“¡Hasta la victoria siempre!” Cuba: An enchanted land to be revealed

Would you like a cohiba cigarOn a recent trip to Havana I encounter this wonderful and delightful inhabitant.  Of all the country’s I have traveled in the world, I found Cuba by far too be one of the safest.

My favorite restauranta – Gringo Viejo Calle 21 No. 454 e/ E yF Vedado C. Habana, Cuba  – Tel: 831-1946.  This experience was like stepping through a portal in time……And the food –  an epicurean’s delight.

Travel to Cuba as most of you know has been taboo for most US citizens.  So in reality, the decision to go would be an act of civil disobedience.

It was back in 2011 when I presented the question to then Palo Alto Mayor Pat Bert on extending a hand in friendship to Cuba and perhaps becoming the second US city too become a sister city with Habana.  Mobile Alabama being the first.  He said no, it would become to controversial.

Tourism is a billion dollar industry and a missed friendship opportunity for Palo Alto. Think about it. Were friends with China, Vietnam and countries of the former Soviet Union.

At some point in time, the political biases of narrowed thinking politicians will hopefully change. That moment may have finally arrived…..

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  1. In 1980 the government of Cuba, In a deliberate well-planned and malicious way, Taking advantage of the noble and good intentions of the ExPresident Jimmy Carter to allow residents of Cuba, Which have Relative residents in the US, Travel to US and reunited with their fellow family, Then is in this moment that the government of Cuba, Government similar to the government of Venezuela, Show his dark real side and empty the prisons of Cuba sending thousands and thousands of criminal to the street of United States. As result, Many people of the US Lost their life in the hands of those criminal, “Courtesy of Government of Cuba”, That in one of the most evil act, sent to the United States by Harbor of Mariel. Those who lost their life, by the way, Were innocent people who were not declare enemy of the Government of Cuban,
    All those criminals didn’t come here because families claim for them or for coincidence but for a very meditative and evil plan by the Cuban government.
    That is not a secret that I have, the majority of the people in Cuba and in the government of the United States knows very well that.
    For my understanding is it was an act of genocide not against the government of the United States but against the innocent people of this great country.

    “This is history, This is the fact.”
    “The Government of Chile, Preside by Augusto Pinochet was not an enemy of the United States, Cuba was, Cuba is”
    “Augusto Pinochet would never commit such an evil act against the United States, The government of Cuba did.

    Juan Vasquez

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