Prop 13 Under Attack by Liz Kniss Letter from Tim Gray “we need to choose a new direction”

Dear Editor:

At the most recent Candidate forums, Liz Kniss has discussed how she would like to lead a local effort to reform prop 13 and have residents pay more property tax. “Residents should be willing to pay more,” she said.

Many residents stretched to purchase a home here, but would be faced with a real economic challenge if the endless thirst of the bureaucracy were not held in check.   While there may be room for reform in the way commercial buildings are taxed under Prop 13, the residential protections are essential.

Already, our economic diversity is under pressure by housing and rental prices, and any additional burden will only tip the balance.  Imagine property taxes greater than your mortgage. The perception that only wealthy people live in Palo Alto is simply not true. Many have sacrificed and have made great schools a priority.

Taxing without controlling spending reflects the view of entitled bureaucrats that have lost touch with the economic realities.  Residents understand about doing with less, however they have not seen the City’s corresponding sacrifice.

To further disregard the taxpayers, when asked about infrastructure like the needed street repairs, Kniss said that we would just issue bonds.  You don’t have to be a CPA like me to know that debt requires payments out of future budgets, which will continue a downward spiral that clearly aims our city for a future of painful struggles. All due respect Liz for your many years of service, but we need to choose a new direction.


Timothy Gray (Palo Alto City Council Candidate)


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  1. Prop 13 combined the 3 aspects to cap future tax growth. To undo any part is to risk all of it. The reality is politicians can not control spending and are subject to an environment of short term favors with no long term consequences. Anyone who wants to pay more taxes can voluntarily.

    Until the environment changes, long live 13.

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