Magic Mike – A movie review 2012

Magic MikeIf you like men’s butts, you’ll get a face full in the film Magic Mike, the story of a Florida band of male strippers. Along with the bump and grind you’ll have some deep pearls of wisdom from the film to ponder such as:

What happens when you don’t like to follow ‘the rules?’

Deal with what you’ve already got or come up with some new sh…….

Remember, you’re not getting any younger.

And you are not your job.  No one is.  Though many people will try to domineer and impress you with their position, don’t fall for it.

Because the big question is about your dream.The American dream, maybe the world dream, which is to own something, to have ‘equity’ in somthing you own, produce and take pride in because ultimately it represents you, your imagination, yourskill, your heart.  Not someone else’s.

You can stay on and work for someone else, but that job, that product, that path is not yours.  Your dream ‘only works if you believe it.   If you have the courage to act on it.’

Steven Soderberg, the director, raised some good points here, but for odd reasons decided to make them with a butt in your face.

My wife liked the butts.  She thought they were beautiful.  And didn’t give a rip about the underlying message. Though she thinks it’s important to note that Matthew McCounaughey probably used a stunt butt.

DA Jeff Rosen Victimizes Victims of Crime

As reported earlier today, Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen’s right hand man, Jay Boyarsky Jay Boyarsky has been found to have engaged in misconduct by 6th District Court of Appeal.  “This is not a case in which the prosecutor, (engaged in a few minor incidents of improper conduct), rather the prosecutor engaged in a pervasive pattern of inappropriate questions, comment and argument throughout the entire trial,” Judge Conrad Rushing writing on behalf of the court.



Jeff Rosen CheaterThis type of behavior of acting above the law is not unusual for Jeff Rosen and his office for Jeff Rosen and Jay Boyarsky actually support the violations of the law and the Constitutions of the United States of America, so long as the people who are violating the laws and the Constitutions are fellow law enforcement officers and District Attorneys and doing so against the poor and defenseless of our society.

In 2008 Tony Ciampi was falsely arrested and tortured by Palo Alto Police Officer Kelly Burger with electricity from a taser gun requiring Burger and his fellow officers, April Wagner, Manuel Temores, Natasha Powers, Brian Furtado, Lynne Johnson, Chief Dennis Burns and others to cover up Burger’s crime by editing and falsifying four audio/video recordings and two taser gun memory devices and to simultaneously incriminate Ciampi of a crime by using those falsified videos.



Jeff Rosen knows that his District Attorney’s office, (John Burke, Christopher Corpora, Mario Soto, DA Dolores Carr, DDA Debra Medved and former DA Javier Alcala) conspired with the Palo Alto police to incriminate Tony Ciampi of a crime by using falsified evidence.

In 2007 Palo Alto Police Chief Dennis Burns demonstrates the conflict of interest and nepotism  between the DA and the Police in his statement about Boyarsky that he, “has been a real partner with all the police agencies in our area,” both as a leader and “as a great teacher” for police officers, covering “not just the law but the politics and the system.  He had no agenda — other than just trying to do the right thing.  I’m pretty sad he’s leaving, both personally and professionally.  But the good news is he’s not going very far.” 

How do we know that Jeff Rosen knows that the videos have been falsified, because his own crime lab verified that a minimum of 4 SECONDS of audio/video footage has been removed, (edited), from Ofc. Temores’ Taser Video.

Corpora 1

Corpora 3


How do we know that Jeff Rosen knows that the videos have been falsified, because the three scenes below are missing from Ofc. Temores’ MAV recording and Jeff Rosen cannot scientifically disprove this fact.

rosen 17


How do we know that Jeff Rosen knows that the videos have been falsified, because the dialog, “You’re not making it easy,” has been intentionally removed from Ofc. Burger’s MAV recording and Jeff Rosen cannot scientifically disprove this fact.

Missing Dialog 1



How do we know that Jeff Rosen knows that the videos have been falsified, because the Palo Alto Police have admitted that there were two taser guns used to fire four taser probes during the incident and that they intentionally destroyed two of the taser probes in order to conceal the fact that the second taser gun firing has been removed from, (edited out of), the MAV videos, the Taser videos and the Taser gun memory device, (the data port).

taser probe 2

 Taser Probe 2

 Taser Probe



crime sceneHow do we know that Jeff Rosen refuses to hold police officers accountable when they violate the law, we know because Jeff Rosen knows that Ofc. Burger committed perjury during a court hearing and Jeff Rosen refuses to prosecute Ofc. Burger for his crime.

Burgers taser perjury

How do we know that Jeff Rosen knows that the Palo Alto Police violated the law, because the Palo Alto Police have actually admitted to violating the law yet Jeff Rosen refuses to prosecute the culpable officers demonstrating that Jeff Rosen truly does not believe in the law or protecting citizens who are a victim of a crime so long as it is the police committing the crime and Jeff believes that the citizen does not deserve the protection of the law.

rosen 13

By applying the law arbitrarily according to his own subjective dictates when he, Jeff Rosen, decides he wants to, Jeff Rosen has declared that he himself is the law verifying that the “Rule of Law” does not exist.

