Measure A – Hole – Palo Alto Unified School District Swindle and Waste

No surprise, Our schools, the sinkholes of useless ideas, methods and money, need even more money.  A previous tax that was approved by voters under the name Measure A in May of 2010   is set to expire on July 1, 2016. That measure boosted the parcel tax  from $493 to $589 per year. Since then, annual 2 percent increases included in the measure lifted the tax even higher to $638.Now, if approved, Measure A authorizes the district to replace its expiring parcel tax with a new even  ‘higher’ tax of $758 per parcel per year.   The previous parcel tax rate generated about $12.4 million per year – 7 percent of the school district’s operating budget. District officials estimated that boosting the tax with this measure would provide about $2.3 million more on top of the $ 12.4 million already wasted every year.

As Government costs and taxes rise continuously in California and Silicon Valley, most people are too busy earning a living – to investigate and monitor government and quasi-government shenanigans like School Districts that always need more money for the latest fads and buzzword projects that produce ever worse results while always increasing the pay of Deans, Assistant Deans, Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Principals, Assistant Principals,  and other officials and staff who are nearly impossible to ‘fire’ regardless of the waste.

Schools only know how to cry ‘wolf.’