Which is the greater city blight? Newspaper racks or vehicle dwellers?

News RacksIt sounds harmless enough. If city government ban or restricts newspaper racks in the interest of beautification. Newspapers that have published stories critical of city officials lose their rights to distribute.

The city says it’s a coincidence.

The U.S. Supreme Court said that the distribution of news through news racks is protected by the First Amendment (Lakewood v. First Plain Dealer, 1988).

NEWSPAPER RACK- recognized by the US Supreme Court as having special purpose in America life.

“Liberty of circulating is as essential to freedom of expression as freedom of publishing; indeed, without the circulation, the publication would be of little value,” the Supreme Court said.

When candidates run for city council ask them if they favor admitting distribution of news. Speak up to protect your right to get the news.

Newspaper Racks

Source: Palo Alto Daily Post