Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen refuses to investigate charges of rape

Victim(s) statement to the Palo Alto Police

Victim(s) Maria Auxiliadora Moncada Flores, y Melissa Caceres Auxiliadora Moncada de Masatepe Nicaragua statement to the Palo Alto Police.

“El sospechoso violación a la víctima sobre una base diaria. El sospechoso ordenaría a tener relaciones sexuales. Si se negaba El sospechoso podría arrancarle la ropa y tener relaciones sexuales por la fuerza. La víctima sufrió una infección vaginal debido a violaciones repetidas y consiguió ayuda médica. El sospechoso amenaza con deportar a la víctima cada vez que ella se resiste “.

Dishonest Police and District Attorney’s

Jeff RosenThis is the stuff the Innocence Project should be all about. Getting at the truth before the conviction and providing support to those who find themselves faced with life in prison based on false police reports or coerced confessions perpetrated by Dishonest Police and District Attorney’s.

Heart wrenching stories of those found innocent and released from years of imprisonment can be found at the Innocence Project website.

The vast majority of those released from prison are the direct result of newly discovered DNA evidence pointing to an altogether different person or from coerced police confessions and evidence often times hidden from the defense by unscrupulous District Attorney’s for political gain.

One such cold case where the Palo Alto Police Department and the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office sits center stage, is their attempt to build and fabricate a rape charge with evidence they themselves invented and or coerced from their victims and whom they allowed to flee the country.

Massive vaginal infection

The alleged crime is detailed in an emergency protective order outlining repeated rape having caused a massive vaginal infection described by Chief Sex Detective April Chan-Wagner. April Chan-Wagner was lead investigator.

Later discovered through an intercepted medical report from the victims own doctor, was evidence the vaginal disease was not the result of any sexual assault, but rather a yeast infection. Exculpatory evidence April Chan-Wagner and the DA’s office have continued to ignore.

Had a sexual assault occurred, the medical profession is under clear legal responsibility to report any such crimes. The Chan-Wagner report indicates the victim sought medical assistance to bolster her claims to the DA of repeated rape and was used to justify a phone wiretap of the editors’ apartment.

April Chan-Wagner is no stranger to her specialty in the sex business. She headed up and promoted a newly enacted city ordinance in Palo Alto to curb what she felt was a haven for sex crimes taking place in the Palo Alto massage therapy profession and is also known for constitutional rights violations.

Although, charges never resulted in the arrest of the editor of the Palo Alto Free Press, charges still stand and will not be prosecuted “at this time” as detailed in an email received by Chief Prosecutor Daniel Okonkwo in charge of this case. In other words, their opened ended.

No interest in solving crime

Disturbing, is the fact that District Attorney Jeff Rosen has absolutely no interest in solving this alleged crime, a crime with the potential of sending away the suspect for life in prison.

We suspect the District Attorney is protecting the police in not disclosing the actual police reports and tactics used which may have included illegal coercion.

We beleive, coercion to be an unethical tactic often used by police as in the now City of Palo Alto Police infamous David E. Carlson and Jorge Hernandez cases, an all to common occurrence according to the Innocence Project in which the DA’s office and the Palo Alto Police Department would like us all to forget.

Selective Prosecutorial Discretion. It is a criminal act of knowingly providing a false police report. DA’s are obligated to prosecute. But many simply choose to look the other way. As in this case, with Jeff Rosen.

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  1. I was trying to take advantage of the fact that DA Jeff Rosen will be coming up for re-election in June. I did a Google on him and came up with your web-site.

    In the past (around 2011) I provided evidence to DA Jeff Rosen and his supervising DA David Howe that tape recorded evidence used in the 1990 criminal case against me, was falsified. I know for a fact this was done — removing evidence of the entrapment used.

    Since 2011 I have many times picketed the Hedding County offices with literature accusing DA Rosen of ignoring the crimes of Police altering evidence. Basically he has just ignored me. Since I had supposedly had committed talk/thought crimes against children he probably thought that that somehow justified Police altering evidence.


    Back in 1990 I fell into a Split Entrapment Sting put on by the US Postal Inspection Service in cahoots with the San Jose Police. I had answered an ad in the Swinger’s Digest supposed from a woman interested in an “open and honest relationship” looking for a man who would be supportive in how she wanted to raise her children.

    After many letters back and forth (8 of mine, 3 from “Barbara” — actually a Confidential Consultant of the USPIS), an undercover police woman, Officer Brenda Wells/Herbert of the San Jose Police, called me claiming to be the same Barbara.

    I had supposedly made impossible offers (see Heinous Crimes, below) to put off her demands, yet the laws don’t require that an “offer” be doable to be a crime.

    Later in my Preliminary Hearing, Officer Wells refuses to say why she started calling me, citing evidence privilege by claiming to do so would divulge the identity of a Confidential Informant. Because of this the fact that I had answered an ad and written letters was therefore prevented from being entered into court.

    Later I had a Public Defender who lied to me to get me to accept a Nolo Contendre Plea bargain; he told me that if later exculpatory evidence came forth that I could still reopen my case. NOT! He also didn’t let me hear the tape evidence until after I had accepted the Plea Bargain, was out of jail and had another attorney (a year since the phone calls). When I did finally get to listen to them it only took a few hours to tell they had been altered and only a couple days to find out the extent of the editing.

    Of the five tapes, with lengths varying from 45 minutes to an hour 20 minutes, the first tape had no edits and the remaining tapes averaged a major edit every five minutes. Police pretended that a phone call on the morning of March 3rd 1990 never occurred and took segments with me talking from that tape and used them to replace much of the talk of the undercover police officer’s (officer Brenda Wells/Herbert’s) on the tapes of the other phone calls — removing evidence of entrapment.

    Main web-site:
    Details of Sting: (interesting part is under menu item “My actual heinous Crimes”)
    Examples of edits:
    Details of Restraining Order hearings:

    Yours in Truth & Justice
    John Webster

    1. If any lessons can be learned from this twisted tale of events, never, never find yourself caught up in our criminal justice system. It can be brutal for everyone involved. Secondly, some have suggested the plea bargain rate to be as high as 98% coming out of the Santa Clara County District Attorneys’ Office even if the person(s) charged with a crime believes he or she is innocent.

      As this case suggests, police entrapment and a DA who seems to be holding all the cards…and the Public Defender pushing a plea deal all the while no one is suggesting a jury trial. Bottom line, never, never talk to the police without an attorney present.

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