Palo Alto’s Mitchell Park Library Money Pit

Mitchell Park libraryThe city of Palo Alto’s troubled Mitchell Park Library project, already over budget and 20 months behind schedule, it’s going to cost taxpayers an additional $785,000.

On Monday, city Council will vote to give the firm hired to manage construction Turner Construction Company, an additional $785,000 because the project is taking longer than expected, and the company needs to be paid before it’s time. The opening is now set for December.

The city has blamed the delays on the prime contractor, Flintco Pacific, says it failed to properly Coordinator and manage construction. Flintco says it’s being made a scapegoat by the city, and that the city is to blame for failing to pay subcontractors on time, which caused crews to walk off the job.

Flintco senior vice president John Stump told the Post previously that the architect on the project, group 4 Architecture, was still issuing design documents a year after construction started.

Wherever the blame lies, the library and communication center on Middlefield Road cost millions more then the 24 million Flintco originally bid.

Delays cost money

Because of the delays, Turner has had to remain on the job past its original contract time, said Public Works Director Mike Sartor yesterday. Now the city needs to extend the contract through November, he said.

In addition, Turner will assist the city when the library opens in December and continue working until the end of November 2014 to oversee any corrections the liberty may need.

The city has already pay Turner for some time and materials totaling more than $6.6 million. Sartor said that the additional funding council is being asked to approve Monday is to pay Turner for its services.

Construction on the Mitchell Park Library began in September 2010 with an anticipated completion date of April 29, 2011. The project was funded by Palo Altos measured N, a 2008 bond issue that raised **$76 million for the Main, Mitchell Park and Downtown libraries.

The Mitchell Park project includes a 41,000-square-foot library and a 15,000- square foot community center with teen center, cafe, computer room, game room and meeting room.

Gambia flag**Putting things into context, Palo Alto council spending is out of control with our precious taxpayer dollars and lacking the proper oversight. Current cost of the library =’s 76 x’s the sum of Gambia’s military budget

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