Media Control, Second Edition: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda

Noam Chomsky

A candid review of Noam Chomsky’s, book – Media Control, Second Edition: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda.

Palo Alto being a liberal college town, fawns all over bloviating cranks with PhD’s like Noam Chomsky.

To provide balance, here’s a review of his much acclaimed pamphlet, (he calls it a treatise).   I call it – begging for more money using a skinny book instead of a sign on a freeway ramp.

Here, Chomsky relives his ‘glory days’ here as he rehashes the Vietnam War, exonerates communism and glorifies enemies of the United States.

Here he needs an editor or proof reader to improve the ‘flow’ and better integrate the snippets of transcribed lectures that he has jammed together in this rehash book of his ‘glorious youthful protests’.

He tries to make the case that America is responsible for all the worlds evil.  Chomsky would have you believe that only America corrupts, coopts and diabolically invades the minds of everyone, everywhere thru its greedy and naive media.

When Chomsky was a young protester, graduate student and professor it was ‘cool’ to go on ‘strike’ and shut down your university, skip your own classes (as if that was such a big sacrifice), rage and parade around campus with self righteous indignation, while your parents worked and paid for your tuition. room and board and hundreds of thousands of your contemporaries were swept off by the draft to fight.  Chomsky has survivor guilt.

What Chomsky really hates is himself and he projects this hatred and connivance on to everyone and everything that is bigger, better, more effective, honorable and worthwhile than he is, sitting there in his Ivory Tower at MIT so much smarter than everyone else.

Like most academics, he’s made a reputation by looking at things in a way that no one else will, backwards and twisted.   In fact, the only way to distinguish oneself on a college campus is to adopt a contrarian outlook that embraces some new degeneracy and deviance and that has been Chomsky’s career.  Hence, Chomsky’s focus in this book is on Vietnam because that was the nexus of political power, greed and industry of his generation, which he was too cowardly to fight.  As it turns out, neither side was innocent.

After the U.S. left Vietnam, over a million people were executed and more were imprisoned, tortured and ruined as the communists ‘liberated’ the country.   Then Vietnam created the concept of ‘boat people,’  as over a million south Vietnamese tried  desperately to flee their homeland to escape the true atrocities of communism.   Yeah, America is not perfect, but try demanding your ‘human rights’ in  any of the world’s communist countries or tyrannies and see how that works out.

The book is a sloppy, one sided example of propaganda’s’ effectiveness.  It would of been better to see how North Vietnam and Communist China were also propagandizing the world at the same time and to much greater effect – that would of been a good lesson on the vulnerability of all of us to the power hungry sneaks, liars, egoists, sadists and deviants we call –  leaders of the world.

Anti-Circumcision Proposition?


What does the San Francisco Anti-Circumcision Proposition, ARC – ATTORNEY’S for the Rights of Children,  Larry Schofield – an unemployed activist,  Sharia Law, and Female Genital Mutilation all have in common ?

Everyone laughs at San Francisco – the world’s largest outdoor insane asylum.  But as California goes, so goes the nation.  And where are we going now?

You may have first heard that there was a nutty movement in SF to stop the circumcision of young boys, and then to even fund the reconstruction of circumcised adults with City Tax money.  Everyone laughed.   The joke was…. all so that gay men would have a ‘little more to play around with…’

Let them do whatever they want, it doesn’t bother anybody.  Oh really.  Who put up the money and organized the protests to put this proposition on the ballot ?

The SF media reports that that there are gay activists and several Muslim-Jewish ‘front’ groups supposedly allied, claiming to support the SF Proposition prohibiting the Circumcision of boys.  In addition, there have been several newspaper articles that published  surveys, polls and goals of anti-religious tradition groups seeking more freedom and rights for men and young boys.

It turns out most of this noise has been effective in writing a law and now getting it on the ballot for a vote by the people of San Francisco.  The big question is why?  And who?  Who is really behind this fiasco?

