The 21st Century Electric Bike

The 21st century electric bike isn’t a bike, it’s a wheel.wheel 2
Imagine changing your pedal powered bike into an electric bike in 60 seconds; an electric bike with enough power to propel you to 20mph in 6 seconds over a distance of 20 miles using the battery alone and up to 50 miles with pedal assistance.  It’s as easy as swapping out your front wheel with the GeoOrbital wheel.  That’ it.

The people at GeoOrbital have created a hub-less, orbital wheel that houses the entire power supply within the wheel.  Well hub-less isnt’ entirely accurate, there is no center hub as the middle of the wheel houses the 36V Lithium-Ion battery which powers a 500W Brushless DC motor.  The motor is attached to a roller at the end of an arm that presses up against the underside of the rim at the tire.  This roller pushes the tire forward.  Two more arms extend from the midpoint of the wheel to two rollers that provide stability.  The tire is solid foam which performs like an air inflated tire yet eliminates the hassles of flats.

wheel 3No doubt about it the GeoOrbital is a game changer when it comes to electrified transportation.  Given the popularity of electric bikes, scooters and skateboards around Palo Alto we will soon see the electrified wheel zooming up and down our streets.

The company is taking orders as a part of its Kickstarter campaign; place your order today to electrify your bike by Nov. 2016.

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