I am a U.S. citizen, but I don’t count!

Being an American citizen and paying taxes all my life, fulfilling my role in this freedom loving country and attaining a better education than most, I don’t count. I don’t count because Obama made this perfectly clear last week in his immigration speech to the nation.

Our president has now made it official, the illegal immigrants are given VIP status, elevating them to receive more government benefits than I could ever hope to receive.. We might as well roll out a bright red carpet at the border and provide illegal’s with limo service, champagne and several thousand dollars spending cash.

Trust Betrayed

I realized that my government was dysfunctional, but never thought it was this bad off! While there are 92 million unemployed and probably 8 million of these citizens experiencing homelessness, loss of dignity, despair, oppression and possibly severe health problems due to living outdoors, our government has transported over 63,000 illegal “children” to military bases and cities to be cared for at taxpayer expense.

The cost for this is $242.00 per day per child, which totals $15,246,000.00 per day which either is being borrowed, or ciphered from other programs. The funds have to come from someplace, right? I multiplied this figure by 365 ( one year) and it comes to a whopping $5,564,790,000.00 !!!!!

That is 5 Billion five hundred sixty four, seven hundred and ninety thousand dollars to care for these ILLEGALS while I still see homeless people, even families living in vans parked under the overpass.

What I have explained here is just the economic impact, there are many other impacts to this “humanitarian” gesture by our President. Obama has single handedly created the worst social hostility that I have seen in my lifetime.

Many of my longtime friends are ready to join up in some civil revolt. Some have lost their jobs, had their house foreclosed, had a car repossessed and even told they don’t qualify for social assistance.

When government no longer represents the people, government has to go! Our government is now practicing racial favoritism, by providing benefits to one race , or class of people, at the expense of all others. What happened to equality?

Obama has urinated on Martin Luther King’s grave, while waving the Mexican flag, because he owes political favors to some wealthy Mexican businessman!

Our government no longer represents legal citizens

What Obama has done is infuriated 100% of the middle class, and turned his back on the Blacks , Asians and Whites, many of whom voted for him. While many shout “impeach him” we are ALL being robbed to continue the VIP treatment of these ILLEGALS.

Obama mentioned the number 5 million, during his speech. There are more that 5 million illegal’s just in the State of California. I know several people that immigrated LEGALLY and this is what they went through:

If you waited 20 years to come to America, then have to have health check up, fingerprinting, pay application fees for each family member, pay customs fee,  get a background check , purchase plane tickets, port of entry fee, fill out numerous forms, wait 6 months for your green card, etc, just to get to this country.

Then, you see our president “giving” amnesty to 5 million ILLEGALS who just walked across the border? My friend waited 20 years to get here and did experience the above scenario.

He and his wife now work at a care home for less than minimum wage, although he has a college education. The employers would rather hire an illegal, because an illegal will never complain  about bad working conditions. Are you readers getting the point?

We do need change in our country , but NOT the kind of change that Obama envisions!