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Coca Cola used to contain cocaine …… that was OK…… for awhile.

Heart surgery in the 1930s often included the introduction of asbestos into the heart wall to stimulate blood flow……that was OK…..for awhile.

Radioactive Radium was commonly used in all sorts of ‘glow in the dark’ consumer products, including wristwatches…..that was OK…..for awhile.

Lead was a major component of gasoline worldwide to help smooth engine performance………that was OK…….for awhile.

Doctors used to recommend smoking to ease nerves, they said smoking was good for the ‘T’ zone…….that was OK until we figured out  500,000 people die every year from smoking related illnesses.

Smoking was OK…..for awhile.

There’s always the Money.

Smoking is still OK because the major Court settlements with the Tobacco companies include payments to the States of Billions of Dollars every year from tobacco profits.  The States need the money, so even after we know that Tobacco’s no good, somehow the Money still makes Tobacco OK….for awhile.

We put fluoride in our drinking water thanks to the lobbying efforts of our Nation’s aluminum producers.  Fluoride is a member of the Halide family of chemicals in the periodic table of elements.  Fluoride behaves much more actively than its ‘cousins’ – Chlorine, Bromine and Iodine.

It is speculated that Fluoride displaces Iodine in the human Thyroid which regulates human metabolism.  As many as One Third of all women in the United States may be HypoThyroid (causing weight gain, diabetes and many other diseases – all good for the Pharmaceutical industry), as a result of Fluoride exposure.  Does my butt look big in this???

No Honey.  And I love that big toothy smile.  There has never been definitive scientific proof that fluoride prevents tooth decay.  There has been an anomalous ‘correlation’ between areas of the country with fluoride occurring naturally in drinking water and dental hygeine but as they say, ‘correlation is not causation.’   Smokers used to get sick but so did non-smokers.

Cell Towers produce electromagnetic radiation.  But there are no studies of the long term effects of such radiation.   But what if continuous cell radiation exposure does have some subtle, wide reaching effects.  Guess we’ll have to find that out….the hard way….after awhile.

Important opportunity for public input on Palo Alto city manager James Keene

PA City manager James Keene

Perhaps one of the most difficult tasks in evaluating employee’s performance is during the evaluation conference.  The citizens of Palo Alto on July 20th, 2011 at 6:00 pm will be give the rare opportunity to provide input on Mr. Keene’s overall performance and areas where the community feel he should improve upon.

I met with Mr. Keene earlier this year on a city policy in which he has FULL ownership and control over.  That policy is the city’s policy over anti-discrimination.  POLICY AGAINST ARBITRARY DISCRIMINATION

“The city manager shall take all appropriate actions to assure that the statements of policy set forth in Section 9.73.010 are implemented to the fullest extent permitted by law with respect to those City activities listed in subsection b) below.”

As a minority business in Palo Alto city attorney Donald Larkin directed all city staff members to “Blacklist” Palo Alto Free Press as a news reporting agency.  See related story – http://bit.ly/fwmpQX

Naturally I reviewed the policy and decided to meet directly with the person of ownership and oversight.  That person was city manager James Keene. I told Mr. Keene that I felt the city of Palo Alto was in clear violation of its anti-discrimination business laws and I was hoping he would correct the apparent monopoly of my competitors The Weekly, PaloAltoonline.com, the Daily Post and the PaloAltoPatch.com.

What I was hoping for at the conclusion of our meeting was fair media access which had been denied by PAPD Lt. Sandra Brown and city attorney Donald Larkin.  Does that seem fair?

Well after weeks of silence I decided to follow-up with Mr. Keene and much to my amazement his secretary called me back and told me the matter had been referred back to the city attorney’s office,  in other words, the enforcer of discrimination and bigotry city attorney Donald Larkin.

BTW all my compositors have remained silent as well and these guy’s believe in fair competition and Freedom of the Press.  I don’t think so. You can be sure I will be at his performance review.

