Way to many laws

There are too many laws today. Eric Garner was killed by NYC police for selling one cigarette.   This crime of ‘tax evasion’ was prompted by the high Tax Laws passed by NY legislators.

Police are armed to enforce the law.  Break the law and if you resist arrest, the cops may kill you.  It’s their job.

Never support a law unless you are willing to kill for it, because sometimes, that’s exactly what happens.

Legal scholar Douglas Husak, in his excellent 2009 book “Overcriminalization: The Limits of the Criminal Law,” points out that federal law alone includes more than 3,000 crimes, fewer than half of which are found in the Federal Criminal Code. The rest are scattered through other statutes.

A citizen who wants to abide by the law has no quick and easy way to find out what the law actually is — a violation of the traditional principle that the state cannot punish without fair notice.

In addition to these statutes, he writes, an astonishing 300,000 or more federal regulations may be enforceable through criminal punishment in the discretion of an administrative agency. Nobody knows the number for sure.

Husak cites estimates that more than 70 percent of American adults have committed a crime that could lead to imprisonment.

We are moving toward “a world in which the law on the books makes everyone a felon.”  Example:  More than half of young people today download music illegally from the Internet. That’s been a federal crime for 20 years. These kids, in theory, could all go to prison.

In Silicon Vally, County Supervisor Joe Simitian often uses the catchphrase, ‘there ought to be a law.’   Call or write to him and he’ll do what he can to make someone a criminal.

People have a hard time obeying the Ten Commandments.   Thou shalt not murder.  Thou shalt not steal.  Why would  300,000 more laws be any better ?  Instead of more laws, maybe we need wise Judges and honest lawyers.