Kaepernick Defends Retired Marine From Donald Trump

Donald Trump publicly castigated San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick for Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the National Anthem and the American flag.

“I think it’s a terrible thing, and you know, maybe he, (Kenneth Chamberlain Sr.), should find a country that works better for him, let him try, it’s not gonna happen.”  Donald Trump  (parenthesis mine)

Mr. Trump, Kenneth Chamberlain Sr. a Marine Veteran will not chamberlainstand for the National Anthem or the U.S. Flag.  Should he leave America too?  Oh ya, that’s right he physically cannot do so because he was shot and killed by White Plains police officers and is lying  six feet under at a military cemetery.  And why did these officers, one of whom who was recorded using the “N-Word” just prior to Mr. Chamberlain being shot and killed?  They killed him because Mr. Chamberlain exercised his Constitutional Right to refuse medical attention.

Because of that White Plains police officers exerted themselves for an hour breaking down Mr. Chamberlain’s door all the while Mr. Chamberlain repeatedly and clearly informed them to go away; that he was physically and mentally fine.  But rather than leave as they were required to do according the law and the Constitution they broke into Mr. Chamberlain’s private residence under color of law and killed a man for defending his freedoms; a man who defended the very freedoms that the officers themselves enjoyed, including the right of privacy; of equal protection of law; and of free speech.

These officers committed breaking and entering, assault, battery, false imprisonment, excessive force and murder yet they were never charged with a crime by local or state prosecutors.  These White Plains police officers violated the Constitution that the officers swore and oath to protect, defend and uphold but the U.S. DOJ has refused to hold them accountable.

There are many radio tower, insulated critics denigrating Kaepernaick for not honoring the flag and the National Anthem which represent the Constitution and the freedoms and liberties that the Constitution is supposed to guarantee.

When the critics refer to the flag and the National Anthem they are actually referring to the U.S. Constitution for the flag and the National Anthem are nothing more than representations of the Constitution and the guarantees contained therein, thus anything asserted to about the flag and the National Anthem is an assertion about the Constitution.

The critics claim that the flag represents veterans who have put their lives on the line; who have died for the flag and that which the flag also represents, the Constitution, the liberties bestowed upon American citizens.  If veterans represent the flag and the flag represents the Constitution and the freedoms guaranteed to American citizens than Mr. Chamberlain is a representation of the flag.

Since the National Anthem and the flag are just representations of the freedoms of America  and the sacrifices that people have made to guarantee those freedoms; what is the more egregious offense to those freedoms; to those patriots; to the flag: sitting down during the National Anthem to bring attention to the fact that the Constitution is not living up to its word or saying nothing as the government covers up its murder of one of its own citizens who represents the very same Constitutional rights and freedoms that the flag does?

When those White Plains, NY police officers murdered Kenneth Chamberlain under Color of Law they did not just sit down when the Constitution was being honored for what it claims to be; those officers murdered the Constitution for Kenneth Chamberlain is the Constitution in living form, just as all citizens are.

I find these critics’ outrage toward Kaepernick hypocritical and disingenuous, they and the media give front page attention to Kaepernick for sitting down during the playing of the National Anthem yet  I heard not one word from these same people over how the justice system has covered up the murder of Kenneth Chamberlain.  Where was their outrage over the Unconstitutional, state condoned, execution of Kenneth Chamberlain?

These critics assert with their words that the flag is sacred yet their actions, or the lack there of, reveal that they don’t believe in that which they preach.  They arbitrarily decide when they are going to defend the Constitution based upon their personal bias just as the justice system does rendering the Constitution to inferior status; to a mere tool to be used to at the dictates of personal bias and prejudice.

They claim the flag is sacred, is Mr. Chamberlain’s life not sacred?    Why is the flag sacred; is it not because it recognizes the sacredness of human life and the liberty of human life?  If the flag did not uphold the sacredness of human life and the liberty of human life the so called “unalienable rights” would it still be sacred?

These critics put more value in a flag and a song than they do the human life whose value and sacredness imbue the flag and song with value and sacredness and without would render both meaningless.

Well did Jesus say: “Woe to you, blind guides! You say, ‘If anyone swears by the temple, it means nothing; but anyone who swears by the gold of the temple is bound by that oath.’ You blind fools! Which is greater: the gold, or the temple that makes the gold sacred?” 

For the Constitution, the flag, to be what it claims to be it must first and foremost be applied equally to all.  If the Constitution is not applied equally to all than it does not exist at all, for it no longer is that what it claims to be.

The evidence is overwhelming that the Constitution is not applied equally to all and therefore is not what it claims to be.  Kaepernick is revealing to his critics that they honor a flag that does not represent that which they claim it represents.  Rather than acknowledge this truth they brow beat him with their ire generated from living in an insulated world protected from the realities of which those without such protection are subjected to on a daily basis.

The Use of Force / Two heavy users of force end group’s night out on the town

“Brooke Duthie said he has completely rethought his view of police.”  “Being a white man who doesn’t live in the inner city,” he said, “you hear stories of injustice done to minorities and about people picked on by police, but I never understood it until after that night.”

