Surprised about the real ‘news’ on Trayvon?

The real newsThe media is part of the whole Obama ‘Race’ Baiting Team.  They have been dividing and diverting attention since 2008.

Of course you’re not going to hear anything negative or truthful about Trayvon.  You also won’t see any pictures of Trayvon as a 17 year old. Instead they show the picture of him in the white hoodie when he was 12.

To establish and maintain a tyranny, the media must be controlled and part of the ‘truth washing’ apparatus.  It’s a sad truth, that people would rather believe a simple lie than a complex truth.   Our government, media complex, knows this.

For example, have you heard much about?

Fast and Furious Scandal – The Justice Department Scandal.  Attorney General Eric Holder, denies that ATBF allowed and encouraged guns to be sold illegally, that were later traced to the murder of a US Border Patrol Agent and hundreds of other people in Mexico.

This was supposed to be a ‘sting’ operation intended to help destroy the 2nd amendment (Right to Bear Arms) and criminalize law abiding US Gun dealers. But ‘Fast and Furious’ (The Justice Department) ended up killing lots of people.

IRS Scandal – the audit and delay of Conservative Election Groups.  The IRS was used to eliminate funding and cripple the election of conservatives in 2008,and 2010.  It’s believed that the IRS illegal harassment may have swayed the election in Obama’s favor in 2012 by defunding the Conservative campaign movement.

Libya Embassy (Benghazi) Scandal and Murders US Ambassador and 3 others murdered in Benghazi, Libya.  The embassy building was also destroyed.

Throughout the world, embassies are acknowledged to be the sovereign territory of the nation they represent.

An attack on an embassy is an attack on the ‘representative’ nation.  During the 2012 election Obama assured the country that terrorism was under control.  Because the Benghazi embassy attack occurred on 9/11/2012, the attack was so close to the election that it contradicted what Obama had been saying. It is alleged that Sec of State Hillary Clinton and the White House, tried to cover up and conceal the nature of the attack…calling it a ‘protest’  of an internet video ‘offensive to Islam.’

To this day, everyone at the Embassy has been silenced, forced to sign Non Disclosure Agreements, threatened with criminal prosecution if they testify about the events at the Embassy.   It is believed that SEALS and other Emergency Response Troops en route to the Embassy were called back by the White House to maintain the illusion that ‘terrorism was in retreat.’

When in fact, the Ambassador had been begging for more security for months and Emergency calls from the Embassy called the event a ‘terrorist attack, a siege event,’ during which the Ambassador was killed, along with 2 Seals who held off hundreds of attackers for hours.  The President was more interested in his ‘election campaign’ than in saving the lives of US personnel.

NSA – PRISM Scandal – This secret program, exposed by supposed traitor Edward Snowden (now seeking asylum in Russia) is the US government’s illegal spying on all US citizens’ telephone and internet use and the storage of all of that communication for possible future ‘anti-terrror’ analysis.

Many will say that this snooping is necessary to preserve our safety, security but the ‘War on Terror’ Patriot Act and NDAA, National Defense Authorization Act and other now secret Acts, and Executive Orders (Presidential Orders)…… are now being used to snoop on everyone and everything they use to communicate.

Do you know anyone who can honestly say, they are not afraid of the government.  The IRS.  FBI.  CIA.  NSA. Department of Homeland Security. TSA (Transportation Security Administration – airport monkeys), City Cops, County Cops, Park Police, Rangers, Sheriffs, Highway Patrol, State Police, DEA.

The USA has the highest incarceration rate in the world.   We are a Police State now. Look at how quickly they instituted Martial Law in Boston after the Marathon bombing. Ordering people out of their houses as if regular people were the criminals.  Local cops dressed like RAMBO.  We are seeing the ‘militarization of local police departments.’   This is not for our safety, this is for our Oppression.  Our government regards the people as a threat.

Back to Trayvon.  Presidents do not involve themselves or their high office in local city crimes, murders like Trayvon Martin. That is why we have State and City courts, local police.  But Obama uses Trayvon to divide the nation and divert attention from all of the other scandals and crimes being perpetrated against the country as a whole.

The government is out of control

When the government no longer fears the people, the people are in trouble.  Our government now dominates, deceives and loots the people to enrich the 1% and more trouble is coming.  Never mind what Clinton said, or what Bush said, or what Obama says, watch what is happening.  It does not matter who the President is.  It’s the same secret team….the military industrial media Banksters.

It’s the same criminals in charge of the Fed, the Treasury, the Too Big to Fail Banks.  The Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan crowd.  Real Prices are going up.  Real Incomes are falling down.  The Inflation rate is not 2%, if calculated the way it was back in 1985, the Inflation Rate would be 8%.  But food and fuel are no longer included.  Who doesn’t eat or use gas?.  It takes both parents working, to make ends meet.

Government statistics are intentionally false. The Unemployment Rate is not 7%. If calculated using the original formulas, the UE rate would be 14-18%.  But the media plays whatever they are told, in order to garner favor with the White House and continue their invitations to ritzy WhiteHouse events, like Beyonce and JayZ rapping with the Pres. Surprised about the real ‘news’ on Trayvon? Really………

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  1. Hey Mick,

    That ain’t nothing. Check out how Obama and Holder concealed the crimes of the Palo Alto Police, Santa Clara County DA and Taser International by planting a former federal prosecutor, Lucy Koh, on the federal bunch to perpetuate the cover up by making false statements in her rulings, by suppressing evidence in her chambers in violation of FRCP and by ruling that it is Constitutional for law enforcement officers to arrest citizens for violating non-existent laws.

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