$ 3,700,000,000 is a BAD INVESTMENT!

The United States government is actually practicing racial and class discrimination by accepting and caring for 52,000 (so far) “undocumented” children from Central America, being smuggled through Mexico by paid smugglers. Our government is betraying us by accepting these children from Central America, because it was being done secretively until a Border patrol agent leaked the information to the press.

Protestors in 320 locations across the United States are telling Obama “stop this nonsense”. We, the middle class taxpayers do not want to support these “future corporate slaves” at our expense. Obama wants congress to approve 3.7 Billion dollars more to transport, feed and give medical care to these “refugees” as he calls them.

The government has spent over a billion dollars so far on the first wave of illegals entering through the Texas Rio Grand Border.

These “refugees” are being transported, fed, given medical checkups, and lodged at taxpayer expense. The mass exodus from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador was orchestrated by the Obama administration. This did not happen spontaneously.

Our Government is Totally Dysfunctional

I am very concerned about the economic and spiritual welfare of the United States, because we have leaders who are totally disconnected from the people. Our system of corporate sponsorship has corrupted politics and decisions are no longer made for the public good, but rather for the corporate wishes.

The government spending goes unchecked, economic recovery is un-seeable, the national debt mind blowing, while our military engages in unending conflicts, at the same time we let a hundred thousand illegals dance across our southern border each year.

All of this while still requiring the legal immigrants to fill out close to 27 forms, be fingerprinted, pay for medical check, TB test, criminal background check, get a sponsor who files affidavit of support forms, and then “wait your turn”. Add to this the fact that in every major city across America, homeless people sleep wherever they can find a spot, some in doorways, some in cars, some in shelters, some in parks.

Homelessness is not a Choice, but a survival tactic

Homelessness is not some great choice that is made for most un-housed people. The bad economy, global trade, and a changing tech savvy culture are the three things that have made American workers obsolete. Many jobs are being outsourced overseas. The government counted the homeless in 2012, and the numbers are mind boggling.

The government has also adopted the philosophy of letting “service providers” handle the homeless problem, thereby washing their hands of the responsibility. These providers are simply wolves in sheep’s clothing, giving out blankets when the temperature drops below freezing, while collecting millions in grant money to pay the administration fees.

The food that is fed to the homeless is donated or “recycled” food from large cafeterias or Universities, etc. Many homeless people live a “hopeless existence” and are now classified as “criminals” just for being impoverished. Cities are passing laws making it “illegal” to be living a homeless life, while rental prices have skyrocketed in most urban areas.

Our Government has Flawed Priority List

While Obama wants to spend 3.7 Billion more on these illegals, who are being “smuggled“ into our country, about 4.5 million homeless will go to sleep tonight outside, or in a vehicle, or under a bridge.

While the government transports thousands of illegal invaders around the country looking for some place to keep them safe and feed them, all of the nations homeless are being ignored as though they don’t exist. Most Churches are also ignoring this tragedy.

The United States prints “plenty of money” when it comes to caring for “political pawns” but has zero funds to support a privately managed working program to help the homeless get back on track, and begin the healing process for our injured country. Several successful programs already exist that are funded privately , operated by the homeless for the homeless.

Is Racism a Factor?

Some have used the term “racist” to describe anyone who speaks out against these illegals flooding into our country. In reality, the “racists” are those government higher ups who are giving Latinos a special status, while ignoring the real needs of the homeless who were born here, employed here, educated here, and “thrown away” here like some piece of garbage.

The very people calling us “racist” are living off of us, collecting welfare, food stamps, WIC, aid to dependant children, food vouchers for farmers market, free medical care and 117 other give away programs paid for by taxpayers. Who are the real “racists”?

Media Gives Flawed Portrayal of the Homeless

The media has done an excellent job of portraying a Homeless Person to be drunk, curled up on the sidewalk on a chilly night wearing a hoody, or a dark ski cap, and given up on life. I personally know 30 to 40 homeless people who do not even resemble this portrayal. The government is obligated to help the citizens here before spending a dime on strangers from another country. They are NOT fleeing some war zone, many of our cities here are more dangerous that El Salvador . Drug Gangs have taken over many parts of our cities. Gunfire is common in several populated areas, in South San Francisco.

U.S. Government has a bad record of failed program’s

Our Government has failed to assimilate the freed slaves after the civil war. Our government has failed to mend relations with the Native American tribes, and to my knowledge, never apologized to them for making a welfare state out of them, and murdering many of them. Our government denied Vietnam veterans proper medical care from the agent orange exposure, which caused permanent health problems.

Our government created the global economy that gave our jobs to China, Malaysia and Mexico, etc. This, ( and other factors) resulted in millions of homeless here. Our government is now importing up to 350,000 a year from South America these are the “new slaves” used by corporations to replace a dying middle class that has over priced itself, i.e. $85.00 per hour for a plumber!

I personally think this is a conspiracy by the major corporations to keep a ready supply of economic “slaves” in case they have to begin manufacturing in the United States, which is highly unlikely. Unless we the people speak out, exercise the limited rights we still have and GET INVOLVED, or we won’t have these rights anymore.