America Rebukes Obama and the Washington Establishment

With the election of Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton the People of America have sent an emphatic message to all other elected officials and those  no-clintonappointed by them and that message is; “We’re fed up with the way you are running America and you better do something different and better.”

How else can you explain that one of the two worst candidates out of an initial pool of 23 in this year’s election has become president?

All you need to know is 93% of the vote in the District of Columbia went to Hillary.

The District of Columbia is home to Washington Lifers and those who want to manipulate them.  Not surprisingly it is also one of the wealthiest areas in the nation.  Public servants and those who feed off them enriching themselves through implementing socialist programs at the expense of the middle class and everyone else.

trumpCoupling Trump’s win with both Houses of Congress going to the Republicans the nation has clearly conveyed that they have given Obama an “F” grade
for his presidency.