City of Palo Alto on high alert! Have you seen this FBI agent?

Fake FBI agent.jpgA Palo Alto woman in her 40s was scammed out of nearly $4,000 by a man who said he was a member of the FBI and threatened to arrest her if she didn’t pay him, police said yesterday.

Police said they were still looking for the man who called again on Oct. 4 and demand more money, again threatening to arrest her.

The man identified himself as an FBI employee. Following the man’s instructions, the woman purchased Green Dot MoneyPak cards worth more than $3,000, called the man and gave him the code he need to access the money.

Green Dot MoneyPack cards are reloadable debit cards, available everywhere, that you can use to pay your phone, cable, credit card bill.

They’re typically for people who don’t have, or want, bank accounts. The woman was about to purchase more reloadable debit cards for the man after he called her back. But, luckily, one of the woman’s family members walked into the room and heard what was going on.

When the family member got on the phone with the man, he hung up. Then the woman’s relative called the police. Police said they are passing the [buck] case to a federal fraud agency in the hopes that they will have more luck catching the culprit.

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