A group of attorneys in Berkeley, also working in San Francisco and calling themselves the ‘Attorneys for the Rights of Children-ARC,’  has  funded an unemployed activist named Larry Schofield to stage small demonstrations and protests in favor of the ACL – Anti-Circumcision Law.

Why?   Because these attorneys plan to expand the area of potential lawsuits and punitive monetary awards by enabling young men to sue their parents, if the men were circumcised as children.   Think this can’t happen ?  Remember, these are lawyers.  Lawyers only get paid, when you get sued.  Think of all the Gen X’rs,  Generation Y’s, with pitiful job prospects, envying mom and dad’s house, savings, investments.

You had your child circumcised 25 years ago and now you get sued for $100,000 because your unemployed gay son has a good lawyer who will bet One Third of that $ 100,000 as a Contingency for services rendered.

But why would Muslim groups be against Circumcision and in support of a Gay ‘right’ when Islam is sternly against anything homosexual ?  Here the plot thickens.  There are sexual equivalency laws in the good ole US of A.  Men and Women are to be treated equally, the same, all the time.  We have female Cops, female Firemen, even Female grunts fighting in Afghanistan.

If this Proposition is rejected by the voters and thus the Circumcision of young boys continues,  then Women (young girls) will be ‘entitled to’ the same treatment as young boys and young girls can then be circumcised according to Sharia Law (Muslim Law), in the U.S.

Does that sound too far out?

Sharia Law is already making inroads in the United States.   This ‘Circumcision Proposition’ may be a legal maneuver to enable the Muslim custom of Circumcising young girls right here, in the USA.

Are there any precedents for this sort of thing?

There have been several ‘honor murder’ cases in the US in which judges have been lenient to dismissive because of the ‘Cultural Customs’ of the perpetrators, think (Muslims).

Muslim neighborhoods of Detroit and some smaller communities have already granted jurisdiction in certain civil cases to Sharia Law.

The ‘Call to Prayer’ is broadcast 5 times a day in some small towns in Michigan.

You can buy Sharia based Mutual Funds in the USA.

And soon, the mutilation of young girls may be mandatory in the USA, once all these legal tricks play out.

In summary, ‘everybody’ get something out of the San Francisco Anti-Circumcision Proposition.  Lawyers gain a whole new field of lawsuits and income, (Child/Parental Lawsuits).

Homosexuals gain more publicity, more ‘rights,’ more influence in the control and care of children, (such as homosexual ‘gender’ studies in public schools) and now even child genital styling.  Gay Jewish men get to play with more Dingus.  And finally, Sharia law gains by using the power of the US legal system to enforce the mutilation of young girls in the US according to Sharia Law.

Sounds too crazy to be true.  But this is San Francisco, California.  Only eternal vigilance of the Good can prevent the reign of Evil.

Interview with Susan Leftwich: A Dancers Response to Surviving Breast Cancer

Susan Leftwich has choreographed an emotional dance about her own experience as a breast cancer survivor. The dance will be performed as part of the High Release Show: “NEXUS”, 3-4 June 2011 at Cubberley Theater in Palo Alto. The following is an excerpt from an interview with her in the weeks before the show.

Q: I understand you are one of the newer members of High Release, is that correct? When did you join?

A: This will be my first full-length concert, but I joined High Release 2 years ago – right after seeing the previous show. I was impressed by the quality and decided to audition.

Q: Why did you decide to join the company?

A: Life is short. After my experience with breast cancer, it didn’t seem scary at all to audition for a dance company. Plus, I wanted to do something just for me.

Q: What do you like most about being a member of High Release?

A: I enjoy the collaborative work that we do. Being with other dancers fulfills a need in me to be with others who understand dance. I can’t get that feeling at work or even at home.

Q: What is your piece, “Gathering the Pieces” about?

A: “Gathering the Pieces” is about the response of the people around you when they find out you are seriously ill. Some walk away. Some RUN to help. Others need time to decide what they are feeling. In the end, it’s the support you get from the people around you that truly makes the difference in your recovery. Facing death is scary because you are alone. Knowing that others are there lightens the burden.

