California Avenue Project – Palo Alto city council member Pat Burt is “Flabbergasted”

Vote no on Pat Burt!!

This morning’s Daily Post front page headline reads; “Burt decries ‘succession of falsehoods’.

In reality, the true message that city council member Pat Burt was really conveying to opponents of the California Avenue project was that they are all nothing but a bunch of trouble making citizens bent on spreading “falsehoods “or fabricating their business concerns.

That’s the underlining sense we got behind the true message Pat Burt delivered to the Cal. Ave. merchants this past Monday.

As a political leader, he should spend more time dispelling merchant’s fears concerning this project rather than bullying merchants into submission on a project the merchants feel will hurt there businesses.  Is he listening?  We don’t think so.

What most our local politicians fail to remember is that they were elected to serve the people of the city of Palo Alto rather than spewing self gratifying statements of doubt.  Council member Pat Burt needs to be reminded and for that matter ALL of our elected officials that the citizens of Palo Alto are the one’s who are ultimately in charge. (see feature article photo)

You report to us!!

The only gratifying conclusion one can draw from the Daily Post’s article is that Pat Burt is up for re-election and We The People can vote him out…

One Reply to “California Avenue Project – Palo Alto city council member Pat Burt is “Flabbergasted””

  1. Palo Alto City Councilman Pat Burt,

    Mr. Burt you are quoted in the July 25, 2012 Daily Post stating the following regarding the Merchants position on the changes to California Ave.

    “City Councilman Pat Burt decries ‘succession of falsehoods,’” ‘I spent nine years on the planning and transportation commission, and now almost five on the council, and I really don’t think I’ve ever encountered a project where there had been so much misrepresentation disseminated,…And in all honesty, there have never been such a succession of falsehoods….It’s flabbergasting.’

    Burt said he has been frustrated with the misinformation. ‘What they’ve been fed is not what we understand to be reality,’ he said.

    You have got to be kidding me Mr. Burt, you have got to be the biggest hypocrite in all of Palo Alto.

    Why haven’t you taken umbrage to all of the lies and misrepresentations committed by the City Attorney’s Office, Chief Burns and the Police Department?

    Why haven’t you taken any actions to reveal what the true reality is regarding the PAPD’s tasering of me and subsequent destruction and falsification of evidence?

    Why haven’t you taken unbrage to Police Chief Dennis Burns making numerous false statements to you in your capacity as my representative on the Palo Alto City Council?

    Are you willing to publicly debate me regarding the issues, events, facts, falsehoods, reports and investigations regarding the March 15, 2008 tasering of me by Palo Alto Police Officer Kelly Burger?

    You stood by and did nothing while you knew that the Palo Alto Police attempted to put me into prison using falsified audio/video recordings and taser gun activation data.

    There is very little that differentiates you and your actions between the actions of the Penn State Board of Trustees and the Penn State Staff, Curley, Spainer, and Schultz), that covered up the crimes of Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno.

    USA Today

    The facts cited by Freeh are familiar by now. Several people had a chance to stop Sandusky. But a failure of personal courage combined with an institutional coverup enabled a child molester to stalk, groom and assault his victims. Sandusky’s access to the campus and its locker rooms gave a pedophile the “very currency that enabled him to attract his victims,” former FBI director Louis Freeh.

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