By concealing the crimes of the Palo Alto Police, a violation of Calif. P.C. 32, Jeff Rosen has actually revealed himself as a violator of the very laws, ethics and morality that he is supposed to enforce.

 “Do not deny justice to your poor people in their lawsuits.  Have nothing to do with a false charge and do not put an innocent or honest person to death, for I will not acquit the guilty.  “Do not accept a bribe, for a bribe blinds those who see and twists the words of the innocent.  “Do not oppress a foreigner; you yourselves know how it feels to be foreigners, because you were foreigners in Egypt.”  Exodus 23:6-9

Rosen 4

District Attorney Jeff Rosen is a liar, a deceiver, a hypocrite and a traitor to the

rosen 3American People and the Constitutions and laws of the State of California and UnitedDolores Carr States of America.  Jeff Rosen criticized DA Dolores Carr so that he could get elected DA, then he turns around and perpetuates the crimes of Dolores Carr.

Jeff Rosen has revealed himself as just another shrewd politician.

 Jim Kouri,, vice president of the National Assn. of Chiefs of Police, has assembled a group of traits that define psychopathic personalities — like serial killers — and has discovered that these trait also apply to many of today’s politicians.

“While many political leaders will deny the assessment regarding their similarities with serial killers and other career criminals, it is part of a psychopathic profile that may be used in assessing the behaviors of many officials and lawmakers at all levels of government.”

CLICK HERE to see the evidence of the crimes of Palo Alto Police Chief Dennis Burns and his subordinate officers.

CLICK HERE to see the evidence of that verifies that the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office and Crime Lab conspired with the Palo Alto Police.

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Finding Inner Peace During the Holidays

Inner PeaceI am passing this on to you because it definitely worked for me and we could all use a little more calmness in our lives.

By following the simple advice I heard on the Dr. Phil Show, I have finally found inner peace. Dr. Phil proclaimed, “The way to achieve inner peace is to finish all the things you’ve started and never finished”.

So, I looked around my house to see all the things I started and hadn’t finished, and before leaving the house this morning, I finished off a bottle of Merlot, a bottle of White Zinfandel, a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream, a bottle of Kahlua, a package of Oreos, the remainder of my old Prozac prescription, the rest of the cheesecake, some Doritos and a box of chocolates.

You have no idea how freaking good I feel. Please pass this on to those you feel might be in need of innerpeace.

Darol Wester – Contributor

Steve Jobs’ yacht propellers caught in payment dispute

AMSTERDAM (AP) — The sleek, white superyacht Apple founder Steve Jobs commissioned before his death cannot leave the Netherlands just yet due to a payment dispute

Jobs collaborated on designing the 78.2-meter (256-foot) all-aluminum “Venus,” which has a minimalist aesthetic, with French product designer Philippe Starck. Dutch newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad reported Friday that Starck hired a debt collection agency and got a summary legal order to keep the boat from leaving.

Port of Amsterdam spokesman Jeroen Ranzijn confirmed the boat has been in the harbor since Dec. 8, and won’t leave until the civil dispute is resolved — possibly as early later Friday.

“It was actually ready to continue its voyage when there was a dispute between two parties, including the heirs, and one party laid a claim on the boat,” said Ranzijn.

He said the dispute may be resolved shortly.

According to the paper, Starck had only been paid €6 million ($7.9 million) by Job’s heirs, but believed he was owed €9 million. The boat cost €105 million.

Just the Facts

The Facts; Only The FactsThere is a large hue and cry for gun control in the U.S. as a response to the trajedy that occurred last week however if there were a justification to remove guns based upon statistics then guns would have been banned in the 1990s. Since guns were not banned in the 1990s when there were significanly more murders then the present, why the demand now?

(Reuters) – Violent crime in the United States fell for a fifth straight year in 2011 and the number of murders dropped to the lowest in more than four decades, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said on Monday.

U.S. violent crime rates, which include murder, rape, robbery and assault, dropped 4 percent in 2011 from the previous year, according to the FBI’s Preliminary Annual Uniform Crime Report.

In addition, property crime, covering burglary, larceny and motor vehicle theft, edged down by just 0.8 percent, the smallest decrease in three years. Nevertheless, that marked the ninth consecutive annual drop in property crimes.

Both violent crime and property crime peaked in the early 1990s, FBI records show. U.S. property crime has fallen steadily since then, falling by 30.6 percent from its 1991 peak through last year, while violent crime has dropped by 38 percent from its 1992 high.

The number of violent crimes has fallen about 12 percent since 2006, the last year that category showed an increase, the records show. Property crime has dropped about 14 percent since 2002, when property crimes rates last grew.

The FBI did not provide a specific count for the number of murders and non-negligent manslaughters, but said the 2011 figure declined by 1.9 percent from the 14,748 recorded across the country in 2010. That would put the number of murders at the lowest since 1968, when 13,800 were committed, according to FBI records.

Analysis of the data by city size showed that cities with between 50,000 and 100,000 residents saw murder rates fall more than others – by 14.4 percent, the fourth straight yearly drop for that group. Meanwhile, cities with fewer than 10,000 residents saw murder rates swell – jumping 18.3 percent in 2011 after the previous year’s 23.1 percent decline.