Q: What was the inspiration behind your choreography? How was this drawn
from your own personal experience?

A: About a year ago, I wrote a reflection of my experience with this illness. As a storyteller and a dancer, the natural and necessary next step for me was to create a dance to tell the story.

Q: Tell me about the music you selected for the dance

A: I started out with one piece of music that, to me, sounded like “regular life” and then switched to “something’s wrong.” However, three rehearsals before the end, I switched music. Several months before, I had shared my story with a friend who had agreed to write and sing a song for it. When I didn’t hear from her, I went with the first piece of music. But then she contacted me with the song she had written. Praying that it would work, we watched video of the dancers and played the new song in the background. It was like the dancers were dancing TO the new music! The dancers will perform to this new piece – “Susan’s Song” by Palo Alto resident, Paige Gibbons.

Q: Do you feel like the process of choreographing this dance has helped
with the healing process?

A: Absolutely. The story is told, but what we learn from the telling is the most important thing.

Q: Are you nervous about the show?

A: Everyone gets butterflies before a performance. But it’s okay as long as your butterflies are flying in formation!

Q: Is there anything else you think our audience should know about your dance?

A: As you watch it, which dancer do you relate to? How is the ending connected to the beginning? Why is it called “Gathering the Pieces”?

High Release Dance was founded in 1994 by a group of modern dancers seeking to pursue their own artistic visions and performance opportunities in a collaborative environment. The upcoming concert is called “NEXUS”, and will be on June 3rd and 4th, 2011 at Cubberley Theater in Palo Alto. The show starts at 8pm. Tickets are $15 in advance, or $20 at the door. More information is available at:

A personal and emotional journey for local dancers

High Release Dance

Palo Alto-based dance company High Release Dance will be presenting a series of new works at its home season at the Cubberley Theatre on June 3rd and 4th. The dances, many of which are drawn from personal and emotional experiences of the dancers, range from abstract modern compositions to theatrical works.

Lisa Navarro, who will be performing her first full-length concert with High Release Dance this year, has choreographed a high-energy and passionate dance dedicated to her brother. The subject matter is the many faces of addiction.

Susan Leftwich, also new to High Release Dance, has choreographed a dance about her own experience as a breast cancer survivor, and the impact of sickness on friends, family and community.

Other subjects include the importance of living in the now, the difficulty of meditating, hungry scavengers finding a treasure while a farmer sleeps, and facing the devil.

High Release Dance was founded in 1994 by a group of modern dancers seeking to pursue their own artistic visions and performance opportunities in a collaborative environment. The company has no artistic director, but functions as a collective, with each dancer contributing her particular skills and gifts and decisions being made together.

The upcoming concert is called “NEXUS”, and will be on June 3rd and 4th, 2011 at Cubberley Theater in Palo Alto. The show starts at 8pm. Tickets are $15 in advance, or $20 at the door. More information is available at:

Palo Alto Police – The “Gang’s” all here!

PAPD Tatoo

When I asked this PAPD officer if he had ever been arrested he had that quizzical look upon his face.   I thought it was an appropriate question given the fact that many notorious “gang” members bare the marking of their trade.

When I questioned him further he said it was for “religious” reasons.  Okay, I can except that besides in reality it’s an expression of one’s First Amendment right.

Artistic expression comes to my mind.  Well I decided to do a little digging not far, I Googled like the most of us and found that the notorious “El Sereno gang” makes use of a similar marking.

I’m not sure of the appropriateness of displaying Tattoos only because of their gang related links or ties.

There’s something to be said about the proper attire of law enforcement officials given ones place in our community.  Does it send the wrong message?  Some would argue a resounding no!!

Well consider this.  Would we question or say anything if President Obama had the US Constitution tattooed on his chest as he uncovered it all during a national news conference?

I think there’s a time and place for tattoos.  But certain tattoos are just too close to gang related activities.