Public Employee Performance Evaluation-City Manager James Keene







GreenCitizen Launches “Better Than Free” Recycling Program

become a "greencitizen"

What’s better than free recycling? Free recycling and the opportunity to win great prizes the more you do it! From now through August 31, 2011 Green Citizen (http://www.greencitizen.com) invites California residents to drop off their unwanted or obsolete electronics for responsible recycling at no cost at its four San Francisco Bay Area eco-centers. For every five qualifying items recycled and/or GreenCitizen repair or data security service used, consumers are entered to win a new iPad 2.

“With this program, GreenCitizen hopes to turn what might be considered a chore into a fun and potentially rewarding activity. It’s something people should be doing anyway, this just gives them even more incentive,” says James Kao, Founder and CEO. “Repair, which is even better for the planet, qualifies too. Every month, we hope to offer a hot, new electronic item as a prize.”

GreenCitizen (http://www.greencitizen.com) is a socially and environmentally responsible company dedicated to helping consumers and businesses reduce their environmental footprint through proper disposal management of their unwanted or obsolete electronics. GreenCitizen achieves this through repair services (including computer and iPhone repair) that keep items out of the waste stream, closed loop reuse and donation, and convenient drop-off and responsible recycling for end-of-life electronics that is fully accountable all the way through de-manufacturing.

Qualifying items for recycling rewards are desktop and laptop computers, televisions, monitors and servers. Consumers will also receive credits for any repair or upgrade service including iPhone repair, computer or laptop repair, in-store PC virus and spyware removal, data migration and hardware or software installation as well as security services such as hard disk destruction, media destruction, copier destruction and cellphone and PDA erasure.

In addition to consumer drop-offs, GreenCitizen offers a full range of business solutions including professional pickup, inventory, data destruction and safe electronics disposal, and an in-building recycling kiosk program offering small-scale electronics recycling for employees, customers or building tenants.

GreenCitizen Locations:

Burlingame, CA
801 Mahler Road, Suite I
650.288.1369 x103

Palo Alto, CA
161 Homer Ave
650.493.8700 x101

San Francisco, CA
591 Howard Street
415.287.0000 x102

Berkeley, CA – NEW
1971 Shattuck Avenue
510.981.1900 x104

GreenCitizen is open Monday through Saturday from 10 AM – 6 PM.

Waste-to-Resources or Resources-to-Waste?

Clean Energy Solutions

“New study, same arguments in Palo Alto’s compost debate”

As Palo Alto residents consider whether to shut down their incinerator and rededicate 10 acres of capped landfill (i.e., “parkland”) to make room for a sustainable, waste-to-resource energy facility, they need not discuss the proposal in abstract terms—they can simply observe the tremendous success enjoyed by neighboring municipalities presently using the same technology.

For almost 30 years, the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) in Oakland has been using anaerobic digestion to transform its sewage into methane gas. This “biogas” is functionally identical to natural gas; it can generate heat, electricity, and transportation fuel. Today, with the addition of local food waste, EBMUD produces enough biogas at its West Oakland plant to cover nearly all of its own energy costs. Last year this translated into nearly $3 million in ratepayer savings, while dramatically reducing municipal waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

EBMUD is not the only forward-thinking utility employing this technology. Across the country—from Millbrae, California, to Waco, Texas; Des Moines, Iowa; Milton, Pennsylvania; and Boston, Massachusetts—others are doing the same and achieving similar cost-savings. This is proof that anaerobic digestion is not only a superior form of waste management and clean energy generation; it is also the most cost-effective option available.

Meanwhile, Palo Alto residents are spending tens of millions of dollars to incinerate what their neighbors recognize as a source of revenue and renewable energy. This is worse than a mere missed opportunity—the term “incinerator” is little more than an inelegant euphemism for what the device actually is: a pollution manufacturing facility. Why is the home of Stanford University choosing to subsidize pollution when it can earn a return on locally-produced clean energy?

