Elect Romney To Outsource Your Job

Romney-Ryan Pink Slip Flyering Event

Corner of Laurel and Olive, San Carlos, 799 Laurel St. (Map)
San Carlos, CA 94070
Thursday, August 16th, 4:00 PM

Message from your host, Phyllis H.: We may not know what’s hiding in Mitt Romney’s tax records, but now we know what’s hiding in his tax plan: TAX BREAKS FOR AMERICAN COMPANIES that outsource jobs, which could create 800,000 jobs overseas and PINK SLIPS AT HOME!

To expose the real impact of Romney’s outsourcing plan, MoveOn member…(more)s are hitting the streets on Thursday, August 16 and passing out Pink Slips to symbolize the crisis that will occur if Romney is elected and his Tax Plan becomes a reality.

Join members of the MidPeninsula American Dream Council and other activists as we gather at the Hot Harvest Nights Farmer’s Market in San Carlos to pass out Pink Slips and spread the news about the truth in Romney’s Tax Plan. We’re only 81 days from the November 6 election…help us get out the message and get out the vote!

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