Public Urination – Palo Alto city attorney Molly Stump to deal with main concern

Newly planned vehicle habitation ordinance schedule to come before city council Mid-September designed to deal with the growing population of unwanted over-night parking and those who find themselves inhabiting their vehicles some say, will be enacted soon now dubbed, operation “Hydrant”.

At the core of this newly developed city planned ordinance according to city attorney Donald Larkin as discussed in previously held behind closed door meetings and confirmed by one source in an email below, is too deal with what Mr. Larkin describes as the continued flow of public urination.

“during the first Working Group Meeting Mr. Larkin stated that the Vehicle Habitation Ordinance was necessary to prevent public urination.

During the last Working Group Meeting I asked Mr. Larkin how the Vehicle Habitation Ordinance would prevent: public urination, littering, disturbing the peace etc.. all of the acts that he is using to justify enacting the ordinance however he refused to respond and Curtis Williams intervened by stating that that is not why we are here. Mr. Williams intervened not once but twice and I never received an explanation.

The city is not capable of engaging in a meaningful dialog regarding the proposed ordinance because the city’s justification lacks any merit and would be exposed as such if they did engage in meaningful debate.

This unwillingness to subject their position to examination and then foist it upon u.s. citizens demonstrates that we do not live a democracy but a form of oligarchy.”

As of this writing, city attorney Molly Stump as well as All city council members have refused All public urination comment.  Mr. Ciampi, we believe, just may have a leg up on everyone……