What difference does silicon valley make?

Experts say that the emerging markets of the world resent the power of the United States and its paper money that is worth less every day. But the US has the technology to maintain its grip, like ancient Rome, on the whole world. We can send 300 Special Forces guys over night, or drones anywhere on earth, direct and watch them do their work in real time the next morning. That’s progress.

Endless warfare

Experts say that Muslim extremists are permitted by their religion to tell any lie and perpetrate any evil in their war against western infidels. And now an endless war on terror prevails. Good for the defense industry. Isn’t there some smart way to solve this cultural war or maybe the powers that ‘be’ have no interest in solving this problem. Lots of smart people probably working on this, we hope.

The communist and socialist movements of the 20th century are trying to create a ‘new kind of man,’ devoid of property, immune to greed, dedicated to the ‘state’ and under total high-tech surveillance, thru every email and internet search. Technology eliminates privacy. Sort of a ‘breakthrough’ but maybe in the wrong direction.

America claims to be the land of the free and home of the brave. Yet Americans are surrounded by a culture that encourages debt, enslaves its young with student loans that can never be forgiven. The rights and livelihoods of bankers, too big to fail, take up the time and attention of our leaders who know the patriotic phrases to babble in public yet sign complex 1,000 page laws in private to enrich their masters, the banks, insurance companies and corporations.

All of this information is out there, thanks to the internet but the good info is lost in a sea of minutiae and easily confused with clever garbage. Data collection and advertising seem to be the real goals of our engineers.

What’s changed if anything?

Millions…. Billions of Dollars are raised to finance the cornucopia of silly hi-tech products to titillate us with porno and gossip, new ways to deliver pizza and shoes. And he best minds are harnessed to write sneaky software to pinch billions of pennies from unsuspecting investors. Is this money well spent?

In 1964, 15% of Americans lived in poverty. 2014 Nothing’s changed. It may even be worse but they say most of the ‘poor’ are obese; they have televisions, microwaves, convenience food and cars. The Great Society, the War on Hunger, the War on Cancer, the War on Drugs, the Wars………..

Silicon valley has solved lots of problems, but are they the right ones?