Vote No On Pat Burt

My name is Tony Ciampi.  Some of you are probably aware of my case against the Palo Alto Police Department that went sour, but there may be many of you who are not.

In March 2008 Palo Alto Police Officer Kelly Burger falsely arrested me and shot me in the face with his taser gun while I was not resisting or fleeing.  Burger then tortured me with electricity from his taser gun.

Burger and his fellow officers including Palo Alto Police Chief Dennis Burns destroyed numerous pieces of evidence and edited and falsified four audio/video recordings to cover up their illegal acts.

Chief Burns has been caught committing at least 6 separate violations of his own department’s policy in addition to making numerous false statements to the City Council, the public and the courts in order to cover up his crimes.

Councilman Pat Burt was informed by former Palo Alto Police Officer Lt. Sandra Brown that something was wrong with the case in early June  2008 and was informed on June 2, 2008 that Ofc. Temores’ MAV  video had been professionally edited and falsified.

Below are a few excerpts from the November 10, 2008 Palo Alto City Council Meeting of Pat Burt being informed of the falsified taser videos and Pat Burt commenting on how the Constitutional Violations committed by the Palo Alto Police will not be tolerated.  At the time Dennis Burns was the Asst. Police Chief and had already been caught lying and violating City policy three times.


Pat Burt was informed numerous times with specific evidence of the violations of department policy and the destruction of evidence committed by Chief Burns prior to City Manager James Keene appointing Chief Burns to be the new police chief in September 2009.

CLICK HERE: City Emails

Councilman Pat Burt talked a good talk to pull the wool over the eyes of the African American community for he knowingly and intentionally appointed Dennis Burns to police chief knowing that Dennis Burns was and is the ring leader of fabricating and destroying evidence in the Palo Alto Police Department.


Pat Burt condones and supports the use of fabricated and falsified evidence to incriminate citizens of crimes.  Pat Burt and City Manager James Keene know that Police Chief Dennis Burns has violated numerous department policies yet they refuse to hold Chief Burns accountable.

Pat Burt and James Keene write the rules that their employees are supposed to follow, yet when their employees break the rules, cheat, they do nothing.

To use an analogy, suppose there is a student who gets caught by the principal cheating on a test, should that student be disciplined, suspended?

Now that same student cheats four separate times on four more tests and gets caught each time by the principal.  Instead of disciplining the student the principal actually covers up the student’s cheating giving the student “As” when the student would have otherwise failed.

Should that principal remain as principle or should that principle be removed from his position?

Not including the editing and falsification of the videos and taser gun activation data, Palo Alto Police Chief Dennis Burns has violated his own policy, the City’s policy, Pat Burt’s policy over a a half a dozen times.

Chief Burns has violated City:

  1. Policy 308.98 withholding the taser gun activation data;
  2. Policy 610.2 (a) by taking into personal possession the taser evidence;
  3. Policy 610 and 308.99 by destroying Temores’ taser probes/cartridge/wires/AFIDS without ever documenting them with photographs or securing them into property;
  4. Policy 610 when he placed the computer hard drive containing the original taser downloads into use in traffic instead of securing it into evidence/property;
  5. Policy 446.1 and 610 when he refused to secure the two tamper proof hard drives into evidence/property;
  6. Policy 610 when he destroyed the original MAV videos on those two tamper proof hard drives;
  7. Policy 610 when he destroyed Wagner’s bicycle helmet;
  8. Policy 610 when he unnecessarily removed the “watermark’ and the unique ID numbers from the MAV recordings;
  9. Policy 610 by sending Temores’ and Burger’s taser cameras to Taser International to be destroyed.

Dennis Burns repeatedly cheated to win at all cost, Dennis Burns is the student and Pat Burt is the principal.

That’s not the worst of it.  It’s one thing to cheat for one’s own benefit but it is a significantly more severe degree of egregiousness to cheat to get someone else in trouble.  The student and principal actually fabricated evidence in order to get another student expelled from school for cheating even though the other student earned his grades honestly.

Is this the type of principal you want to be an example to your kids?

I have also informed Supervisor Liz Kniss over the last couple of years of all of the unlawful and unethical acts committed by Chief Burns and his subordinate officers yet through her silence she chooses to support Chief Burns violating department policy, destroying evidence and using fabricated evidence to incriminate members of the community of crimes.  Thus I would encourage you to NOT vote for Liz Kniss either.

The other candidates for City Council have gone on record stating that they would hold city employees accountable for violating city policy if elected.

Police Chief Dennis Burns and City Councilman Pat Burt are cheaters.  If you like cheaters then vote for Pat Burt, but if you don’t like cheaters, (Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong), do not vote for Pat Burt, vote someone else.

Pat Burt proclaimed zero tolerance of Constitutional violations committed by city employees yet at the very same time supported the Constitutional violation of a member of his community by city employees, that epitomizes a fraud who will say and do anything to secure the support of the community to get elected.

Such a person is not to be trusted, he will tell you what you want to hear to obtain your support, but he truly does not mean what he says and may actually be more of a  harm to you instead of a benefit once elected.