DA Jeff Rosen suffers from a severe case of dyslexia, “You’re guilty until proven innocent”

The left hand knows what the right hand is doing?
The left hand knows what the right hand is doing

Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen painted a rosy picture of his office’s relationship with the city of Palo Alto last night, but a few residents who had run-ins with the police in the past begged to differ.

Rosen was in Palo Alto last night to speak to the city Council and give an update on the cases his office has been able to successfully prosecute thanks to Palo Alto’s help.

He mentioned Kariem McFarland, the man who broke into the late Steve Jobs Palo Alto mansion and stole the Apple co-founders wallet and a number of Apple devices. McFarland had been on a home burglary spree in four different counties before Palo Alto police got involved, Rosen said.

Huge meth ring busted

He also thanked the Palo Alto Police Department for its help in busting the biggest meth ring in Santa Clara County, when police from the city tracked a stolen iPhone to San Jose and in the process found $35 million worth of methamphetamine.

“When I told this story to my father he said. ‘They had $35 million worth of meth, but they couldn’t afford an iPhone?'” Rosen explain.

Two Palo Alto residents throw knock out punches at prosecutor

“That’s the kind of people we’re dealing with. “But two Palo Alto residents didn’t share Rosen’s enthusiasm for the Police Department.

Both Mark Petersen-Perez who claims he was falsely accused by police of raping his wife and stepdaughter, and Tony Ciampi who was offered a $35,000 settlement after he was pulled from his van by Palo Alto police and shot with stun guns, blasted Rosen and his office, saying that the system failed them.

In a heated moment, Petersen-Perez, who was never convicted, said that the allegations will follow him forever and called on Rosen to take action to help clear his name.

Wife fled

Petersen-Perez said his wife, who has since fled to Nicaragua, also robbed him of more than $35,000 and that prosecutors refused to hear his “exculpatory evidence.” Exculpatory evidence is the evidence that can prove defendant’s innocence.

“They just wanted to prosecute me, “he said. “It’s not just prosecuting; it’s persecuting,”.

Ciampi claims police lied, falsified reports and even tempered with video footage of his Tasing and arrest. “Pursuit of justice for everyone?” Ciampi asked, staring at Rosen. “Why not for me?”

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One Reply to “DA Jeff Rosen suffers from a severe case of dyslexia, “You’re guilty until proven innocent””

  1. Our Justice system is built upon the premise that the Law trumps personal biases and prejudices, we call it the Rule of Law or more aptly put, the Law is King. There is just one problem with this premise which is the Law is reliant upon people to carry out the Law’s will and when those people entrusted to carry out the Law’s will refuse to do so based upon their own personal prejudices and biased the Law ceases to be King but is rendered a mere servant of the personal desires of the person[s] entrusted with the powers of enforcing the law.

    By refusing to apply the Law equally to all people in all situations these people have elevated themselves to the status of a King and not just a King but a dictator since they are the ones dictating when and how the law will be applied.

    Even more egregious in the case of the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office is when the King, former DA Dolores Carr and current King Jeff Rosen, actively and knowingly violate the Laws they are entrusted to carry out for the purpose of persecuting those whom they believe do not deserve equal justice under the Rule of Law or even the truth revealing themselves and their professions as tyrants by definition and traitors to the principles and ideals which America proclaims it stands for.

    Jeff Rosen touted the ability of his crime lab’s computer forensic capabilities in rooting out information from computer hard drives. Santa Clara Crime Lab Analyst John Bourke was commissioned with obtaining unadulterated taser videos and taser gun activation data from the Palo Alto Police computers, cameras and taser guns; for the Palo Alto Police submitted edited and falsified data and videos to the District Attorney’s office in order to cover up their own crimes while wrongfully incriminating Ciampi of a crime.

    Analyst Bourke never documents the taser gun activation data from the taser guns in his reports and is denied access to an area of the computer being investigated. Bourke never accesses the area of the computer not because he doesn’t have the ability to do so, but because he and his superiors do not want to reveal the truth, the crimes committed by members of the Palo Alto Police.

    Should a citizen be a District Attorney who knowingly and intentionally conceals the crimes committed by law enforcement officers? If the answer is no then we need to remove Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen from office.


    Mr. Rosen exhibited that he his not concerned with revealing truth or seeking justice for all by his refusal to accept the evidence provided to him by Mr. Ciampi. The egregiousness of this act is magnified by DA Rosen’s comments that the crime lab has the ability to reveal the truth in Ciampi’s case but refuses to do so at the direction of DA Rosen. DA Rosen’s inability and refusal to refute Mr. Ciampi’s evidence demonstrates his and his staff’s deliberate concealment of the crimes committed by the Palo Alto Police revealing that Mr. Rosen’s actions contradict his public pronouncements and therefore does not have the ability nor the integrity to adhere to the Rule of Law and should be removed from office.

    Evidence One: http://paloaltofreepress.com/crime-lab-cover-up/
    Evidence Two: http://sccrimelab.weebly.com/index.html
    Evidence Three: http://chiefburns.weebly.com/
    Evidence Four: http://chiefburns.weebly.com/exhibit-5.html
    Evidence Five: http://chiefburns.weebly.com/exhibit-7.html

    Palo Alto Police Officer Kelly Burger tortured me with electricity for over 20 seconds. While he was shocking me Palo Alto Police Officer Manuel Temores fired taser probes from his taser gun at me. This 25 seconds of video footage was removed from Temores MAV video and then it was spliced back together. This is a fact.

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