I am a U.S. citizen, but I don’t count!

Being an American citizen and paying taxes all my life, fulfilling my role in this freedom loving country and attaining a better education than most, I don’t count. I don’t count because Obama made this perfectly clear last week in his immigration speech to the nation.

Our president has now made it official, the illegal immigrants are given VIP status, elevating them to receive more government benefits than I could ever hope to receive.. We might as well roll out a bright red carpet at the border and provide illegal’s with limo service, champagne and several thousand dollars spending cash.

Trust Betrayed

I realized that my government was dysfunctional, but never thought it was this bad off! While there are 92 million unemployed and probably 8 million of these citizens experiencing homelessness, loss of dignity, despair, oppression and possibly severe health problems due to living outdoors, our government has transported over 63,000 illegal “children” to military bases and cities to be cared for at taxpayer expense.

The cost for this is $242.00 per day per child, which totals $15,246,000.00 per day which either is being borrowed, or ciphered from other programs. The funds have to come from someplace, right? I multiplied this figure by 365 ( one year) and it comes to a whopping $5,564,790,000.00 !!!!!

That is 5 Billion five hundred sixty four, seven hundred and ninety thousand dollars to care for these ILLEGALS while I still see homeless people, even families living in vans parked under the overpass.

What I have explained here is just the economic impact, there are many other impacts to this “humanitarian” gesture by our President. Obama has single handedly created the worst social hostility that I have seen in my lifetime.

Many of my longtime friends are ready to join up in some civil revolt. Some have lost their jobs, had their house foreclosed, had a car repossessed and even told they don’t qualify for social assistance.

When government no longer represents the people, government has to go! Our government is now practicing racial favoritism, by providing benefits to one race , or class of people, at the expense of all others. What happened to equality?

Obama has urinated on Martin Luther King’s grave, while waving the Mexican flag, because he owes political favors to some wealthy Mexican businessman!

Our government no longer represents legal citizens

What Obama has done is infuriated 100% of the middle class, and turned his back on the Blacks , Asians and Whites, many of whom voted for him. While many shout “impeach him” we are ALL being robbed to continue the VIP treatment of these ILLEGALS.

Obama mentioned the number 5 million, during his speech. There are more that 5 million illegal’s just in the State of California. I know several people that immigrated LEGALLY and this is what they went through:

If you waited 20 years to come to America, then have to have health check up, fingerprinting, pay application fees for each family member, pay customs fee,  get a background check , purchase plane tickets, port of entry fee, fill out numerous forms, wait 6 months for your green card, etc, just to get to this country.

Then, you see our president “giving” amnesty to 5 million ILLEGALS who just walked across the border? My friend waited 20 years to get here and did experience the above scenario.

He and his wife now work at a care home for less than minimum wage, although he has a college education. The employers would rather hire an illegal, because an illegal will never complain  about bad working conditions. Are you readers getting the point?

We do need change in our country , but NOT the kind of change that Obama envisions!


CHP vs PAPD city attorney says officers stealing and texting explicit photos are “quite different in scope”

An unnamed Palo Alto police detective won’t face charges for texting a picture of a “scantily clad” female burglary suspect who was in his custody, unlike a CHP officer in Contra Costa County, who faces two felonies and lost his job for doing the same thing.

Sean Harrington, a former CHP officer who worked in Martinez, is accused of stealing nude photos from the cellphone of a female DUI suspect and sending them to other officers.

Harrington, 35, pleaded innocent Nov. 14 to charges of stealing sexually explicit photos from the cellphone of a female suspect and copying the photos to send out to others.

The Palo Alto cop sent the picture from the female suspects own cell phone to his supervisor, but city Attorney Molly Stump said the incidents are different.

Stump said that while the CHP officers case may have “some parallels superficially” in the Palo Alto case, “they are actually quite different in scope,” due to the fact that there was only one photo texted by the Palo Alto police officer. She also said the context of the two cases is different.

A spokeswoman for the Sana’a Clara County District Attorney’s office declined to comment on the Palo Alto case, referring all questions to police.

