Vespa rider arrested for road rage

Vespa Road RagePalo Alto police said yesterday they have arrested a Vespa scooter rider who threatened to hurt a woman driver after the two got into a road rage fight on Alma Street.

Police said a Palo Alto woman call them on May 1st after she and the man on the scooter, later identified as Patrick Little, 49, of Mountain View, got into a road rage.

Police said that the woman was driving her sedan south on the 800 block of Alma Street at 6 p.m. when she and Little, who was behind her, change lanes at the same time, cutting off Little.

When the two vehicles stopped at the intersection with Homer Street, the woman said Little began arguing with her and accusing her of cutting him off.

The woman said she became scared and told Little she was going to call police and he in turn threatened to hurt her, according to police.

Once the light turned green, Little continued yelling threats at her and drove in front of her, pumping his brakes to make it harder for the woman to drive, police said.

The woman took photos of Little’s license plate and he drove away. Police arrested Little on suspicion of threatening the woman with serious bodily injury or death, a felony. Police said Little was booked into Santa Clara County Jail on May 2nd.

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One Reply to “Vespa rider arrested for road rage”

  1. If anyone reads this, I am the “woman” from the road rage vespa article.

    The facts in the article are very, very wrong. Mr Vespa verbally threatened to kill me and find where I live and slash my throat. He took a picture of MY car, which is why I called the police. I only hope that Patrick Little gets his just karma for the anguish he caused me!

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