We want everyone to feel good, which is nice and Utopian but Utopian is not realistic.

2.   Politicians want every  group and vote counted, no matter how bizarre, weird or destructive, because politicians  just want to win.

Alexis deTocqueville called this situation a ‘tyranny of minorities.’

In the Stooge’s case, knocking ‘family and faith’ is just another celebration of the ‘weird view,’  disguised as comedy.   According to Joseph Campbell, mythologist and scholar, a solid culture celebrates the eternal  truths with stories that support the culture and truth.

Judging by the Stooge story, ‘family and faith’ are not a respectable part of our culture.  People will say I’m too conservative.   But where’s their tolerance, where’s their love?  We used to make funny movies without trashing and shaming ourselves.  Now we’re essentially beating ourselves up all the time in the Simpsons, Family Guy, glorified soap operas like Desparate Housewives, and all the TV comedies with buffoon fathers.

Today we mistake self destruction for humility and tolerance.  And that’s so bad,  it’s funny.

Check out the Stooges.  You’ll laugh.