City of Palo Alto Habitation Vehicles will remain for now

“Eat Pussy Not Cow”

Palo Alto vehicle dwellers received a reprieve at last night’s Policy and Services Committee meeting not to ban vehicle dwellers in a 3 to 1 vote.

Instead choosing a 6 month pilot program modeled after the Homeless Car Camping Program in Eugene, Ore.

Seriously absent throughout all discussions were the Palo Alto Human Relations Commission tasked with dealing with human issues impacting our community including this one contrary to their mission statement:

“To address human relations issues, including promotion of awareness, understanding and resolution of actual or potential conflicts, discrimination, or injustice while encouraging community building and civic engagement.”

All commissioners were essentially deaf dumb and blind a major embarrassment and sat comfortably in the back seat of their vehicles and chose to ride out the disenfranchised storm. We continue to question their advocacy and existence in light of their absence on this important community issue.

On a personal level we would much rather see the naysayers of this now defunct city ordinance to ban vehicle dwellers eat crow rather then what the feature picture suggests.

One Reply to “City of Palo Alto Habitation Vehicles will remain for now”

  1. For this pilot program to actually work, take the poverty pimps out of the picture. Downtown streets team has NO interest in actually HELPING less fortunate persons, nor can they understand the car dwellers or deal with their problems.

    The Santa Barbara program is successful because it is being run by Krupp, a woman who was homeless before.

    The Eugene program is successful because run by St Vincent de Paul. The Palo Alto program is doomed for failure because city officials are in bed with local service providers!

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