Palo Alto Police – “Out of Service”

This ipad moment was taken this morning at the new Starbucks location on Alma St. There were five different officers 10 minutes prior to this photo session.

That’s a total of ten police officers “Out of service” including one off-duty officer.  I don’t know about you but in light of bludgeoning city payroll and pension costs all of us should be concerned about how our tax dollars should be spent.  Lastly, this is one piece of evidence the PAPD would find difficult to refute or deny.

3 Replies to “Palo Alto Police – “Out of Service””

  1. At least there are not eating doughnuts! How long were they out there? Remember legally employees are allowed a 15 minute break every 4 hours!

  2. Do you expect public employees not to get a coffee break? Exactly what should they be doing at this moment? Pulling over a driver for making illegal turn on red light? Patrolling your neighborhood looking for stray cats?

    Rousing the homeless for having the nerve to sleep someplace that you would not sleep? Try and be a bit more specific as to what bothers you about this? I don’t think its a problem! Maybe you need to get a life?

  3. I myself thought that California law required 15 Minute breaks every 4 hrs. However after investigation, California law only requires one 10 minute break per 4 hrs. worked. So a 30 minute break is basically thievery. However like the bible says, “He who is sinless casteth the first Stone”.

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