Separately, among all crime categories tracked in the report, arson saw the largest nationwide decline: recording a 5 percent drop. Rape, robbery and assault each dropped 4 percent.

Motor vehicle theft fell by 3.3 percent, while larceny rates slipped 0.9 percent. However, burglary offenses increased by a slight 0.3 percent.

Robbery, assault, and motor vehicle theft offenses tumbled across the board nationwide.

The FBI said the final report will be released in the fall. The data is aggregated from statistics provided voluntarily to the FBI by police agencies across the country.

(Reporting by Joseph O’Leary; Editing by Dan Burns and Eric Walsh)

A Historical look at California’s notable past massacres

When the unimaginable strikes from nowhere as it occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary, Newtown, Connecticut it’s a sobering reminder how precious life is and how life and families can be changed in a twinkling of an eye.

Perhaps we will never learn what prompted this young man, Adam Lanza to take so many innocent lives but one thing is for sure gun control and mental health issues will become fiercely debated in the months ahead in the wake of this catastrophic event.

As parents reflecting back on our son’s childhood days, we often told them if they were approached by strangers, and if they were told that their parents said they were to come with them, they were asked to give them a password.

Now it seems parents will need to include in their training program to play dead in the unthinkable event a gunman enters there school room.

One notable event that caught our attention was the mass shooting which occurred in 1966 at the University of Texas. The perpetrator was Charles Whitman who kept a personal journal of his daily activities.

He noted the chilling account of how he killed his mother and this wife and also recorded; “I have been a victim of many unusual and irrational thoughts.”

An autopsy was later performed and a tumor was discovered on Charles Whitman’s brain leading some forensic experts to suggest the tumor may have been the underlying reasons behind this mass murder.



Name Date Location Deaths Notes
101 California Street shootings 1993 Jul 1 San Francisco 9 6 injured
Achulet Massacre 1854 Village of Achulet near Lake Earl 65
Bloody Island Massacre 1850 May 15 Bo-no-po-ti, Clear Lake, Lake County 60-400
Bridge Gulch Massacre 1852 Apr 23 Trinity County 150
Chinese massacre 1871 Octr 24 Chinatown in Los Angeles, California 18
Cleveland School massacre 1989 Jan 17 Stockton 6 29 children and 1 teacher/ 30 injured
Covina massacre 2008 Dec 24 Covina 10 3 injured; death toll includes perpetrator
Cupertino quarry massacre 2011 Oct 5 Cupertino 4 7 injured; death toll includes perpetrator
Cal State Fullerton massacre 1976 Jul 12 Fullerton 7 2 injured
Golden Dragon massacre 1977 Sep 4 San Francisco 5 11 injured
Ingleside mass murder 2012 Mar 23 San Francisco 5
Newhall massacre 1970 Apr 6 Newhall 5 death toll includes 4 officers and perpetrator
Oikos University shooting 2012 Apr 2 Oakland 7 3 injured
Pauma Massacre 1846 Dec Escondido 33-40
San Ysidro McDonald’s massacre 1984 Jul 18 San Diego 21 19 injured
Seal Beach massacre 2011 Oct 12 Seal Beach 8 1 injured
Temecula Massacre 1846 Dec Temecula 33-40
Yontoket Massacre 1853 Yontocket 450

Material source Wikipedia: List of massacres in the United States


The Santa-Gnostic and the Fox

I was thinking about Christmas this year and thought back to my forty-seventh one. Which was not long ago and yet, far away.  I was thinking of that year because it was the year that I decided to “not”celebrate Christmas. I intended on by passing the whole affair.

I was going to be an atheist or agnostic or certainly a Santa-Gnostic. And somehow, I remembered that they said that there are no atheists in a foxhole but what if a Santa-Gnostic meets a fox, what then? I was about to find out.

Now, after surviving all those past Christmases and growing up with my parents in Culver City, who would over decorate the house each year a wee bit too much, by having me cut reindeer and elf’s out of plywood, starting in July and ending in December, it was time for a change.

I contributed for many years, in my own way, by making their heads move up and down with old barbecue motors and I would grind up old surfboards for snow. And then after all those years I raised my daughter and there were all those Christmases too, not to mention all the Christmas plays and turkeys.

I mean, just think about all the trees that were cut down just for our family and after all those many Christmas’s we ended up with forty-seven dead soldiers lying by the trashcan with their tinseled needles turning brown.

Yeah, it was time for a break from all that. So, I decided that since my daughter was now grown and had not yet had kids of her own, it would be a perfect time to just enjoy the “not doing” of Christmas. Something I had always thought about. Yes!

I would not send one single Christmas card, not spend one minute in a shopping center, getting elbowed standing in long lines, buying gifts that just get returned anyway. No gift-wrapping or un-wrapping, no chestnuts roasting on an open fire with the fire department showing up to give me a warning and no Tom and Jerry’s to wash it all down with.