This fall, residents have the opportunity to transform one of Palo Alto’s worst environmental liabilities into a profitable model of sustainable development.  Isn’t this a worthwhile exchange for 10 acres of landfilled “parkland”?

Surfing the Net at Palo Alto City Hall and the Costs to Taxpayers

City of Palo Alto Surfing the Web on Taxpayers Dime

Our decision to block the web surfing abilities of the city of Palo Alto to our site did not come easy and as our director of IT stated, “there one of our biggest customers”.

From there site visits alone, we were able to analyze through data mining, popular pages, entry pages, exit pages, came from, keyword analysis, recent keyword analysis, recent came from, exit links, exit links activity and downloads a gold mine of behind the scenes activity a watershed of information.

At the same time we realized city government employees were surfing the web on our taxpayer monies.  That’s extortion in my eyes, stealing monies off the backs of taxpayer while they should be working for us!

And they have the audacity for wanting to negotiate an increase in salaries and benefits when they should be looking at ways to save money.

Stop surfing the web on our dime!

Why would the city want to surf our site anyway? In the eyes of city attorney Donald Larkin former TOP city attorney for the city of Palo Alto stated were not considered a news reporting agency, were not “bona fide” reporters and he has directed city staff not to speak to us or grant us interviews [blacklisting] and yet they were, were one of our biggest customers.  Go figure!

The actual lose in non-productivity in surfing the web can be staggering. One such white paper study by ** GFI – Internet monitoring: not ‘Big Brother’ but ‘Wise Management’ was quite revealing.


  • “According to IDC Research, 30% to 40% of Internet use in the workplace is not related to business.”
  • “The cost of employees surfing the web from their office PCs is estimated to cost US companies more than $1 billion dollars a year”


Our data revealed that the Palo Alto police department was the largest abuser of non-productivity time .  Hundreds of hours spent surfing our site when in fact they should have been out policing our streets a job well compensated for.

This is just one other area which we believe is out-of-control under police Chief Dennis Burns’s leadership with no accountability and or transparency in sight by anyone!!  Here’s a brief snapshot and calculation of the city of Palo Alto’s employees attempts to access our site since imposing our ban.

Note our chart of their activities for all departments.

Time spent surfing Paloaltofrees.com by the City of Palo Alto and its employees.

Less than 5 secs 

From 5 secs to 30 secs 

From 30 secs to 5 mins 

From 5 mins to 20 mins 

From 20 mins to an hour

Longer than an hour 

City of Palo Alto Employee Surfing Stats

First Time Visitors 

1-5 Returning Visits 

6-10 Returning Visits 

10+ Returning Visits 

Time spent surfing City of Palo Alto
City of Palo Alto Surfing Stats

Now, for the actual non-productive time spent as waist in terms of dollars lost to the taxpayers of the City of Palo Alto?

We beleive accountability and transparency for this task should come from the cities finance department.

It should be their responsibility to calculate this lost time  in productivity and to hold all those responsible for potential fraud and extortion of taxpayers monies.

However, for those of you who are math wiz’s and based on our analysis, we have provider 2009 Gross Salaries for the city of Palo Alto in excel format for the purposes of your own analysis and the actual losses may taser you to your senses that our current city leadership is simply not doing the job to which they were elected for.

Internet Monitoring – GFI White Paper

City of Palo Alto 2009 Gross Salaries

**About GFI, GFI Software provides web and mail security, archiving, backup and fax, networking and security software and hosted IT solutions for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) via an extensive global partner community.

GFI products are available either as on-premise solutions, in the cloud or as a hybrid of both delivery models. With award-winning technology, a competitive pricing strategy, and a strong focus on the unique requirements of SMEs, GFI satisfies the IT needs of organizations on a global scale.

The company has offices in the United States (North Carolina, California and Florida), UK (London and Dundee), Austria, Australia, Malta, Hong Kong, Philippines and Romania, which together support hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide.

GFI is a channel-focused company with thousands of partners throughout the world and is also a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. More information about GFI can be found at http://www.gfi.com.

