Measure B is worthy of a Yes vote

Dear Editor:

The attention given to Santa Clara County Measure B is a drop in the bucket compared to other ballot measures, but the water management and flood control initiative holds a major key to protecting entire neighborhoods in Palo Alto .

Palo Alto has gained the cooperation of multiple agencies in reducing the flood risk in San Francisquito Creek as it flows to the Bay.

However, one major “Choke Point” that continues to threaten areas of the Duvenek and St. Francis Neighborhoods Association, is the Chaucer Street Bridge .   This essentially keeps residents in this area hostage to the threat of another flood season.

Progress has been made in creating plans for this solution, but funds from Measure B Water Initiative would complete the final step.

The continuation of a modest parcel tax for the Water District is an easy solution, and it address levies and tidewater flood control, as well as taking steps to protect water quality.

Yes the Water District has received some deserved criticism for mismanagement of past funding, but that seems like a poor reason to deny funding for real needs that serve the greater good.  If you follow insurance rates, action that removes homes from floodplain maps is an excellent investment where everyone wins.

With the Measure B funding, and a little help from a Palo Alto City Council, the City can deliver on its primary responsibility of safety of its residents.  Measure B is worthy of a Yes vote.

Timothy Gray (City Council Candidate)