I told all my family and friends of my plans and I even decided to spend Christmas day in my studio making art and enjoying a good cigar, all alone . . . alone.

Yes, that was my plan, and it was working just fine too. As I passed shopping centers I could see people inside with scowling faces fighting over items and standing in lines that were way too long. I just smiled and enjoyed an anti-holiday moment.

Yes, this was quite a change from the many other years I endured. In fact, I was enjoying the anti-Christmas spirit so much I caught myself starting to hum Christmas tunes.

But then, like a politician reneging on a campaign promise, it was all about to change. Just a week before Christmas, while I was sitting in my studio, watching all the people in their cars outside, with fists raised, giving each other the holiday finger, yelling and honking and well generally being in the traditional holiday spirit, having a great time splendid in their anger, when a beautiful girl appeared at my door.

One of those Swedish looking girls with high Swedish cheekbones, and deep dark blue Swedish eyes with ribbons in her hair and her hair down to there. She wore a dress that was so tight I could read what it said on her underwear.

It said Victoria Secret. She was the kind of girl that could wear a dishtowel and still look good. The kind of girl you wanted to take home, not to meet mom, but to meet dad so you could just show off a little.

As she walked over to my worktable it was as if time stood still. Each click of her high heels on the concrete floor reverberated in my mind like little chipmunk’s pitter-pattering over my brain. As she stood in front of me she said, “ Hi, I’m Brenda and I’m applying for the position of secretary.”

I opened my mouth to speak but realized it was already open. So I shut it, then opened it to speak. “Secretary, secretary, (I had no add out for a secretary, I thought, but I didn’t say that) Yes, I need a secretary.

I mean I really, really need a secretary, one that looks exactly like you (I didn’t say that either). I did have some papers around that were in need of a good filing, so I said instead, “You’re applying for the position of secretary?”

Trying to not be too anxious, though, I asked her a few questions about her abilities and then had her put a stamp on an envelope for me. Now, I must say that I had never seen anyone lick a stamp and apply it to an envelope in quite that way. In fact I was so transfixed that I didn’t even care that the stamp was self-adhesive.

I could also tell, by then, that she was not the kind of girl who would call Gloria Allred if I asked her to make me a cup of coffee. I realized that I could spend many years staring into her deep blue Swedish eyes and not get bored. What was even better, though, I learned that she did not have a boyfriend or had made any plans for the holidays.

Well, needless to say, I hired her on the spot and a moment after that realized this was not going to be my “Grinch Christmas.” I had just been clobbered by the Christmas spirit and the spirit was wearing a short tight dress, had nice legs and wore a cute Swedish smile. I was now going to have to fit all my Christmas-ness into just seven days.

I spent that night decorating the house stringing lights till past midnight for the now “on” again Christmas party. The local Christmas tree lots, at this late date, were a little short of nice full trees so I bought two and wired them together for a more “full” look and a little green spray paint helped quite a bit.

The next day I found myself standing in one of those long lines that just a day ago I dreaded. But unlike all the others standing with me I had a great big smile on my face, as I couldn’t wait to purchase something really nice, tasteful and expensive for Brenda and well sure, sure, every one else on my Christmas list.

I called all my relatives and friends and re-invited myself to all of the various parties and had them note I would be bringing a “date.

There was no time to send Christmas cards so I delivered all eighty-five of them in person. Brenda helped by making me coffee and organizing the annual studio Christmas party and she did it so well I even gave her a raise.

Well, Christmas was really great that year with Brenda but. . but. . . but, it was not to be. Before New Years Eve it was over. Brenda had met a minimalist who, after spending just 15 years painting his canvases all one color, became even more minimal in his work, dispensed with paint, canvases and stretcher bars altogether and progressed to just pounding a nail in the wall and signing it. She thought his new outlook on art was, as she put it, “So beyond pure” and then, after telling me our budding relationship was over, commented that one of my artworks was “Pedantic.”

I said, “ Of course, . . .of course it’s Pedantic, it’s the word pedantic spelled out in pasta!” I exclaimed. But, to no avail, it was over as fast as it had started.

That New Years Eve, I spent in my studio smoking a fine Cuban cigar thinking of Castro, like an island dictator alone once again, just me, my table saw, rotor, multi-vibrating sander, chisels, Elmer’s glue, clamps, and of course my compound miter saw, all kept toasty warm by my Christmas trees burning in the potbelly stove. My thoughts turned again to, what happens if a Sainta-Gnostic meets a fox, I finely knew, but wished I didn’t.

Palo Alto’s Vehicle Habitation Ban on the Hit List

Palo Alto’s Vehicle Habitation Ban on the Hit List of Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s Homeless Bill of Rights.

On June 27, 2012 Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee signed into law the Rhode Island Homeless Bill of Rights.

On December 4, 2012 California State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano introduced a California equivalent: AB 5, which is a bill that would create the Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights and Fairness Act, which provides that no person’s rights, privileges, or access to public services may be denied or abridged because he or she is homeless, has a low income, or suffers from a mental illness or physical disability.

Assemblyman Ammiano’s Bill specifically identifies the right of homeless people to exist in public and the right to use the public streets and vehicles without being criminalized contrary to Palo Alto’s proposed Vehicle Habitation Ordinance.