Up-dated: July 1, 2011.   One PAPD alleged internet abuser identified as Sergeant Scott Savage.

13 May09:49:38 AMIE 8.0
1280×720 Sunnyvale,
United StatesComcast Cable ( Scott Savage

Work in Crystal Springs and San Andreas Reservoirs Begins

Hetch Hetchy Water System Construction

Commuters and visitors traveling on Hwy 280 and Hwy 92 near the Crystal Springs and San Andreas reservoirs may notice bright yellow booms floating in the water in the coming weeks.

These booms are deployed as part of construction of the $4.6 billion Water System Improvement Program to repair, replace and seismically upgrade the Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System.

The booms are silt curtains which block biological species (animals and plants) from entering the work zones and protect water quality by containing disturbed sediment.

This summer, divers will begin underwater work on the outlet structures and pipelines that move water from the reservoirs into the drinking water system. These seismic upgrades will take place at depths of over 100 feet. All watercraft and materials entering the reservoirs are carefully screened to prevent non-native species and contaminants from entering the water.

The work is part of the Crystal Springs/San Andreas Transmission System Upgrade Project and is expected to be complete in 2013.

The Crystal Springs Reservoir System serves as the emergency water supply for over one million people in San Mateo and San Francisco counties.

To receive construction updates and important information for recreational users of the Peninsula Watershed, subscribe to the website: www.sfwater.org/SCT or follow us: Twitter@SawyerCampTrail.

Judge Lucy Koh’s Decision Condones the Use of Falsified Evidence

Is Judge Lucy Koh Burning the U.S. Constitution?

Koh denies Ciampi’s request to reconsider her order to dismiss Ciampi’s lawsuit.


Judge Lucy Koh states that the Palo Alto Police can use Falsified Videos and other evidence in order to wrongfully incriminate citizens of a crime without being challenged by the citizens who lack the resources to hire experts.

Judge Lucy Koh states the police can enter photographs into evidence that have been falsified but citizens are not allowed to point out the editing flaws indicating that the photographs have been falsified.

Judge Lucy Koh states that it is lawful for police departments to destroy evidence including exculpatory evidence that is relevant to a criminal case. In the Ciampi case that would include but not be limited to a taser cartridge, taser probes, taser cameras, etc….

Federal District Judge Lucy Koh ruled that Palo Alto Police Officers violated Ciampi’s 4th Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, yet dismissed Ciampi’s lawsuit because of an issue of officer safety and unsettled case law.

In Ciampi’s Motion for Leave for Reconsideration, Ciampi pointed out that the officers testified that they did not detain Plaintiff Ciampi because of “Officer Safety, but because they wanted to find out who Ciampi was, Pg. 5 line 28 and pg. 6 lines 1 through 23 of Court Doc. 163.


Additionally, Ciampi provided substantial case law that had been settled before the March 15, 2008 incident, including but not limited to: Boyd v. United States, Rios v. United States Bumper v. North Carolina and Katz v. United States just to name a few of the more than twenty cited.


Despite proving Koh wrong, Judge Koh refuses to reverse her order which is not substantiated by the law or the facts.



The Two ROI’s of Business – One for Bean Counters and One for People with the Gift of Gab

The Two Different ROI’s:

The Two Different ROI’s:

Company Bean Counter Definition – Return on Investment

Company Marketing Manager Definition – Relationships, Opening Doors and Influence.

As a Business Owner you must understand and know when and how use the two different ROI’s to grow your business.

The Company Bean Counter probably thinks ROI means the following: A formula that allows the Company Bean Counter to analyze the efficiency of an investment or allows the Company Bean Counter to analyze and compare the efficiency of different investments.

ROI = (Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment)

Cost of Investment

Example: Frank the contractor has $100 to either buy a new power saw or a new drill. Frank cannot buy both tools at this time. He’s not sure which tool to buy so he makes the following analysis:

Buy Power Saw for $100 Assumption: If Frank buys a new power saw he will reduce the time necessary to complete the kitchen remodel he is working on by 8 hours at an hourly cost saving of $50/hour.

