Trump Votes For Hillary

hillary-the-rapist-2Yes that’s right.  Regardless of how one dismisses Trump’s latest revelation of demeaning women in order to justify the ends, a Republican President, Trump can no longer win the election.

Perhaps that was the plan from the beginning, to prop up Trump because he was the only Republican Candidate Hillarydonald-and-bill Clinton could defeat.  If it was it worked to perfection.

Even if there were no conspiracy to sabotage the Republicans and regardless of what Trump says to his supporters, (He’s a salesman telling them what they want to hear), Trump’s actions clearly show that he wants Hillary to win the election for President of the United States instead of a Republican.

donald-and-hillaryIf Trump obstinately remains in the race than Hillary will win and he knows it and therefore wants Hillary to win.

Are they laughing at us?

If Trump wants to defeat Hillary he would step aside and allow Pence or someone else like Paul Ryan to challenge Hillary.  By refusing to step down Trump is declaring by his actions that he wants Hillary and the Democrats to win.

If you are a Republican and the last thing you want is Hillary to be President you can no longer justify supporting Trump’s Titanic.

To Vote For Trump Is To Vote For Hillary.

Senator John McCain has rebuked Trump and will no longer support his candidacy.  What is astounding is that rather than vote for the most viable small government candidate in the race, Libertarian Gary Johnson, whose on the ballot in all 50 states McCain will write in the name of someone who has absolutely no chance of winning and thereby give the White House to Hillary and Bill.  McCain wants Hillary to win more than he wants Trump to lose.

What is baffling is how evangelical Christians can support Hillary Clinton, who has their worst interest at heart, but cannot support Gary Johnson whose social policies on thepolls divisive abortion and gay marriage are the same as Clinton’s but who seeks greater freedom and prosperity in every other way than Clinton does.

If McCain is not capable of leaving the heard of lemmings following the pied-piper than no wonder the vast majority of Americans would rather stick to that which is not working expecting a different result.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  Albert Einstein
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