Excerpts From Assemblyman Ammiano’s Bill:

53.3.   Every person in the state, regardless of actual or perceived housing status, income level, mental illness, or physical disability, shall have the right to all of the following basic human rights and legal and civil protections:

(a) The right to use and move freely in public spaces, including, but not limited to, plazas, parking lots, public sidewalks, public parks, public transportation, public streets, and public buildings, in the same manner as any other person, and without discrimination.

(n) The right to make his or her own decisions regarding whether or not to enter into a public or private shelter or any other accommodation, including social services programs, for any reason he or she sees fit, without facing criminal or civil sanctions, harassment, or arrest from law enforcement, public or private security personnel, or BID agents.

(o) The right to occupy vehicles, either to rest or use for the purposes of shelter, for 24 hours a day, seven days a week while legally parked on public property without facing criminal or civil sanctions, harassment, or arrest from law enforcement, public or private security personnel, or BID agents.

Over the last few years some people within the city of Palo Alto have opined for an ordinance which would outlaw the use of vehicles as a form of shelter.  Such a law could actually deny homeless people the right to own vehicles outright as the ordinance was constructed and proposed in July of 2011.  Current City Attorney Molly Stump and City Manager James Keene have refused to clarify whether or not such an ordinance would prohibit homeless people from owning the property of a vehicle, instead deliberately attempting to be vague in order to oppress the most vulnerable of our society knowing full well that most do not have access to legal representation that would expose the fraudulent construction of the law.

What is certain is that Assemblyman Ammiano’s bill is the antitheses of the hate propagated by Palo Alto Council Elect Liz Kniss, current Councilman Sid Espinosa and the Palo Alto Weekly who openly support taking away homeless persons’ vehicles.

Based upon Mr. Ammiano’s bill, he considers Palo Alto’s proposed Vehicle Habitation Ban commensurate with the human hate motivated:

Jim Crow Laws; the Ugly Laws of San Francisco; the Anti-Okie laws; the Sundown towns’ laws; the Vagrancy laws and the current “Quality of life” and “civil sidewalk” ordinances used to eliminate people from society based not upon their character but upon their physical and economic characteristics.

In August 2010 the Palo Alto Weekly published an Editorial:  It’s long past time to ban ‘vehicle dwelling,’  In that article the Palo Alto Weekly falsely states that Menlo Park prohibits vehicle habitation under its nuisance law and health and safety provisions.  This deliberate attempt to mislead the public demonstrates the prejudice against homeless people, homeless people that includes veterans who have put their lives on the line so that reporters like Jay Thorwaldson of the Palo Alto Weekly can write freely and in safety.

Should Assemblyman Ammiano’s bill pass, Palo Alto’s bigots will not be able to hang their hat on the vehicle habitation ordinances that exist in other municipalities to justify enacting a similar ordinance here, in fact they will be publicly identifying themselves as haters of their fellow human beings who have more in common with those who enacted the “white only” drinking fountain.


Assemblyman Ammiano’s Bill:     ab_5_bill_20121203_introduced

S.F. Chronicle Article:


A one Man Ban and the City of Palo Alto’s efforts to control Free Speech?

Joe Webb is no stranger to the streets of Palo Alto and nor are his racist views and anti-semitic remarks which grace the chambers of city hall from to time to time.

Local city leaders cringe and often criticize Mr. Webbs appearances during oral communications a time afforded all citizen to express their view points and grievances on a wide variety of political issues.

Subjects discussed during oral communications can be unpredictable.  From the most vile and despicable racist remarks. To aerobic break dancing in the the hall way corridors.

The later is often met with smiles and laughter whereas critical comments are most always met with disdain.

Mr. Webb makes no qualms concerning his white supremacist vile views and will go to great lengths at driving his points home even taking his message to the streets of Palo Alto.

It has been purported that Mr. Webbs caustic views and protests have now include other city “covered facilities” causing city council, the community services department including the city’s legal department to enact new changes to an old ordnance which now appears to target Mr. Webbs Free Speech.

For that matter anyone’s Free Speech placing our First Amendment Rights on a slippery slope.

The newly revised city ordinance language placing further restrictions on Free Speech was developed and crafted by city attorney Donald Larkin.

Assistant city attorney Donald Larkin is well known for directing, censoring and ordering the “blocking” of critical emails directed at city government employees.

Even going as far as approving the removal of the word “Bullshit” from public comment emails sent to city council elected officials. (LETTERS FROM CITIZENS TO THE MAYOR OR CITY COUNCIL 07/11/2012 page 49)

This newly developed ordnance language by city attorney Donald Larkin includes the following provisions:

“No person shall engage in threatening, loud and raucous, intimidating language or conduct directed at patrons, visitors or City staff on covered facilities premises, including in courtyards, doorways or walkways, in any manner which significantly interferes with the use of facilities by other patrons, visitors or City staff.”

