RFID – You are tracked and hunted!

RFID Chips are tiny, nearly microscopic semiconductor chips that emit a radio signal containing digital information when energized by a nearby scanner reader or recorder.

They do no need a battery or internal energy source.  They can operate indefinitely, even through animal or human flesh.

RFID Chips were first used to help simplify inventory, accounting, industrial parts and even cat and dog identification.  However, the chips can now be used to reveal your identity and location anywhere on earth within seconds.

Every time you buy something with a credit or debit card, your account information, number and personal information from the card is linked and encoded in the item purchased if a tiny RFID chip is embedded in the item.

This information is valuable to Corporations as it provides valuable marketing and inventory information about who is buying the product, when and where the transactions occur.  Government Security forces can also use the same tiny RFID chips to determine the identity of the owner or user of a tagged item.

For example, as you enter a public concert venue, you may be scanned by Police equipment placed at the gate.   Police are then able to identify every person entering the concert by the RFID tags in their clothes, credit cards and/or Drivers licenses.  The same holds true for entering any public place, train station, subway, or airport.

RFID chips may be a great help in Prisons, Police and Probation departments but dictatorships, tyrannies and other misguided forces around the world and at home, may already be interested.

Thanks to IBM, Motorola, Zebra Technologies, Smartrac, OMNI-ID, Invengo, MetalCraft, Intermec, Impinj, Confidex, Alien Technologies and other tech companies, microscopic Radio Frequency Identity Chips (RFID) are finding their way into clothing, credit cards, drivers licenses, passports, airline tickets, shoes, windshields, virtually any consumer item.

Next time someone tells you to get lost, ask them, how ?