Can We Trust Police Chief Greg Suhr With Tasers?

I could go into great detail on how taser guns do not work as claimed by lawChamberlain enforcement and Taser International and actually often times exacerbate benign situations, but I will save that for another story.

Before we address the effectiveness and safety of tasers we should determine if Police Chief Greg Suhr will hold his own officers accountable should they misuse tasers.

Suhr 2Police Chief Greg Suhr claims he needs tasers to save his officers and citizens alike from unnecessary harm during difficult detentions and arrests.  It is well established that some police officers use excessive force and have misused tasers causing great unnecessary harm.


Marin settles Taser-shock suit for $1.9 million

excessive taser use

I am quite certain that if members of the S.F. Police Commission and the S.F. Board of Supervisors were to ask Chief Suhr if he would hold his officers accountable should they misuse taser guns Chief Suhr would reply that he would.

s.f. video concealed

I propose a simple test to determine whether or not Chief Suhr would actually hold his officers accountable should they illegally abuse a citizen while using a taser gun.

A source has informed me that Greg Suhr and Palo Alto Police Chief DennisBurns in Badge Burns are long time friends.  P.A. Chief Burns has made numerous false statements, destroyed and falsified numerous pieces of evidence in order to conceal the illegal use of taser guns by Palo Alto Police Officers Manuel Temores and Kelly Burger.

To simplify things, we will focus on just one violation of department policy and the law and the Constitution as well as Chief Burns’ own honor in falsely claiming to uphold the Rule of Law above personal interests.

Chief Burns condoned and supervised the destruction of Palo Alto Police Officer Manuel Temores’ taser cartridge and taser probes that were used during a March 15, 2008 incident.  The destruction of these taser probes was in direct violation of Chief Burns’ own department policy as well as the Due Process Clause of the Constitution requiring that all evidence be retained and provided to defendants in criminal cases, Brady v. Maryland.  The destruction of these taser probes had a direct result in felony charges being brought against Tony Ciampi which is a violation of Calif. P.C. 141 b.

taser probeThere is no question that Chief Burns destroyed the taser cartridge and taser probes, for he has admitted to doing so.  

The Taser Probe in Officer Burger’s hand was never secured into evidence or even photographed, but was destroyed with Chief Burns’ knowledge and supervision.


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The S.F. Police Commission and the S.F. Board of Supervisors should demand that Chief Suhr issue a public/press statement condemning the destruction of Palo Alto Police Officer Manuel Temores taser cartridge and taser probes.

If Chief Suhr goes on record publicly condemning a fellow California police officer, Palo Alto Chief Dennis Burns, for destroying P.A. Police Officer Manuel Temores’ taser probes and taser cartridge, then Chief Suhr can be entrusted to hold his officers accountable should they misuse taser guns.  However, if Chief Suhr refuses to condemn Chief Burn’s destruction of evidence relating to a taser use, then Chief Suhr condones the destruction of evidence and demonstrates that he will not hold his officers accountable should they misuse taser guns.

I do believe that Police Chief Greg Suhr has already been informed of Ciampi’s allegations, but if not he has now.

“Chief Suhr, are there any circumstances in which you would condone the destruction of taser cartridges, taser probes or any and all evidence that resulted from a taser use by one of your own officers?”

Chief Suhr’s answers will determine whether or not the San Francisco Police should be entrusted with weapons that can cause permanent injury and even death.

Barron Pikes killed by a taser gun, said Dr. Michael Baden, a nationally prominent forensic pathologist.

As the highest paid police chief in the nation I cannot imagine that there is any justifiable reason why Chief Suhr cannot go on record of either condemning or condoning Palo Alto Police Chief Dennis Burns’ actions of destroying taser gun evidence.