Covered facilities are, “Defined to include all buildings and premises of the Lucie Stern Community Center, Children’s Theatre, Community Theatre, Junior Museum & Zoo, Mitchell Park Community Center and Field House, Art Center, Peers Park Field House, Lucy Evans Baylands Nature Interpretive Center, Pearson Arastradero Preserve Gateway Center and Foothills Park Interpretive Center.”

In reality this newly revised city ordinance provision presents many interesting challenges to our Fundamental Constitutional right to Free Speech and to Peacefully Assembly.

This has led one concerned government watchdog, Palo Alto resident and attorney Aram James to question whether undue pressure or influence was placed on Palo Alto city council by members of the Jewish community and or other special interest groups to protect citizens from all unwanted hate speech.  Hate speech which was allegedly directed at the Jewish community by Mr. Joe Webb.

Any time state or local governments subtly and covertly encroach on our rights to speak freely without debate, or “due process of law”, places us all of on a very slippery slope of potentially sending all of our rights including Free Speech forever off into oblivion if no one takes the time to seek and determine the real motivations behind the city’s attack on our rights to Free Speech.

We appreciate and laud Mr. James one man stand, to BAN one man in his attempt at uncovering the truth and all those behind this newly revised city ordinance and if any special interest groups were operating behind the scenes or who may have applied undo pressure on city council to enact these new ordinance changes thought a California Public Records Request.

And on May 14th 2012, local retired Public Defender attorney Aram James specifically requested the following information from Palo Alto city attorney Molly Stump.  The contents read as follows:

Dear Molly Stump (Palo Alto City Attorney):

It was a pleasure to speak with you at last week’s city council meeting (May 7, 2012).

At the City council meeting of May 7, 2012, I expressed my concern to you—and later to the city council– that a matter on the consent calendar—later approved by the city council to wit:

Approval of revisions to regulations of the city of Palo Alto regarding prohibited conduct at or in Community Centers, Theaters Interpretive buildings and the Art Center—and more specifically under  the section: Regulation of the city of Palo Alto regarding prohibited conduct at or in Community Centers, theaters, interpretive Building and Art Center—may well raise constitutional concerns.

And more specifically yet:

# 8 “No person shall engage in threatening, loud and raucous, intimidating language or conduct directed at patrons, visitors or City Staff on covered facilities premises, including in courtyards, doorways or walkways, in any manner which significantly interferes with the use of facilities by other patrons visitors or City Staff.”

It is my concern that the above language was designed specially to chill protected First Amendment speech—in this case –alleged hate speech by one Joe Webb.

The language as drafted in # 8 above may well be in violation of the First Amendment principal that regulations designed to regulate speech must be content neutral.

I am sure you recall the below cited language from the famous U.S. Supreme Court Case of Yick Wo v. Hopkins, 118 U.S. 356 (1886):

Though the Law itself be fair on its face, and impartial in appearance, yet, if it is applied and administered by public authority with an evil eye and an unequal hand, so as practically to make unjust and illegal discriminations, between persons in similar circumstances ….the denial of equal justice is still within the prohibition of the Constitution.”

As an aside: it is my contention that all discrete communities in Palo Alto deserve and are entitled to equal protection of the law—but not –absent some compelling state interest or concern—special protection.

In other words—if the language allegedly used by Mr. Webb outside of Palo Alto theaters was hateful and targeted at one particular community –that community does not –regardless of their disproportionate political sway in the community –if that is in fact the case—become entitled to special provisions or regulations that would allow them to avoid unpleasant or targeted hate speech – hate speech that would otherwise be protected by the constitution –specifically the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the California equivalent.

In order to determine –under what circumstance and subject to what if any specific undue pressures by particular community interests the above–# 8 regulation was drafted and subsequently passed I will be asking –pursuant to the California Public Records Act— for a wide range of potential public records touching upon the above issues and concerns.

As you might guess I would be troubled if there is any effort by anyone to limit my access to public records I would otherwise be entitled to –because of any undue and continued pressures –if any –related to what some might consider a very sensitive and potentially politically explosive community and legal set of issues.

In other words, in an effort to be direct— I anticipate and in fact expect a full and total good faith compliance with the letter of the law re this particular CPRA request that I am now making.

If any of this CPRA request is not –per your opinion –sufficiently focused so as to allow you to fully comply I am requesting that we meet at your earliest convenience in order to ensure that my request is adequately narrowed so as to allow full and timely compliance by your office.

Pursuant to the California Public Records Act I am requesting all of the following:

(1)   Any and all documents –no matter how memorialized touching on the drafting of and subsequent passage of the above revised regulation:

(2)   I am asking for all documents whether in written form—electronic form, etc.,  of all of the following parties-staff members of the city of Palo Alto –including memos to and written by James Keene, Greg Betts and members of their respective staffs re the above regulation. Any and all other letters written by city staff or letters to staff re this issue.

(3)   Letters, e-mails –other forms of traditional communications—and more recent forms of electronic communication—by citizens complaining about the above situation—regarding the Joe Webb ordinance and his alleged disruptive – alleged hate filled speech—alleged intimidating speech and conduct.

(4)   Any and all other documents –including but not limited to the above going back a period of 24 months prior to the drafting and passage of the above regulation on May 7, 2012.