The Palo Alto case came to light on Tuesday when the city released a report by its independent police auditors, who critiques police disciplinary cases and sends his findings to City Council twice a year. The auditors report doesn’t include the names of the officers who were disciplined or the names of the suspects arrested by police.

Auditor Mike Gennaco said in his report that the Palo Alto detective who texted the photo was disciplined internally, but he wouldn’t say what kind of punishment he received.

Gennaco said the detective texted the photo to a supervisor for “no legitimate law enforcement reason” and the supervisor took more than two weeks to report it.

“It was bad judgment and he [the detective] was held accountable,” said Gennaco who, with Stephen Connolly of the Pasadena-based OIR Group, serve as the independent police auditors.

Since the photo involved was distributed internally to another detective, the case was not seen as serious, but had it been shown to the public, the damage would have been greater and so could the penalty given the detective, Gennaco said.

When the woman received her phone back and the detective asked her to provide information about the person who had received stolen property from her, she noticed the text had been sent and complained to the detective not involved in the investigation, the auditors said.

‘Poor Judgment’

The Police Department’s investigation “concluded that there was no legitimate law enforcement reason for the detective ‘texting’ the photograph in the way and manner that he did “and it could have” left someone with the impression that it was sent as a joke,” the auditors said.

The department determined that the detective “exercised poor judgment” in sending the photo. It “was unbecoming for the officer and disrespectful to the arrestee” and “reflected unfavorably” on the department, the auditors said.

Gennaco and Connolly stated that police also concluded the detective had violated its policies and “and held him accountable for the transgression.”

The auditors themselves describe the department’s investigation as “thorough” and agreed with it’s disciplining the detective, but added that the supervisor should have  informed police command immediately upon the texting so that an investigation could have started right away.

The sergeant who learned of the photo should not have had the supervisor delete it before preserving it as evidence, even though the sergeant’s “intentions were good” in wanting to prevent it from being circulated, they said.

They further criticized detectives for “laxity of vigilance” for not watching the suspect closely after giving her the phone back to help them find a picture of her accomplice and then permitting her to scroll through the phone and possibly erase photos of evidentiary value.

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Wheel’s fall off car camping ban in Palo Alto

Palo Alto’s car camping ban was struck down after some City Council members agreed it could provoke lawsuits after a similar ban in Los Angeles was deemed unconstitutional.

The 7-1 vote to get rid of the ban, with Councilwoman Karen Holman absent and Councilman Larry Klein voting no, came Monday night after city Attorney Molly stump warned the council that current law could expose the city to lawsuits.

Pro and con

A handful of car camping ban opponents showed up to speak, although Councilwoman Liz Kniss said she got 50 emails from people who wanted to keep the ban. “Many of you who see this the same way have come forward but many others have stayed home tonight, “she said.

The City Council passed the ban in 2013, but the city decided to put the ban on hold in December when it learned of a case that was brought challenging the ban in Los Angeles.

Court case

In June, the Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Los Angeles ban, which prohibited the use of cars “as living quarters,” was unconstitutional because it was too difficult for people to know when they were breaking the law.

“The legal landscapes have changed dramatically, “Councilman Marc Berman said. “This is the right thing to do and the compassionate thing to do.”

Councilman Klein had different views. “I think this is a mistake for a variety of reasons, “he said. “There is no final determination as to whether this is unconstitutional,” he said.

He added that ditching the ban will make Palo Alto a magnet for car campers, since virtually all neighboring cities have some kind of law that bans car camping.

Cubberley ban

Another ban on car camping remains in effect in Palo Alto – a law prohibiting people from sleeping in their cars while parked overnight Cubberley Community Center 4000 Middlefield Road.

The ban was passed because of the concern that Cubberley had become a “de facto homeless shelter,” in the words of City Manager Jim Keene. The city also shut down the public showers the homeless had been using at Cubberley

Cheyenne Desertrain vs. City of Los Angeles

Opinion United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit

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