Palo Alto Police Chief Dennis Burns Lies to Federal Judge

On October 19, 2010 Palo Alto City Manager James Keene’s police chief, Dennis Burns, informed Tony Ciampi through Burns’ attorney, (Steven Sherman), and subordinate staff Chief Dennis Burnsthat Ciampi could not have a copy of the MAV videos containing the watermark because the watermark was proprietary.

Police Chief Dennis Burns, (through his attorney) reiterated this LIE to three federal judges: Patricia Trumbull; Paul Grewal; and Lucy Koh.

For the complete evidentiary list of Chief Burns’ lies and acts of destroying and falsifying evidence, including audio/video recordings go to:

Upon being exposed as lying about the proprietary nature of the watermark, Judge Grewal ordered Chief Burns to turn over the MAV videos containing the watermark by April 29, 2011.  However Chief Burns refused claiming that only one person, Brian Furtado, in the entire police department was capable of making a copy of the MAV videos and that he would not be back from vacation until May 3, 2011.

Brian Furtado recently sent out an email detailing that Dacia Tavarez can make copies of the MAV videos on an URGENT basis during Furtado’s absence contradicting Chief Burns’ assertion to Judge Grewal again exposing Chief Burns as a liar.

It is clear and convincing that Chief Burns intentionally removed the watermark from the MAV recordings when there was absolutely no reason to and then lied about it.  It is clear that Chief Burns did not want anyone other than Brian Furtado making copies of the MAV recordings which leads one to conclude that other persons would detect problems with the MAV videos that Burns and Furtado are not being honest about.

Perhaps it could be found on the tamper proof hard drives that were secured into evidence according to Palo Alto City Policy?  Oh, that’s right; Chief Burns destroyed the videos contained on the tamper proof hard drives in violation of his own policy.

Palo Alto Police Officer Kelly Burger verified that four taser probes were discharged during during the March 15, 2008 from two separate taser gun firings.  Palo Alto Police Officer Temores’ MAV video ostensibly captures the entire incident, however there is only one taser gun firing recorded on Temores’ MAV video.  Perhaps the two taser probes fired from Officer Temores’ taser gun could shed some light as to why his firing was not recorded on his video cameras.  Oh, that’s right; Chief Burns oversaw the destruction of Temores’ Taser probes, wires, cartridge and AFIDS in violation of department policy.

City Manager James Keene appointed Dennis Burns Police Chief to in part bring necessary change to the Palo Alto Police Department.  Are the above actions the kind of change that Mr. Keene was seeking?  Should Mr. Keene be reprimanding his Chief?  After trying to worm their way out of their lie, Federal Judge Paul Grewal orders Attorney Steven Sherman and Dennis Burns to turn over the MAV recordings containing the watermark.


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