Aram B. James

832 Los Robles Avenue

Palo Alto, CA 94306

Editorial note:  All concerned citizens of Democracy should be reminded. Especially city attorney Donald Larkin who’s been sworn to protect the United State Constitution and our right to Free Speech.

“No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

Thank you Mr. James for your one man stand on a what appears to be a blatant one man BAN!!

Ref: City of Palo Alto vs. Historic Village Ordinance No. 77‑5‑N‑995 and the National Socialist Party of America.

Joe Webb vs. Frank Collin. A striking Free Speech ordnance similarity?

Up-date. California Public Records Request (Joe Webb CPRA 06-11-12) data released by the city of Palo Alto allegedly shows in-part responsible parties involved in the one man First Amendment BAN (Joe Webb) on protected speech.

Peter M Bliznick (Executive Director) Palo Alto Players

Greg Betts (Community Services Department) City of Palo AltoComplaint of Discourtesy,




As previously reported – Update and outcome of Palo Alto citizen Joe Webb’s complaint.

Improper Application of the Law and Unprofessional Conduct #C 2011-07


Theater employees called 911, alleging that a man was handing out pamphlets in front of the theater door, harassing patrons and creating a disturbance. Officers talked to the pamphlet distributing man and theater employees, determined that there was no trespass or other illegal activity, and departed.

The pamphlets protested the contents of the play being performed at the time. The play was a historical piece about Leo Frank, a Jewish factory superintendent in the American south accused of strangling a thirteen year old girl who worked in the factory. Frank was tried and convicted of the crime, then lynched and hanged by a mob.

The events are often cited to illustrate the perversion of the justice system by anti-Semitism in the early 20th Century. The pamphleteer’s literature took exception to the play, describing it as perpetuating a myth of Jewish victimhood. Two days later, he complained to the Department that he had been threatened with arrest and treated in a rude and unprofessional manner by officers.

The pamphleteer also asked about the ethnicities of the various officers and opined about their character and competence based on his assumptions about their ethnicities, suggesting, for instance that one officer was probably an “affirmative action hire” while another was “a good German boy.” A Lieutenant took the pamphleteer’s complaint and opened a
citizen complaint investigation. Another Lieutenant met with the pamphleteer a month later and recorded a statement from him regarding his complaint against one of the officers from that night.

The rest of the complaint investigation, however, was not formally assigned to an investigator until two months after that and was completed a month later. The Department determined that the citizen’s allegations were unfounded. Recommendation: The IPA reviewed the police reports of this arrest as well as the exhibits, including photographs of the scene, the pamphlets that were distributed, and the hate crime policies of the PAPD as well as the County.

We concur with the Department’s finding with regard to the complaint about the face-to-face interaction with the pamphleteer by PAPD officers. He was questioned respectfully while other officers ascertained the circumstances from other witnesses.

When the pamphleteer appeared offended by the questions posed by one officer, another officer took over to attempt to establish a better rapport. Officers and supervisors were patient and unbiased in their treatment of the pamphleteer. Moreover, the ranking supervisor at the scene made a legally appropriate and prudent decision to simply withdraw. We have misgivings, however, about the handling of the case after the call for service at the theater was resolved.

Upon receiving a citizen’s complaint from the pamphleteer, the Department opened a complaint investigation. But it held that investigation in abeyance while pursuing a “hate crime” investigation relative to the same incident. While the activities of the pamphleteer were not regarded as actually constituting a hate crime, PAPD supervisors believed that standard County protocol categorized this as a possible “hate incident” or “bias-related incident” that required documentation and review by the District Attorney’s office prior to investigation of the citizen complaint. A supervisor completed the “hate incident” investigation and submitted the documentation to the D.A.’s office, which declined to file charges.

At that point, the Department restarted the citizen’s complaint investigation, completed it, and concluded that the complaint was unfounded. This staggering of the two ongoing investigations – citizen’s complaint and hate incident – raises three potential problems.

First, the supervisor who commenced the citizen’s complaint investigation by interviewing the complainant was at the same time responsible for putting together the documentation of the “hate incident,” instructing the officers involved in the incident to write reports and preparing this package for the D.A.’s review. This confusion of roles risks confusing the objectives of these two investigations. Second, the PAPD standard procedure invoked in this case appears to be based on a very broad understanding of the County Hate Crimes Policy.

The Santa Clara County Law Enforcement Policy Statement Regarding Hate Crimes (adopted August 2008) admonishes participating police agencies like PAPD to commit to thorough and effective investigation of hate crimes as well as their tracking and reporting to a centralized authority.

It defines a hate crime as a crime committed for reasons of bias toward someone because of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or other specified characteristic. Since the pamphleteer was determined at the scene not to have committed a crime, the incident would have to fall, if at all, into the other category addressed by the Policy Statement, a “bias-related incident.” Participating agencies are told to document, collect and store records of bias-related incidents but are conspicuously not required to report the incidents to the D.A. The decision to do so in this case was therefore a discretionary one by PAPD.