A Nazi lightning bolt on your neck or a swastika on your forehead for some, is a sure giveaway when picking someone out of a police line up.

Well I spotted this officer or gang member right off. And I think for anyone this would have been the logical choice.

I tried to interview Ray Bacchetti – HRC (City of Palo Alto Human Relations Committee) and police volunteer for comment.  He stated the following:

“Dear Mark:

I’ve changed my mind.  Don’t want to play gotcha.

I recall years ago I complained about the conduct of a certain officer Dan Ryan to another officer and she responded by saying, well that maybe true, but I can’t speak out against the PAPD “Brotherhood”.

That being said, what do our surrounding policing agency’s have to say on the subject of Tattoos and police officers?  Just Google!


POLICE DEPARTMENT CHIEF OF POLICE 141 Demeter Street (650) 853-3125

East Palo Alto, CA 94303


Police Department to Publish Operating Policies Online

“No Visible Tattoo Policy First on Website”

July 27 – Effective August 1, 2007, the East Palo Alto Police Department will publish its operating policies online for public view and access.

By providing unfettered access to policies that govern officers’ actions, the Department will enhance its professionalism and be more open, accessible and accountable to the community.

“I believe this information will assist the community to better evaluate the Department, understand the legal actions of officers, and identify actions that are not in accordance with established policies”, according to Chief Davis.

The Department will start the program by posting a new policy that prohibits officers from visibly displaying tattoos and body art while in uniform. Future postings include a policy that governs the Department’s acceptance, processing and investigation of citizen complaints, and a policy that prohibits racial profiling and requires data collection for all stops made by officers.

The Department recently had all of its policies reviewed and updated by a legal expert. These policies are under final review by the Chief of Police and will be posted on the website after they have been finalized and published.



Subject: Tattoos and Body Art Prohibition for Employees Supersedes: Signature of Issuing Authority: Chief Ronald L. Davis Body Art and Tattoo Prohibition for Employees

It is the policy of the East Palo Alto Police Department that all uniformed employees and explorers maintain the highest standards of professional appearance when interacting with the public and representing the Department.


Maintaining a professional appearance is critically important to fostering public trust and confidence in law enforcement, and to exceeding the standards of the profession.

This order incorporates the Department’s core values of Service, Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Vision, and Excellence (STRIVE).


A. All uniformed employees and explorers are prohibited from displaying any body art, tattoo(s), intentional scarring, mutilation, or dental ornamentation while on duty or representing the department in any official capacity.

B. Any currently employed uniformed employee and explorer with existing body art, tattoo(s), intentional scarring, or mutilation that is visible shall have the following options:

1. Uniformed employee shall cover existing body art, tattoo(s), intentional scarring, or mutilation by wearing the long-sleeve shirt and/or uniform pants/breeches.

2. Cover the existing body art, tattoo(s), intentional scarring, or mutilation with a skin tone patch or make-up.

3. Have the tattoo(s) or brand(s) removed at the employee’s expense.

C. Body art, tattoo(s), brand(s), intentional scarring, and/or mutilation that is not able to be covered or concealed is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to; foreign

Policy Number: No. of Pages: 2 Effective Date: 1 Aug 07 Date Revised: N/A

objects inserted under the skin, pierced, split or forked tongue, and/or stretched out holes in the ears.

D. Uniformed employees and explorers shall not have any dental ornamentation. The use of gold, platinum, silver, or other veneer caps for the purposes of ornamentation are prohibited. Teeth, whether natural, capped, or veneered, shall not be ornamented with designs, jewels, initials, etc.

By order of Ronald L. Davis

Chief of Police

East Palo Alto Police Tattoo Policy


EAST PALO ALTO / Chief draws plan to destroy gang / FBI among agencies joining fight to stem longtime problem

Davis is also seeking help from state parole officials. He wants restrictions on paroled gang members’ movements in the city, a requirement that paroled members have their gang-related tattoos removed, and mandatory community service for parolees. The question is, should police officers also have there “gang” related tats removed?