Palo Alto City employees so valuable that they deserve 4.5 % rises?

Are 211 Palo Alto City employees so valuable that they deserve 4.5 % rises.  No.

The City Council is spineless and afraid to upset the Public Employee Unions and thus risk losing votes and union money for re-election.

So the pay and benefits  always go up. Also the method of deciding if  ‘raises’ are necessary is wrong.  Currently the City compares its pay scale to that of neighboring cities.  Who cares what other cities are paying?

Public Serpents or Public Servants?

If our employees want to leave for work in Mt View or Menlo Park or anywhere, let them try.  Those jobs are already filled.   And if Palo Alto employees do quit.  Good.  Maybe they’ll try to find work in private business and then discover how  little they are really worth.

The Internet job boards are full of qualified, engineers, accountants, finance, and management people who would replace City fat cats for half the pay and no benefits.  Private sector workers are paid less money and few benefits but  are actually accustomed to producing profitable results on time and on budget.

Our current highly paid Public Serpents routinely harass individual property owners with arcane building requirements and failed to rebuild our own libraries and their own City Hall Palace on time or on budget.  City Hall employees need to be fired not rewarded.