Gain from Investment = (8 hours x $50/hour) =$400

Cost of Investment = $100

ROI on Purchase of New Saw = $400 – $100 = $300 = 3

$100 $100

Buy New Drill for $100 Assumption: If Frank buys a new drill he will reduce the time necessary to complete the kitchen remodel he is working on by 6 hours at an hourly cost saving of $50/hour.

Gain from Investment = (6 hours x $50/hour) =$300

Cost of Investment = $100

ROI on Purchase of New Drill = $300 – $100 = $200 = 2

$100 $100

ROI on New Saw is 3 and ROI on New Drill is 2. Since ROI on New Saw is greater than ROI of New Drill, Frank Decides to buy the new saw. Way to go Frankie you bean counter contractor! Note: If your ROI is a negative number don’t be bonehead and make the investment!

The Company Marketing Manager probably thinks ROI means the following: In order for the company to make sales the company must first build relationships with prospective clients, these relationship in turn allow the company to open doors for the sales team which in turn influences the potential client to become a paying customer.

Relationships, Opening Doors and Influence takes time to build. Most businesses use a combination of old school marketing efforts (print ad – biz cards, flyers, catalogs, yellow page ads, mailings and newspaper advertisements) and many are now capitalizing on social media tools (websites, blogs, Facebook Business Pages, Tweeting, Yelp, Google Biz Profiles and many others) to adapt to the changing world.

With consumers spending more and more time on social media sites and using smart phones (phone that can access the internet) to search for local businesses it is necessary for almost all businesses to integrate social media in to their marketing efforts or face the grim outcome of getting run over by a competitor who uses social media.

Palo Alto City Attorney Donald Larkin Frustrated

Tony Ciampi keeps throwing and landing legal punches’, motions and city attorney Donald Larkin is becoming increasingly frustrated as the city of Palo Alto’s top attorney attempts to recover from repeated blows.

All from a man with no formal legal experience or educational background in fact, his office is his van and his vast legal library is powered by Google.

This is a story against all odds.   As reported in the Daily Post Wednesday , Dec 15th Mr. Larkin is reported as saying, “The problem we run into is that he’s looking for things that don’t exist .  He wants the smoking gun that shows that we did things we didn’t do.  He’ll never be satisfied”.

In reality, what Mr. larkin is strongly objecting to is Mr. Ciampi’s unorthodox approach to lawful discoveries.

Any forensic audio investigator worth his salt will go the distance to uncover any traces of video, voice and or data manipulation as alleged by Mr. Ciampi.

Let’s not forget too, this is David against Goliath.  The city of Palo Alto has unlimited resources at their disposal and the powerful backing of whatever outside counsel of its choosing.

Mr. Ciampi has his mobile sleeper office, his van which Jay Thorwaldon of the Weekly in an editorial, was pushing the city of Palo Alto to have removed from its streets.   Conspiracy?  The Weekly has always been pro-police and has one of it’s reporters sitting on the commission of the Palo Alto human relations committee.

That is to say Jay feels the homeless (non-conventionally housed) , disenfranchised; those who sleep in their cars are the blight of the city and should drive elsewhere.

It would not surprise me if Mr. larkin decides to claim Mr. Ciampi to be vexatious in the filing of his motions.  But, let’s not forget one very important aspect of Mr. Ciampi’s motions.

Consider this.  After being filed and reviewed by a judge for sound reasonableness, they have been stamped – Motion Granted.    For that matter, I don’t believe any of Mr. Ciampi’s motions have been denied.

Perhaps this is the real root cause of Mr. Larkin’s frustration.

I left a voice mail message with Mr. Larkin requesting further comment on the Daily Posts story.   However, they continue to deny, access (“Blacklist”) PaloAltoFreePress. com from any news media follow-up.