“There’s no money in journalism unless it’s ‘urinalism’”

We are floating in a sea of gibberish. If there is any useful or revolutionary news out there, it’s lost in the cornucopia of idiocy and entertainment that high tech has enabled. Sitting in Pete’s Coffee on Sunday, one of my customers recognized me and sat down to gab. We tried to find something in common to talk about but gave up the struggle after 5 minutes.

Algorithm servers do the reading

Thanks to Akami, Facebook and Google, Ello and all the other ‘data miners’ we have been so segmented and masturbated with useless online games, eye candy, and messages from people we don’t know that we are each becoming a unique freak. Our communications tailored to what some algorithm ‘server’ thinks we’ll watch or read. Who reads?

In 1965, there were 3 television stations and maybe 4 radio stations that tuned us all in to real news instead of ‘who’s the daddy, who knocked up who, and who wants to knock up who.’ Have you noticed what’s happened to Time magazine in the supermarket? It’s become a porno pamphlet, another ‘People knock off’ with a couple tweet-like articles skimming the issues of the day. Newsweek is gone. Today Magazine writers look up to Starbuck’s Managers as if they were tycoons.

There’s no money in journalism unless it’s ‘urinalism’ which is what most magazines on the rack now provide. Waiting in line at the Checkout you have to shield your kid’s eyes from all the porno…. Princess Diana was banging a muslim….she had to go. Teddy Kennedy is not dead…he’s now a 400 lb Monk addicted to Viagra. Movie Stars snort Viagra! Daddy what’s Viagra?

Personal niche junk

The New York Times manages to knock out a paper everyday with about 1/3 the staff they had ten years ago. Most of their information is satanic anyway and you have to read the bible just to get the opposing point of view but still, in ten years the ‘InterNetization’ of media has driven all communication to the titty Tweet level, fast, superficial, occasionally provocative but mostly personal niche junk. As a result, few of us have much in common to talk about. Our numerous internet and TV channels are so many that we’re lucky if two people in town have read or seen the same thing all week.

Whoever is running things has nothing to worry about because no one is watching the store. The ‘medium’ is a metaphor. Attention spans are shrinking, just like the length of media messages. Few people can pay attention. It’s much harder to pay attention than to click a Tube. A cute poodle pooped outside Pete’s and that’s more fascinating than anything in the San Jose Mercury News.

And no one goes to jail

The news coverage of the payoffs, ripoffs and waste is lightweight. I recently read that City of San Jose employees actually have ‘City Credit Cards’ and they’ve blown through $ 41 million bucks of dinners, booze, toys, entertainment and rental cars for themselves and friends. And nobody’s talking about it. Nobody seems to care. At least it’s only Millions and not Billions like the Bankster ripoffs. If you want your kid to have a great career, get them into a City, County, State or Federal job. They can’t be ‘fired.’ There’s no competition.

They don’t have to do anything. And if they steal and get caught, they can claim it’s stress related due to their ‘public service’ and that they could be doing so much better in business if not for their sacrifice for ‘the people and fighting for the children.’

There’s no shame at the top either. Even when BankAmerica banksters, politicians and Monsanto business creeps get caught enabling murder, stealing this, poisoning that, no one goes to jail. JP Morgan admits to laundering Hundreds of Billions of Dollars (Billions with a B) and they pay a Fine. No one goes to jail.

No matter where you look in government these days when someone gets caught, they claim an addiction, a psychological problem (now in treatment), or stress, confusion, they didn’t know it was wrong. Then they attack the reporter, attack the system, attack, deny, assign blame elsewhere and vow to clean up the mess. Victory Fight for the children again, and if it gets close to jail time, they take a ‘leave with pay’ to spend more time with the family, but I digress.

Secret deals to Billionaire

Even locally, here in Palo Alto, the City Council makes secret deals to let a Billionaire developer build a half million square foot office park where there are already impossible traffic jams every day. My friend at Pete’s Coffee never heard about it. It’s a mile from his house and he doesn’t know. Maybe no one is supposed to know. That’s why the meetings were secret. The only reason I know is because I have the time to read the Daily Post which actually does dig up some dirt once in a while. But to most people this is not as interesting as Movie Stars sniffing Viagra.

Too Big To Fail…….Too Big To Jail. TV crime shows focus on ‘security camera video’ that shows a guy robbing a 7-11 of Three Dollars, like that’s a big deal. Meanwhile, the money in your wallet buys 6% less than it did last year. Don’t hear much about that.

The miracle of Silicon Valley is that all this instant communication and data seems to just conceal the real ‘News’ that affects the quality of our lives and country. We are lost in a sea of unverified ‘infotainment’ and ‘spin’ that capitalizes on our fleeting interests, searches and whims. So what is the ‘news of the day?’ As the saying goes, ‘it’s just an internet thing. It’s not real.’