The City of Palo Alto’s Garvey Train

Unbelievable exorbitant pay and benefits which the City of Palo Alto pays its employees and SEIU union members. 517 employees being paid over $ 100,000 per year plus benefits and a guaranteed retirement is extortion. Its a gravey train off our backs.


No City employee is worth half what they are paid because the pay justification argument of comparing Cities to each other is irrational and flawed to start. When one ‘shake down enterprise,’ (Palo Alto) compares itself to a neighboring ‘shake down enterprise’ (ex. Mountain View, Menlo Park), the wages and benefits can only go up because No City employee, Council Member or SEIU negotiator has ever or would ever suggest that wages and benefits go down. Who votes against themselves? Comparing one incompetent and corrupt city with another, is a ridiculous justification. Also, the easiest way for Council Members to buy votes is to use Tax Payer money to essentially bribe City employees. Crooked.

Facts nothing but the facts

So let’s look at the facts. Cities are unionized. Yet City employees have no competition. Cities produce no products. City employees have no sales or production quotas to meet and no competing business threatening their jobs existence. City employees are rarely if ever fired, even when they are caught ripping the city off, as they did several years ago when Palo Alto employees were caught using City trucks, equipment and materials in their own ‘side’ construction business.

Or when the City gives away million dollar home loans to lure newly ‘anointed’ officials. God knows what goes on now. As a rule, City employment is secure, extremely well paid, low stress, with guaranteed retirement, generous medical, dental, sick days, personal days, vacation days. When do they have any time to work? The private job market does not provide anything close to such wild compensation, stability and perqs for workers like the 517 Palo Alto employees who are paid over $ 100,000 per year, plus benefits.

Fair wage?

Why not compare City employees to comparable workers in small businesses and private industry locally. The average income of all workers in Santa Clara County is about $ 58,000 and local Billionaires skew that number steeply higher. But still, are City employees worth 72 % more than average workers? No. If anything, City workers should be paid less than average workers because City employment is rock solid, low stress, with astronomical guaranteed benefits plus retirement.

If City employees really were 72 % better than private industry workers, there would be a mad rush to hire away these ‘gifted’ individuals by private industry. But there is no such ‘mad rush’ for city workers because everyone knows that City wages and benefits are propped up and extorted by the SEIU, unions, weak willed city negotiators and council members. I could be wrong but judging by the results, city employee pay, benefits, corruption and lack of accountability sure makes it look like the SEIU and City management are good candidates for a RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) prosecution.

Undeserved wages and benefits

City employees do not deserve the pay and benefits they are currently receiving and they should definitely not be given any increases at all. That’s how I see it. And I’m sure if more people knew about this scandal and waste and had the time to do something about it, there would be a mob with pitch forks and torches at City Hall. Lucky for you, most people with real jobs are too busy working and stressed out to pay attention to City corruption and mismanagement. Maybe they’ll hear about it next election….when City employees come back for more.