Fifty shades of would be PA city council candidate Timothy Gray minus one

On Palo Alto’s future growth.  

“Mega-projects in PA”With the latest maga-project coming to Palo Alto city council under planned community zoning, residents must be ready to verify and quantify the proposed “community benefits'” or we will end up with future growth that causes us to shake our heads and say “How did this happen?”

Our history is rich with anecdotal evidence that planned community zoning has been hijacked. We need to hold the city leaders’ feet to the fire and demand the following standards:

– A clear and objective statement of growth that exceeds the regular or historic standards and what the means for traffic, water use sewage use, schools utilization and overall service increases.

– A consistent and objective analysis of what the proportional infrastructure use will cost. Future costs must get funded at approval time. Don’t hand off the problem to the future.

And did anyone ask the residents how they would prioritize the community benefits that might be offered by the developers?  Yes, we need a solution to our public safety facilities, but is that our top priority right now?

The process can be used for the greatest good, or it can be currency used to achieve pet projects when it is inconvenient to adhere to a shared community vision.

Insist on an objective and consistent process the sets the gold standard for transparency and inconclusiveness.

Timothy Gray
Palo Alto’s would be, could be candidate for PA city council this November

GoDaddy Web outage takes out small-business sites-Palo Alto Free Press

NEW YORK (AP) — Thousands and possibly millions of websites hosted by went down for several hours on Monday, causing trouble for the mainly small businesses that rely on the service.

A Twitter feed that claimed to be affiliated with the “Anonymous” hacker group said it was behind the outage, but that couldn’t be confirmed. Another Twitter account, known to be associated with Anonymous, suggested the first one was just taking advantage of an outage it had nothing to do with.

GoDaddy spokeswoman Elizabeth Driscoll said the outage began at around 1:25 p.m. EDT. By around 5:43 p.m. EDT, the website was back up and service was restored for the bulk of its customers. Driscoll said there was no loss of sensitive customer information such as credit card data or passwords and that the company was investigating the cause. hosts more than 5 million websites, mostly for small businesses. Websites that were complaining on Twitter about outages included, which sells accessories with Japanese animation themes, and, a video-sharing site.

Catherine Grison, an interior designer in San Francisco who operates the site, said she had to stop sending emails with her website link in them while the outage was ongoing. The site is where she displays her portfolio of work.

“If I have no visuals I have nothing left except the accent,” said Grison, a native of Paris. She said she was already shopping around for another site host because she was unhappy with GoDaddy’s customer service.

Earlier, Kenneth Borg, who works in a Long Beach, Calif., screen printing business, said and two other sites were down. Their email addresses weren’t working either.

“We run our entire business through websites and emails,” Borg said.

The business even takes orders from its two physical stores through the Web, so clerks had to use their personal email addresses to send in orders to the printing shop, causing an administrative headache, Borg said.

Borg said he could empathize to some extent with the hacker, if one was involved. GoDaddy was a target for “hacktivists” early this year, when it supported a copyright bill, the Stop Online Piracy Act. Movie and music studios had backed the changes, but critics say they would result in censorship and discourage Internet innovation.

“I’m definitely one for upsetting the establishment in some cases, and I understand that if he’s going after GoDaddy, he may have had many reasons for doing that,” Borg said. “But I don’t think he realized that he was affecting so many small businesses, and not just a major company.”


By PETER SVENSSON | Associated Press

Associated Press writer Ryan Nakashima in Los Angeles contributed to this report.

Negligence by State of Illinois Results in Probable Death and Disappearance of Stacy Peterson

In 2004 Bolingbrook Police Investigators determined that Kathleen Savio died as a result of accidentally falling and drowning in her waterless bathtub.  Dr. Bryan Mitchell the Coroner, the EXPERT, who analyzed the evidence in 1984, concluded that Savio died as a result of an accident.

Bolingbrook Police Sergeant Drew Peterson is cleared of any wrongdoing in harming his third wife, Kathleen Savio in 2004 by the Bolingbrook Police and the Will County State’s Attorney James W. Glasgow

In 2007 Dr. Larry Blum another forensic pathologist exhumed Kathleen Savio’s body and despite the deterioration of four years concluded just the OPPOSITE of Dr. Mitchel and found that Kathleen Savio have been the victim of a homicide.

Dr. Blum has testified that Dr. Mitchel was respected in the field and had conducted an orthodox and professional autopsy.

Two experts both working for the State of Illinois came to completely opposite conclusions in their forensic analysis of the evidence.

Fast forward to 2007 when Drew Peterson’s fourth wife Stacy Peterson disappears and the public scrutiny zeros in on the Bolingbrook Police Department and Will County State’s Attorney James W. Glasgow like a red hot iron to hold Peterson accountable for the death of Kathleen Savio.

Forced by the public outcry,Will County State’s Attorney James W. Glasgow re-opens the Savio case and charges Peterson with her murder.  On September 6, 2012 Drew Peterson was found guilty of murdering Kathleen Savio.  During media session, Prosecutor Glasgow stated, “without the help of the state police reconstructing the case we, the prosecutors, could never proved it.”

