Election: The Tyranny of Experts

Elections are coming. Will anything change? No. Why?  Because in this age of specialists and professionals, the common voter, and common sense are ignored in favor of the ‘professionals,’ whether they be lifetime philandering politicians, crooked bankers or government backed ‘green industrialists.’

It seems to be a ‘rule’ today that only an expert or someone who has spent years hacking a disastrous path can be qualified to lead or suggest solutions.  The average voter subsists only in the shadow of these ‘experts and media darlings’ and the experts and incumbent ideas receive all the television time.  Compared to the complex emotional issues of the day, Common sense seems to be too simple and cold.

Easily manipulated

I believe that people would like to enjoy the right to be ‘left alone,’  but our power hungry parasites (politicians) have discovered that the herd can be easily manipulated by emotional issues.  And it doesn’t matter whether we actually solve any of these issues so long as they can be used to win elections, gain power and distribute favors.

Society is so complex that maybe it’s inevitable that there’s always some ‘well meaning’ professional or authorized group/agency  fighting for the children, pulling shenanigans such as the wildly overpaid  Mid Peninsula Open Space District, or the overbearing community crushing ABAG – Association of Bay Area Governments, all paying themselves very well while ‘fighting …….. always fighting.’   And even those who fail or cause catastrophes, (the Banksters and incumbent Senators) still get the recognition, attention and TV time to run their next campaign or scam.

Congressmen, senators, state assemblymen, or city council, the incumbents win 95 % of the time. Why is this?  Could it be that we are all so overwhelmed and intimidated by the complexity of the high tech world that we actually feel safer with known losers?     Is it just ‘name recognition?’   Do we have so much crap to distract us that we just don’t give a hoot?

Ideas slide down the sewer pipe of congress

Maybe it’s our system of horrifying lawsuits and liability.  So we defer our responsibility to the experts for data, ideas, and solutions.   These experts, professors, researchers, often work in think-tanks and universities and their ideas don’t have to actually work there, they just have to be exciting, different and challenging enough to impress their fellow egg heads and dreamers.  Eventually these odd shaped ideas slide down the sewer pipe of congress and become the policies and laws of the land.  They don’t have to work, they just need to energize voters and defeat opponents.

And so I predict that nothing will change in this next election.  The law of physics – that objects in motion tend to stay in the direction of their motion.’ will prevail.   And it does not matter that outside of Silicon Valley and Washington D.C., the rest of the country is limping along ignored and glossed over by a sheen of continuously manipulated Government statistics.

Thanks to the Tech Bubble,  right now, the San Francisco Bay Area (Silicon Valley) is able to float over any law, limit, tax, program or agency whether green, solar, carbon, diverse, income flattening, racial equalizing, or flea saving, that feels good to talk about.   JFK said, ‘a rising tide lifts all boats.’ But here in California, there’s just one big, hot yacht ……….Silicon Valley.  And no one has figured out how to choke that goose yet.  But you can bet some ‘professional’ is working on it.

2 Replies to “Election: The Tyranny of Experts”

  1. Is the San Jose Mercury editorial board a bunch of people engineering popular consent that voting is good and non voting is bad? Where’s the line between objectiviity and propaganda? The story about Colin Kapernick not voting brings me to this conclusion. Nobody has to vote. Nobody ever has to vote but voters will lay guilt trips on non voters. Why is that? Is it a political agenda to manipulate the masses? Is voting the most dillusional system that goes back to democritus? This is America and you don’t have to do nothing for nobody but YOU. You have a right to vote and not vote. Here’s an illustration of how telling people they have to vote sounds like. Everybody has to register to drive a tractor, everybody has to be able to drive a tractor and those that don’t drive tractors are forgoing their rights as Americans to drive Trump Tractors into office. That’s stupid. I’m a non voter because I don’t trust the system of voting. There’s nothing wrong with that. If Colin Kapernick doesn’t want to vote than let him be. I saw a poll that said 46.9% of Americans did not vote in 2016 presidential election. That’s close to half the population that might be smarter than the voters. Even if it is rigged 46.9% is a big rigged gig. That 46.9% of the population that didn’t vote was implying that we should leave the presidency vacant till the next election in 2020. Doesn’t America have the guts to try something diffrent like autonomy? If the buck stops at the president than where did it start. Are voters saying, hey the buck starts here and I’ll vote and protest about my vote because I don’t like Donald Trump. What kind of weed are they smoking? America is great because you don’t have to vote, you don’t have do nothing for nobody and nobody has to do nothing for you.

    1. Well said! Many people beleive its unarerican not to vote. What they fail to realize through the rhetoric is that democracy give us that choice and freedom… Jehovhs Witness don’t vote but they have single handily given us through many supreme court decisions our fundimental right not to vote based on the 1st amendment. No doubt critics would argue this too is equally unamerican.

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