Now this is worthy of a police chase and the waste of taxpayer dollars

20130919-074902.jpgA Palo Alto woman was arrested after a violent struggle with police, who tries to stop her after she reportedly rode her bike through an underground tunnel where riding a bike is not allowed.

Police said that Caitlin Ann Taylor, 23, of Palo Alto, rode her bike through the underground tunnel that connects South California Avenue with North California Avenue and passes under the train station.

An officer who was their at the time asked Taylor to stop. Taylor looked back at the officer but kept going, police said.

The officer got in his patrol car and began chasing tail [Taylor], whom he found at the intersection of Oregon Expressway and Bryant Street and stopped by pulling in front of her with his patrol car.

The officer had to struggle with Taylor to get her into handcuffs. Another officer came to help him put her in his patrol car, when they tried to do so, she kicked the patrol car and continue to struggle with officers, according to police.

Police said they arrested Taylor on suspicion of failing to obey police and battery on a police officer. Police said Taylor was not injured.

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  1. And yet she chose to ignore the officer’s directions and ends up kicking the shit out of things. Sounds to me like an entitled POS. What do you honestly think would have happened if she had obeyed the officer’s first directive? Seriously, she got what she deserved.

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