Yet the only reason why Drew Peterson was held accountable for murdering his third wife is because his fourth wife has disappeared and according to Prosecutor James W. Glasgow his office will zealously pursue charges against Peterson for her demise as well.

Conclusion:   Despite Mr. Glasgow’s current hyperbole, Stacy Peterson would still be alive had Glasgow held Drew Peterson accountable in 2004.  If Drew Peterson had not got caught with his hand in the cookie jar a second time, Glasgow and the Bolingbrook Police would have let him get away with murder.  The Bolingbrook Police and the Will County State’s Attorney should be held responsible for initially covering up the murder of Kathleen Savio and knowingly allow a dangerous criminal to roam the streets, a criminal with a gun and a badge which had a direct result in the probable death and disappearance of Stacy Peterson.

“He was a thug,” Glasgow said of Peterson, his voice rising in indignation. “He would threaten people because he had a gun and a badge. Nobody would take him on, but we took him on and he lost.”  “He, (Police Officer Drew Peterson), was a coward and a bully.” Prosecutor Glasgow said.

Palo Alto Police Officer Kelly Burger is a thug, he threatens people because he has a gun and a badge.  Nobody takes him on because Police Chief Dennis Burns has bribed everyone above him with his charm.

“Finally, finally, finally,” Mitch Doman, Savio’s brother-in-law, said as he and his wife cried.   “We finally got that murdering bastard!”  Doman said.

Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen and State Attorney General Kamala Harris, (SAAG Gerald Engler), you are hereby forewarned that if any of the officers involved in the conspiracy to cover up Palo Alto Police Ofc. Kelly Burger’s torture of Ciampi with electricity and knowingly using falsified videos to incriminate Ciampi of a crime harms anyone in the future you and your offices will be held accountable for violating your oath of office, and your lawful duties as a result of you covering up the crimes of the Palo Alto Police associated with the tasering of Ciampi on March 15, 2008.

The investigative reports and analyses conducted by yours and the PAPD’s experts have been proven to be flawed throughout, strewn with false statements, contradictions and even admissions of guilt revealing that the reports are deliberate attempts to conceal the crimes of the PAPD.  Your refusal to acknowledge this evidence demonstrates your culpability in the Ciampi case as well as any cases in the future that arise from the unlawful and malicious acts perpetrated by the PAPD.

“Finally, finally, finally,” Mitch Doman, Savio’s brother-in-law, said as he and his wife cried.   “We finally got that murdering bastard!”  Doman said.

What Gang Do You Belong To

What gang do you belong to?

Does it sometimes seem to you that our own government behaves unfairly, often illegally, maybe like a gang?

Who does Government represent ? Let’s take a look. Federal and State Governments are in violation of their role as our first line of defense (of borders) and as servant of the people because for a long time now, it seems all we hear on the ‘News’ is government responding to and providing for – special interest groups for race, sex, business, poverty, environment, illegals, felons and so on.

Based on the recent economic frauds, crashes, wars, bailouts, currency debasement, ‘too big to fail’ scams, and stimulus pay offs – it is apparent that our officials are selling favors, weapons, laundering money and really doing anything they want to maintain power and reward their friends just like a gang except they are a gang with immunity.

Ever try to get a small business loan now?

Goldman Sachs has no problem receiving $ 13 Billion.  General Motors gets $ 54 Billion. AIG over $ 100 Billion. And Foreign ‘Un-named Banks get over a Trillion Dollars. Who exactly is the Government supposed to help? Who are our elected leaders ‘fighting for?’ If you can’t afford your mortgage payment, why does Bank of America get bailed out with $ 30 Billion but you get booted out. Who runs this government?

Government says that these Gangsters were too big to fail.  How about, too well connected.

The ‘government gang’ has ‘Muscle’ – the police, and ‘Hit Men’ – the military and other armed extortionists and kidnappers such as the IRS, to enforce their will over you and confiscate your money.  The major Corporations of the USA pay nominal amounts in taxes. Corporations have ‘offshore accounts, subsidiaries, foreign banking relationships, Off Balance Sheet Accounting and so on into the night. You pay. They don’t.

Our public servants are rarely fired, they can not be ‘let go,’ they are too valuable, irreplaceable, skilled and Unionized. What about you ? Ever been laid off? How easy was that?

Our public servants have a guaranteed Retirement (paid by you). They are paid almost twice as much as you, (the regular working taxpayer). And that does not include their Government health-care benefits, government pensions, personal days, paid government holidays, government vehicles, (sometimes government subsidized housing), and paid regular vacation days off.

The government gang produces no products and its services are of questionable, if any value, always over budget and under expectations.  The Government of the U.S. has become a prosperous, cunning, though lazy gang which is able to exert its influence, enforce its will and extort money from us all, only thanks to its enormous firepower and willingness to use it to smear, extort, kidnap and imprison anyone who defies it.

