Palo Alto Daily Post Raises Hell – One Readers Perspective

Dave Price - Editor and Co-Founder of The Daily Post“It’s a newspapers duty to print the news and raise hell” (Wilbur F. Storey of the Chicago Times, 1861).

No newspaper hereabouts is upholding those aims better than the Daily Post.

Examples include the Post’s:

. fearless exposure of out of control salaries and retirement benefits of public officials;
. publishing hard-to-ferret-out salaries of layers of administrators and employees from assistant fire chiefs to park gardeners and street sweepers;
. reporting of changes in street patterns and lanes by ignorant transportation agencies without public airing.

Public servants shun the media spotlight like spiders scampering from sunlight unless they need it for boasting or votes.

I agree that the best protection for the public interest is by a vigilant newspaper with an unblinking scrutiny of those who serve us.

Post Editor Dave Price, who is confrontational but always fair, belongs in that elite watchdog corps of the late Mike Wallace of “60 minutes”.

Vic Befera

Palo Alto

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The Daily Post:  Monday, April 15th, 2013