A week after the incident, the Department received several calls from citizens associated with the theater who complained that no action had been taken by the police against the pamphleteer. They also received an allegation that the pamphleteer had spit on a member of the public during the incident, and the District Attorney’s office suggested the Department look into these allegations. Unfortunately, this information is not reflected in the documentation of the citizen’s complaint or hate incident investigations.

We recommend that such information be documented whenever it relates to Department actions during an investigation. Third, in order to accommodate the hate incident investigation, the PAPD held back on completing the citizen’s complaint investigation for an additional three months, delaying and potentially undermining its response to a complaining member of the community. The interruption of the citizen’s complaint investigation in favor of the hate incident investigation might also make the Department vulnerable to the accusation that the hate incident investigation was in some way retaliatory.

The IPA would like to emphasize that we believe that PAPD personnel handled the original incident quickly and cordially and made a determination in the field that was commensurate with the law and good police practice. We are also convinced that the citizen’s complaint investigation was thorough and unbiased. Finally, the hate crime package was carefully researched and assembled. It is also evident that the Department did not expect the D.A.’s office to file criminal charges based on the “hate crime package” of reports related to this event.

Rather, the information reviewed by the IPA indicates that the PAPD submitted the package in order to maintain a consistent procedure with bias-related incidents and as a precautionary measure to comply with the County Hate Crimes Policy. There was not the slightest indication of a retaliatory motive. Nevertheless, the chronology of these investigations and the precautionary investigation and submission of the incident to the D.A. may create the appearance of bias against the complainant because of his odious and unpopular viewpoint.

Resolution/Corrective Action:

The complainant was informed of the results of complaint investigation. We recommend that PAPD proceed swiftly with all citizen complaint investigations and that it consider adopting a more literal interpretation of the County Hate Crimes Policy, thereby referring crimes committed for reasons of bias to the D.A., but not non-criminal bias-related incidents.

MIT micro-bots could make a lot of macro-jobs much easier

Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology are developing the world’s smallest chain robot, less than the size of a dime, designed to link up to others like them and shape-shift into a range of micro-tools.

Put together, four of these machines, with a specialized engine and covered with rings and fittings, look like a tiny, brass mechanical inchworm, but with more versatility and usefulness. “It’s a step toward the goal of programmable matter,” said Neil Gershenfeld, head of MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms where the micro-bots were created. “The goal is not to just to produce a shape. This is something that can change shape.”

Programmable matter is something that can change form based on external commands. Because of this micro-robot’s size, a long string of them could be, in theory, programmed to turn into an infinite number of forms. For example, a chain of them could form a wrench. When that tool is no longer needed, the string of robots could be reprogrammed into a coffee cup.

The micro-bot’s basic working principle is that each device has a motor that can be programmed to pivot into any angle. Interconnected and individually programmed, a group of a thousand could form any 3-dimensional shape.

“I’m not talking just about just four of these, I’m thinking of a mile-long string of the devices,” Gershenfeld said.

Conceptually, a long string of these mini-robots could be programmed to become the building blocks of something larger and more specifically geared to a task. “Imagine a robotic arm and all the electronics and wiring and components you need to manufacture that,” Gershenfeld said. “A string of (our) devices would just need to be programmed to essentially into a robotic arm and do the same function.”

These micro-bots, if asked, could “become furniture that can walk,” Gershenfeld said.

To develop its movable prototype, the MIT team conquered three scientific challenges.

First, they had to develop programs that could turn codes into shapes, meaning transforming binary 1s and 0s into geometric folds.

Then they had to develop a small, efficient motor. To do this, the team opted for a gearless structure using magnets, Gershenfeld said. Changing the polarity on two sets of magnets arranged in a circle drives a steel ring around them. One key innovation is that a just a small amount of power is used when pivoting the ring to a certain angle. Once the unit gets to its position, it will stay in that position even without power, thus making it specifically efficient.

Finally, the team had to design a one-dimensional robot that could be made in a continuous strip and folded into arbitrary three-dimensional shapes,Gershenfeld said. This idea came from nature, as the team mimicked the action of simple proteins that can twist and turn and fold into complex three-dimensional structure that determines its activity.

The MIT device is dubbed “milli-motein” because of its small size, and because it is based on proteins in nature. It’s also designed to be inexpensive to mass produce. Spin-offs could be used in the medical device and in the aerospace and airline industries, because of the adaptability of the magnetic motor. Robots in colonies could be used in electrical systems of airplanes, for example, to keep instruments and other important parts of the aircraft in proper positions should power go out.

Kenn Oldham, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering who works on microrobotics at the University of Michigan said the MIT team’s work “looks interesting.”

“One of the major challenges in miniature robotics is power handling, as power and energy availability is very limited.” Oldham said.

The chain robot research is similar to “smart sand” technology, where tiny small robotic blocks can be smartly configured into 3-D objects using complex algorithms. There are also robotic folding origami systems where small flat materials are folded into different shapes, then combined with others to create a robotic network.

But a string of units that could fold itself into any shape would be simpler to control, Gershenfeld’s team found, as opposed to something with separate pieces that would have to find each other and assemble in the right order.

By Ron Recinto | The Lookout