When a Government fears the people, we have a democracy. When the people fear the Government, we have tyranny. Which do we have today? How comfortable are you when a Police Cruiser follows behind your car? How happy are you to receive a letter from the IRS ?

Ever try dealing with the Building Department when they’re a little moody?

By its means and results –  the US Government appears much like any other criminal gang (Government) around the world, making promises to aid and protect the people while selling favors and cutting deals for  ‘insiders,’ powerful supporters and other criminals.

To divert attention from its crimes, with great fanfare and Televised speeches (actually just long advertisements), the Government Gangs promote and construct elaborate, appealing, unproven and often disastrously wasteful programs to bribe voters (Racial, Homo, Poor, Latino, Eco Groups) while simultaneously awarding lucrative contracts, tax breaks and lieniency to its vital supporters such as Corporate business Gangsters and Banksters.

We don’t get the Government we vote for, we get the government we buy.  It seems there is no unity, no ‘melting pot’ anymore, only a selfish struggle by each gang to get as much as it can for itself regardless of the cost to anyone else or even to the country.

Thanks to the generally poor memory, stupidity, cowardice, and selfishness of the public, and the determination, greed and depravity of Business and Special Interest Social Groups ( Gay, Green, Black, Latino, Poor, Muslim, etc.), the end result is a growing and continuous looting of the Country.

When was the last time you heard someone say, ‘We don’t want any help, we’ll take care of ourselves.’ Or something like, ‘this is what God gave us and we’ll find a way to make do.’

Since when is everyone else’s problem, your problem ?

A good question to ask in these times is:  Who’s looking out for you ?

What gang do you belong to ?

If you are not part of the government gang which is the ‘parasitic’ bureaucracy that gets paid twice as much for the same work that someone does in the private sector, then you are part of the ‘host’ gang known as the ‘working taxpayer,’ who is increasingly brainwashed, unarmed, bullied and supine.

In summary, unless you belong to a gang with the will and the means to look out for itself, then there is absolutely no one looking out for you. You are gang-less and therefore your fate and all you own and have earned,  is in the hands of the Government Gang and its associated and supportive gangs.

Forget all the rousing speeches, the waving flags, TV press conferences, the Washington monuments, the White House and all the columned buildings. These are an illusion. The Government is now a well disguised gang.

Just like the Banksters in their impressive buildings and suits. Yet another gang. That is the way things are. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, SEC Rules, Civil Rights, Sarbanes Oaxley, these are rules and laws for you. The Government gang and its various Gangs of Supporters only obey the rules and laws when it is convenient for them. Otherwise, the Gangs are able to circumvent the laws with their army of lobbyists, friends and attorneys.

Look at the results, the deteriorating condition of the country, schools, Wall Street, culture and economics today. Are you going to believe what the government gangsters say or what they have done?

What gang do you belong to ?

“A press funded by the government will become tame”

“The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) wants to “reinvent” the news media.

In a May 24 report, the agency proposed various options for rescuing journalism, most notably taxing websites like the Drudge Report or Huffington Post that link to the news of the day.

The government would then give the money to newspapers as a subsidy. We urge the FTC to drop this terrible idea. A press funded by the government will become tame.

A don’t bite-the-hand-that-feeds-you attitude will take over the newsroom. Reporters will stop asking officials tough questions. Controversies won’t be exposed. Readers will be kept in the dark.

Corporate welfare

Unfortunately, the government is already subsidizing some news organizations. For instance, in January the Palo Alto City Council threw a lifeline to the Palo Alto Weekly.

Council decided to pay the Weekly as much as $450,000 over the next three years for legal notices and other advertising. We could understand if the city were to spend a few thousand dollars with the Weekly, but a six-digit figure reeks of a subsidy.

Another example of the government subsidizing the media concerns MediaNews Group, the owner of the San Jose Mercury News, Palo Alto Daily News and San Mateo County Times.

Last year at this time, MediaNews was circling the drain. Chief executive Dean Singleton was laying off employees and cutting the pay of those who remained in a desperate scramble to avoid defaulting on nearly $1 billion in debt.

Singleton’s bailout came in January when MediaNews filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The bankruptcy was “pre-packaged,” meaning that he got his creditors to agree in advance that they would reduce his debt from $930 million to $165 million.

Why were they so generous? His creditors were mostly banks that had received TARP (troubled asset relief program) money from the federal government’s Wall Street bailout. The banks were required to use the TARP funds to clean up their balance sheets by writing off bad debt, such as money MediaNews owed.

Honest competition

As for the Daily Post, we don’t want a handout or subsidy. We would rather operate in a free marketplace, where our competitors don’t get subsidies and consumers pick the winners and losers.

The Founding Fathers knew the press and government must remain separate so that the press could serve as a check on government.

As a result, we have the First Amendment. Subsidies short-circuit the First Amendment and turn news organizations into shills for the government.”

Publish Date: June 14, 2010 – “A bad idea for newspapers” – A Daily Post Editorial – From the archives