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Commissioner James Madden
Commissioner James Madden

♫ And frolics in the autumn smoke…too pollute you and me…. ♫

It might soon be illegal to smoke cigarettes and medicinal joints in most Palo Alto Parks.

Last night, City Council’s Policy and Services Committee said it wants the full council to consider a law that would ban smoking in all parks under five acres, which includes 22 of the city’s 34 urban Parks.

Protecting public health

“The council is the guardian of public health,” Councilwoman Liz kniss said, before supporting the recommendation, which got on unanimous approval from Kniss, Larry Klein, Karen Holman and Gail Price.

City may outlaw it at most parks

Kniss said the committee isn’t recommending the band because residents have complained about smoking in parks, but rather because second-hand cigarette smoke has been linked to cancer.

The ban would also make it illegal for those with medical marijuana prescriptions to smoke joints in small parks, since the ordinance would outlaw “combustion of any cigar, cigarette, tobacco or any similar article,” according to city attorney Molly stump.

Though the council members all agreed on making smoking illegal in Parks, Holman worried about whether it was right for the committee to expand the ordinance so far beyond the one listed in the agenda, which only proposed a smoking ban in three city parks.

“We’re expanding what was noticed a great deal.  I think the public should have the opportunity to weigh in on something like this,” Holman said.

Still time to fight it

But stump said that because the proposed law would still go before the council twice before it could be officially approved, residents who were against a smoking ban would still have enough time to appear. The committee said it was interested in banning smoking in all city parks and open spaces.

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