City attorney’s new website remains virtually the same

The only visible different if anything from the previous design would be the color scheme from the industrial complex brown to the anaerobic digestion green.  Disappointing however was the much touted promises by city attorney Molly Stump who during her inaugural speech she assured the citizens of Palo Alto of a new webpage design among other promises as reported back in March of last year by under the heading:

“New Palo Alto city attorney pledges ‘transparency’ Molly Stump plans to improve her office’s website, make more legal documents available to the public”.

She also pledged for greater open government and transparency. To my knowledge Ms. Stump has said nothing openly about open government or transparency since taking office. If she has, it’s been behind closed doors.

More broken promises…….”There’s a lot of information about the city’s legal programs that can be made available to the public and it’s important to me that it be done quickly and expeditiously so that people can participate,” Stump said.”  We’ve participate and no one is listening. Not even city council……In my opinion there all a bunch of damn cowards!

Try filing a California Public Records Request also known as CPRA. Quite often it’s lost in the virtual email cloud with city assistant attorney Donald Larkin coughing up the lame excuse, ‘it may have been sent to the wrong email address’. That’s his legal defense anyway…….

The truth of the matter is there’s no clear road map in this regard which demonstrates anything being done expeditiously on the people’s right to know our city governments business. In fact, it’s embedded in our Constitution.

“The people have the right of access to information concerning the conduct of the people’s business, and therefore, the meetings of public bodies and the writings of public officials and agencies shall be open to public scrutiny.”  Again our city attorney has continued to remain silent on this all important issue.  She’s not alone,  so have all of our elected city officials.

Time and time again we have suggested repeatedly to the city attorney’s office to make it easier for citizens to file a California Public Records Request by creating an email address; to simplify this process for the purposes of tracking and follow-up .

Unfortunately thus far, we have seen nothing new or creative coming out the city attorney’s office which suggests, “I want both attorneys and staff to be inspired to bring their best effort to work every day,” Stump said.” The only thing transparent is the legacy left behind by the former city attorney Gary Baum.