The Unauthorized Daily Post

Unauthorized Daily Post“The Daily Post is the best newspaper between San Jose and San Francisco, bar none. But its owners don’t have the common sense to post their stories online. So we’re doing this, without permission. (This is the new home of the Unauthorized Daily Post.)”.

We have a tendency to agree, the Daily Post goes at times above and beyond getting at the truth on many different levels. I recall in one particular story about a Palo Alto police officer arrested on DUI charges [**while on duty] the (PIO) Palo Alto Police Information Officer at the time, Sandra Brown since retired was unwilling and refused to identify the officers name for privacy reasons. Getting name of cop with DUI wasn’t easy

It was only through the pain staking efforts of a Daily Post reporter, going through court documents which were limited on a daily basis that the true identity of the officer finally emerged as Officer Eric Anthony Bulatao.

As many of you know, the Daily Post is only available in printed form which seems odd in a digital age.

David Price the editor, I understand is a strong supporter of First Amendment rights unlike another on-line newspaper, the or its flagship the Weekly which actively promotes censorship.

You can Google the Daily Post but what you’ll find is that you’ll have to pay, Dave Price, a price, for archival information.  The way I look at it, going digital or on-line, is a capitol software investment well worth the expense.

Rosetta stone or abacus anyone?

Would you invest in an abacus or the Rosetta stone?  Its ancient technology which has out lived its usefulness and rightfully belongs in a museum.

E-books and on-line newspapers will continue to shape modern day societies and many visionaries have projected that even library’s will soon become a part of the distant past.

Perhaps many in the Palo Alto community will look back on our local politicians and ask the question, why?  Why, did we invest in old archival technology (books) and spend $76 million of hard earned taxpayers’ dollars on the Mitchell Park Library project, rather than investing in a real future. The future of Technology…..

Perhaps Mr. Price is just plain old fashion old school. The only problem is, he’s probably going to find himself out of business. ‘You don’t need a wind vain to know which way the technology wind is a blow’en…..abj’

Back in 2007, Bill Keller, the New York Times Executive Editor told his audience, “the Web audience is growing at a great clip, while print circulation is not. And online revenues are growing faster, too, albeit from a smaller base. If the trend continues, there’s little doubt that — “eventually” — online becomes the main business.”

Our feeling is, if Mr. Price doesn’t jump on the technology train, he’s going to be ultimately left behind. And if you’re asking yourself, we have no idea why the Unauthorized Daily Post went extinct. There not saying.

**A police officers job demands 24/7 service to the community.