Magic Mike – A movie review 2012

Magic MikeIf you like men’s butts, you’ll get a face full in the film Magic Mike, the story of a Florida band of male strippers. Along with the bump and grind you’ll have some deep pearls of wisdom from the film to ponder such as:

What happens when you don’t like to follow ‘the rules?’

Deal with what you’ve already got or come up with some new sh…….

Remember, you’re not getting any younger.

And you are not your job.  No one is.  Though many people will try to domineer and impress you with their position, don’t fall for it.

Because the big question is about your dream.The American dream, maybe the world dream, which is to own something, to have ‘equity’ in somthing you own, produce and take pride in because ultimately it represents you, your imagination, yourskill, your heart.  Not someone else’s.

You can stay on and work for someone else, but that job, that product, that path is not yours.  Your dream ‘only works if you believe it.   If you have the courage to act on it.’

Steven Soderberg, the director, raised some good points here, but for odd reasons decided to make them with a butt in your face.

My wife liked the butts.  She thought they were beautiful.  And didn’t give a rip about the underlying message. Though she thinks it’s important to note that Matthew McCounaughey probably used a stunt butt.