Donuts That Go “Crunch” In The Night

The last time I visited Happy Donuts was back on July 2010 when I originally wrote this article. Happy Donuts is located on the El Camino Real in Palo Alto. I was saddened to here of their planned closure.

Unattended Taser
Unattended Taser

What I discovered on one early morning visit was an unattended Taser sitting on the table, so I was not quite sure what I would find this time around.

Not as controversial I suppose, but this time all I found were unattended Macbook Pro’s and a few iPhones.

Happy Donuts is in fact a happy place to hang out 24 hours day, and if you’re hypoglycemic it’s a sure fire way to get that sugar fix.

Creativity abounds for right before my very blurred eyes, the making of a new on-line blogging newspaper accompanied with the sounds of slurping coffee and crunching donuts.

I was half-way conscious when I stepped through the door at 1 or 2 AM so I don’t recall if he said or

I should have been in bed but woke-up with an irresistible urge for one of there famous chocolate donuts with nuts.

Both were grad students out at Stanford University and I could see that entrepreneur spirit in their glazed over donut eyes.

Look at this guy and you’ll understand why! He was rolling in his own symbolic future dough. Destined to make millions in their initial IPO.

RIP Happy Donuts….

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