Special-need park project lands $1 million donation

www.magicalbridge.comThe Magical Bridge, a proposed playground in Palo Alto for children with disabilities, took one step closer to reality yesterday when the Peery Foundation announced a $1 million matching grant to build the park.

The first-of-its kind playground will be designed specifically for children and adults with disabilities, including special equipment that will make it easier for people with physical, mental and visual impairments to play.

“The Magical Bridge Project has already received $1.1 million in individual donations towards its $3.1 million goal,” said Jill Asher, a spokeswoman for the project. “The grant, plus the $1 million in matching funds will allow the project to break ground by this fall.”

Olenka Villarreal, who founded the project, said the Silicon Valley is the perfect place for such park.

“It still astounds me that we are building the first place to address the many different play needs of the many different kinds of children who live in our community. “she said.

For more information, visit http://www.magicalbridge.org

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