Sean Connolly, a deputy city attorney who handled the case, pointed to another factor affecting the March 2003 settlement. “Most plaintiffs who sue the cops come out of a world that usually deals with cops,” Connolly said. “These were good-looking, middle-class folk, articulate. Two of them were models.”  “You always have to assess the credibility of the witnesses and how a jury will see their testimony,” Connolly said. “This was not a run-of-the-mill case.”

Hillary Clinton has said: “We have systemic racism that is really at work inside of the criminal justice system. And, we have got to be willing…To stand up – and question these inequities, and then go about the business of ridding them.” 

“…the states have proven themselves incapable of carrying out fair trials;…that give the defendant all the rights that the defendant should have…”  Hillary Clinton

Hillary’s husband Bill had eight years to remedy these problems and did not; President Obama, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch have had eight years to fix the justice system and have not.  Hillary Clinton is not going to fix the justice system and she couldn’t even if she wanted to.

Cops Beat Man Bloody Then Arrest Him For Bleeding On Them

Police arrest and beat wrong man; destroy video and federal judge says perjury and injuries too minor to rise to constitutional violation.

Rosa Parks refused to stand up for the Constitutionally supported law of her day and she was vilified for doing so.  When marching in protest is not enough, when calling on elected officials who pay lip service is not enough, when seeking a redress in federal court has no affect the only place left is the silent majority who are resistant to have their comfortable lives invaded by the oppression of others.

“The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.”  Martin Luther King, Jr.

Those who have criticized Kaepernick not for his message or motivation but for the method Kaepernick used to deliver the message to them just prior to playing a game; for interrupting their party and for rocking their sphere of comfort are completely ignorant to what the Frist Amendment of free speech means and guarantees.  It does not mean that you can say whatever you want so long as you say it somewhere else, where I don’t have to hear you.  The First Amendment guarantees the right to say what you want where you want so long what you say does not incite violence.  The First Amendment guarantees the right to say to others what they don’t want to hear and for that to happen the hearers need to be in ear shot.

When the critics of Kaepernick state that he should not be using the venue of the National Anthem and a stadium full of people to make his statement they are disagreeing with the First Amendment and are opposing the Constitution, they are opposing the flag and the National Anthem which they claim to honor.

If Kaepernick’s critics demonstrated just as much public outrage as to why the government whitewashed the murder of Kenneth Chamberlain by police officers as they have about Kaepernick sitting down during the National Anthem then the government could no longer sweep under the rug the thousands of Constitutional violations committed every day.

The University of Michigan’s National Registry of Exonerations has documented 1,874 people convicted of crimes they have not committed.

A study completed by Professor Marvin Zalman concluded that 5,000 to 10,000 people a year are wrongfully convicted each year.

If a prosecutor does not want to convict an innocent person of crime is it possible for him/her to do so?   Remember to convict someone of a crime a prosecutor needs enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt.  It is obvious that the justice system relies on evidence that produces wrong convictions the same way that it uses evidence to exonerate guilty cops.

“For anyone who has practiced criminal law in the state or Federal courts, the disclosures about rampant police perjury cannot possibly come as a surprise. “Testilying” — as the police call it — has long been an open secret among prosecutors, defense lawyers and judges.”  “Without the complicity of judges, police perjury would be reduced considerably. Officers know that in many courtrooms they can get away with the most blatant perjury without judicial rebuke or prosecution.”  Alan M. Dershowitz

Kaepernick is speaking up for Mr. Chamberlain and those like Chamberlain who cannot speak for themselves for their 1st Amendments Right to free speech has been permanently stolen from them not by some other private citizens but by the government that is supposed to guarantee that freedom.

People debate back and forth whether or not Mr. Chamberlain was attacking the officers when he was shot, the evidence is coming out that he was not, but that is beside the point.  Mr. Chamberlain was never the aggressor, the police officers were.  The White Plains police officers laid siege to Mr. Chamberlain’s private property for an hour before they killed him, if any other citizens in America did what these officers did they would have been prosecuted and convicted of murder.  Mr. Chamberlain was exercising his Constitutional right to defend his life and his property and his free speech.

If these White Plains officers had done to Donald Trump or great americaMichael Jordan what they did to Mr. Chamberlain both Trump’s and Jordan’s children would ensure that the government would swiftly send the culpable officers to prison.  And it is this revelation that points to the solution.  If officers would simply enforce the law on everyone the same way they would enforce it upon Trump or Jordan the problem of bias policing, of selective enforcement and abuse would dramatically decrease.

(Police Beat Father to Death in Front of His Wife and Daughter, Steal Daughter’s Camera Afterwards)

Kaepernick’s stance most likely cost him of what remained of his NFL career.  If not, perhaps he could work with Drew Brees and others to set some goals in establishing the fundamental tenets of the flag/Constitution to the least powerful citizens of the nation.  Perhaps both could provide public attention to the Innocent Project and raise awareness about those who are unconstitutionally and wrongly convicted.

Kaepernick created a national commotion for being silent at time when everyone else expected him to speak up yet everyone else remains silent for very same reason they want Kaepernick to speak up.

The other day I heard a radio host criticize Kaepernick for his stance throwing out the challenge of just naming one person who was murdered by the police and not held accountable.  To that I say:   Kenneth Chamberlain Sr.

Kenneth Chamberlain Sr.









National Anthem


















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